Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tukra, Mita-wina-see, ToGrahnu, Machia, and Ta-wina-say: Sasquatch Q&A

My daughter told me a few days ago that Machia has been coming every night to visit her. She said that they go back to places that my daughter has not been to in a while. She told me that Machia has helped her to remember past lives. She said, “Daddy! Did you know that in every life that I can remember, I was friends with the Hairy Folk?” I asked my daughter if she could tell me how Machia has been helping her. She said, “Daddy, Machia wants you to remember that yourself. Ahh don't worry Daddy. You are very close. It is just that you have been gone for a very long time. I just left a few years ago.”

It all made sense. That night a Man came to me as I was fading out to sleep. He said, “I am TuKra. I come to help you.” I had asked for someone to help with some things and it was easy as that. I will tell you later in this blog how he helped me. The answer is in one of the answers written to the bloggers questons.

I am going to jump right to the questions from readers right now. They help me too very much and maybe they will resonate with you too. Keep the questions coming and I will ask. Write your questions at the end of this blog.

John, Thank you for asking your friends those questions and sharing the answers with us.
Also it's rather funny that even with your families interaction with ToGrahnu's family you still experience being left outside the loop just like all the other dad's I know lol.

Thanks again I look forward to asking more questions.


Alan, I asked ToGrahnu if he wanted to comment on this and he said, “Not a question.”

John thank you and your magnificent friends and family for such inspiring tales of hope and love, I truly feel honoured to share your incredible journey.

I can also vouch for Tracey, thank you for putting me in touch with her (hi Tracey!), She has helped me and another to finally find out who we are, she really is the real deal. :-)

I could ask the Sasquatch and your other friends questions until their ears bled, but instead on behalf of the human family i will say "sorry" and "thank you" x

This is TuGrahnu. You are known to us. Your energy is strong and clear. I ask you to examine your intent. When you become clear with this, you will feel much better. Do you understand? Learn to FEEL things better. Call TuKra. He will help you.

Hi, John. Like everyone here, I'm really enjoying hearing about your adventures! I have a question for you. One night, a few months ago, as I was falling asleep, I heard someone say "Wina-name" in my head. Do you or one of your friends know who that is? The name (if it is a name) a little bit resembles the name MitaWinaSee, so I'm wondering if these individuals (MitaWinaSee and "Wina-name") are known to each other. Thanks!

This is Mita-wina-see. I can answer your question. Our names have meaning. Parts of them are earned. Parts of them represent our journey. And the part of my name that you are familuar with is job or position. We do not have jobs that we must do in order to survive. This kind of mentality is ludicris. “Wina” is what we do. It is why I am here. It represents that part of you that is visiting your dreams. Wina is a part of you. Learning what part it is is what will help you find your way through this maze called life. Explore yourself and you will find who exactly wina is.

Thank you John, for taking the time in posting for us all. If I could ask, I would like to know from the hairy folk: How can we start to "feel" you around us. Many of us are aware of the sacrifices our earth brothers and sisters have made for humans. Many of us are sad and angry at the same time; that this is happening. But more important, many of us are interested in learning from the hairy folk. You can teach the humans that want to know and learn the ways of the olde ways. Are there some teachings you can offer for us to open our hearts so that we can finally meet in the woods and learn?

thanks kindly,

My name is TuKra. I come and join this conversation for this question. I came to John a few nights ago and helped him to understand this and now I help you. So many of you hve forgotten how to feel. I always hear from humans that they do not know how to feel. Most give up trying to learn how to feel. Why, humans, do you do this? What else is there than FEEL? See? You want to see? You “SEE” things all of the time and you still do not know if it is true or not. You fight and argue over what you “SEE.”
Feel! I teach you how to feel but I can't teach you how to get up and do it. Turn off TV. Take off shoes. Feel the mother beneath your clean soft feet. Close your eyes and picture your body. Go around every part of your body with your imagination and feel your skin. All of you can do this. Now here comes what is new. Feel your energy next. What?! What is my energy?! So many of you ask. Everything is energy! Why you get goose bumps in the woods when you sense us around? ENERGY! We stand right behind you and you feel our energy but you spend all of your time trying to “SEE.”

Close eyes. Relax. Feel your skin and look at yourself from a different point on your body. Not your eyes. Look at your eyes from the stand point of your toes. NOW. Move out further. See and feel your energy. Feel how your energy mixes with the energy of all that is. Feel the energy between us. NOW FEEL US. Now you can see us with your eyes closed. We are all one in the same energy with different points of reference. Next day, Humans, do this again. Keep feeling this way and you will find what you are looking for.

John, please convey our gratitude to both your Sasquatch family and Mita-wina-see for their words, they have been passed on to many who are becoming aware and looking forward to meeting them one day soon.

I would like to ask Mita-wina-see the following questions if I may:

1, The 1st time you met with John you were there in body. I would like to know since you are of a higher vibration/density then us, did you manifest a 3d body to be here or remain at a higher vibration undetected by human eyes??

2, At times when you and Tah-wee-nah-say mind speak with John are you always there in body or are you elsewhere? For example on board an Andromeda Council biosphere in our solar system or even back home on Dakote?

3 If you are on board a biosphere in our system, how long have you been here?

Thank you for your time.

This is Mita-wina-see. Greetings. I will gladly answer your questions. Let's take them one at a time. I will not repeat much so go back to our first meeting in John's blog to get the most important info about me. But I will tell you this: Earth is an illusion and has been for longer than you realize.

Try to turn things around a little bit. Really try to step outside of the box. This is going to hurt, but the truth will set you free if you allow it. The rest of the universe is normal. It is you who are different. The Sasquatch come to you from where things are normal. Inside your little box of illusion they look strange. Understand? You keep coming back to experience this little box time and time again. We all created it so we are all apart of it. Just think of us all standing around a swimming pool together. I mean All of us. Some decide to jump in to the deep end. So when you jump, you submerge under the water. At that moment you cant hear, breath, and barely see. But you always come back to the top, get out of the pool, and jump back in. There are always enough of us to get you back out before you start to drown. This is an analogy for life. 

John has learned to hear under water. He has stopped paddeling for his life and learned to listen as he floats back up. He is beginning to see better under water. But both of these things, he is still learning. He has made it clear to everyone that if he can float back up, so can everyone. That is the only reason that he shares his story and this is a big reason why we keep giving him adventures to write about. 

When I met John for the first time, I came to him in my body. I stayed hidden right outside of his sight beyond a few trees. He was looking right at me but did not see me. But he felt my energy arrive. He was very nervous. It was like being under water and hearing someone else dive in. Got it? He called ToGrahnu and ToGrahnu came right away. John was used to this energy from ToGrahnu already as they had spent much time together. 

Now this is key to understanding all of this. ToGrahnu and I are friends already. We are standing up on the bank watching our friend and brother, John, swim under water. Very soon John will be able to get out of the water and see us. Right now he has learned to be still and quiet and look up on the bank. He can see us barely looking down in to the water. It is not us that jump in the water to show our selves while you are floating back to the top. It is you that must first learn to swim. When you do. You know that you will always float back to the top. 

After we all celebrate for a while on the bank. You always jump back in and we do it all over again.

Hi, this isTah-wee-nah-say.  I am living my choices as you are living yours. I am very busy these days with everything that is happening in our universe. I have talked to John only a few times. He asks a lot of questions. This is why we answer. I asked my brother to go to John because John had asked for me. John is our family. He is also from the Pleiadeas star system like we are. But he has been here for many lifetimes. He has had many experiences with your Sasquatch brothers and sisters in many lifetimes. 

Our planet is beautiful. We have learned to live with every being in harmony together. The same way with our ships. They are also living beings living in harmony with us. I travel everywhere at a moments notice. When John called out my name for the first time I was on a ship. When Mita-wina-see came to John for the first time he came from Dakote. Most of the time when John and Mita-wina-see speak Mita-wina-see is on Dakote.
Your whole planet right now is within a biosphere. Soon you will see the un-importance of how long. 

I will leave you now. I am pleased that some of you are already aware of the Andromeda Council. The council keeps me very busy. Until next time.

Thank you readers, Sasquatches, and Dakote-ians.

Tonight is the first time this year that I will go back to the woods and meet my friends and family in the physical. We should arrive in the woods around midnight. I'ts a really bright moon. I will write about it soon.

Just remember everyone. All of you can do this. All of you have the tools to do so if you choose. I write this blog out of the love that I have for these wonderful people, the Sasquatch. I do not make a penny and do not want any of your money for anything. It is also a free blog. I hate pop-ups like  anyone.


  1. <3 this John...thank you and your Sasquatch friends

  2. John the content from you, your family and friends is overwhelming. I’m sure you had an wonderful time meeting them again in the physical. Thank you for your effort and yes I have more questions.

    Tukra, Thank you for giving us a method that we can use to work towards feeling again. It must be a long time ago that we once had these abilities. We look forward to being able to FEEL all that is around us.

    Mita –wina –see, Thank you for your answers. Many of us are ready to accept the truth about our Earth and our reality. It has been difficult to discern the information giving to us by various sources as many of us cannot yet feel with our hearts.
    You have said Earth is an illusion, by this you mean all life including us, and everything else around us is also an illusion, all the other planets, galaxies, universe?

    You say the rest of the universe is normal and it is only us who is different. You are referring to our prison planet. Can you explain why this is so and if it is because or related to the dark/negative higher dimensional beings that trapped humanity and gave us the veil of forgetfulness a long time ago?

    Now John is hearing and seeing better under water he is sharing information to help others become aware that the prison planet is to be no more and the veil of forgetfulness soon to be lifted?

    Tah-wee-nah-say, thank you for speaking. Yes many of us have learned much about and from the Andromeda council and look forward to more.
    You have said that your ships are living beings living in harmony with you. How were these ships created?

    The first time your brother went to visit John, he came from Dakote. How does he manage this? By consciously expressing intent? And is this how your ships travel?

    Lastly you shared with us that right now our whole planet is within a biosphere. Could you please give some more detail about this, for example is this a recent occurrence as the stars and sun appear the same to us? Also why, for what purpose? Is it related to the coming shift?

    Thank you for your time. We greatly appreciate your answers.


  3. For those of us who are aware of things but not yet connected to you, how will we know the shift is happening? Do we need to have the ability to feel you before we can shift? Will the entire planet shift at the same time or will only the most aware be able to detect this? Is there a chance there will be humans left out of the loop if they are not aware of you and the general universe changes coming? I go outside and try to sit and just feel and smell and hear nature but it is difficult in the city. Do I need to go out to the deep woods to find you?

  4. Many thanks to Mita-wina-see for answering my question about the name "Wina-name". You who watch and help are very patient. Thank you for that patience.

  5. Many sincere Thanks to you, Tukra and John!! I appreciate you answering my question. I will go to my favorite forest soon and sink my feet onto our Mother, and think about your guidance. In the meantime, I will sink my feet in my backyard and learn to feel.

    I write because I have a personal question. Not too long ago, I was studying a drawing that someone did of a forest person. Immediately, that picture came to life in my mind. It was a continuation of what the picture was capturing. I know that I have not had that experience in this life, but the memory exists and only has come to the light now. It was a sense of what we call, Deja-vu. a feeling that we have had experienced something identical, and are repeating that experience perfectly again. Can the forest people tell me what life I may have had in the past with you, that made this memory come into my mind again after so long?

    Again, thank you!

  6. Many years ago, I knew a very, very wise woman. She had spent many years studying the paranormal. She had many experiences, both spiritual and physical. She also met and conversed with many types of beings, and I would sit just enthralled while I listened to her recount the stories. Once, she mentioned that the being she learned from and talked to the most, said that their Ships were made of living material, as were their clothing. It's nice to see a confirmation of this information from the comments above. ~Rod