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Ma-KEE-ah-Teh and the South American Sasquatch. Sasquatch Q&A

It was one difficult winter. It seemed like it would never end. My family and I had many experiences through out the winter. The ability to Mind Speak grew over those cold months but I was always longing to get back out to those special places of last year where I met the watchers of the woods. My Native American buddy, Bone, and I began planning on returning to the woods. We were discussing how we had changed over the past year. The way of the Sasquatch was in many ways old hat to us. Or at least it should have been. We realized that we have not even scratched the surface in better understanding our families who elude us.

We set a date and began to get ready. I told Bone that I wanted to avoid the same places that we had been to before. Not only did he agree but he had organized some pretty interesting places over the winter. We searched online and found that most of the new places had been abandoned for years or had strange lifetime leases. We planed the weekend away to go to a very special place where he had seen some pretty strange stuff. There were X's and tunnels in the cedars. There were also hog sign and desolation. But the most impressive was a huge flat stone hidden flat to the surface of the ground under a huge cedar tree. It didn't belong but had been there for a long time.

As the weekend arrived and dusk approached, I received a message from Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) that I should stay home. I tried to get more information out of her but she only told me that it had something to do with visitors. I had learned a lot from Tahjee over the past year about visitors. I have been made aware of the Black Ops guys that have left their footprint many of times but had always just missed us (Thanks to my Sasquatch friends. Ha!). The second type of visitors that I had just missed were the Dog People. I do not know much about them other than they will attack if they sense your fear. They are very tall and great hunters. The last visitors that I learned about were the South American Sasquatch. Who ever reads this, make a note. They hate humans. You would hate us too if your home was the rain forest. Over the last year or so many have moved up north because of constant destruction of their home. I have heard many stories and conversations from my friends about the problem of them adjusting to life here. Do not fear them. Show respect. If you show them respect they will leave you alone. Forget about them wanting to be friends. Just move on and do not take anything personally.

There was a recent story online about three or four “Good-ole'-boys” that were out drinking, camping, and shooting guns. A group of the South American Sasquatch were moving through and the GOB's started shooting at the sounds and the sounds were coming from the Sasquatch children. The GOB's were used to wipe the ground. There was blood everywhere and I think only one or two made it out. Some researcher came across the wrecked camp an hour or two later. There is the link. Respect is needed at all times. They are wonderful people. The South American Sasquatches do not like me and I was told that they never will. The friend that I will tell you about later told me not to worry about it. But that is easy for him to say because he is huge! Don't worry about them because that does not serve any purpose. Just show them respect and leave them alone. Have you ever really stopped to think about how it would be to share this planet with us? I am surprised that all creatures have not risen up against us yet. The Sasquatch people that have taken me in to their family have made it clear that they will help if you ask. There is hope for us yet.

One more thing before I get back to the story: A friend called me yesterday and was really upset. She told me that she had visited a facebook page from B F Deal. She said that he was talking about his experiences with Sasquatches chasing women and raping them especially if they are on their period. He has written about many other experiences that I have never experienced also. Respectfully, do I talk about Mr Deal. I am sure that he is a wonderful man. I just find it important to share with my readers, that may have been upset or fearful from his adventures with the Hairy Folk, that I have seen over fifty Sasquatches with my eyes, been touched (that I know of ) by two, have had month long conversations with at least thirty, had over twenty on my land on many occasions and one that still comes inside my home to this day and have never ever experienced the kind of experiences that B F Deal has. My best Sasquatch friend is a woman. My Brother/friend/protector has a daughter that he lets come in my house all of the time. He watches from the window and jokes with my wife most of the time while his daughter and mine are together. Now, I ask you: Does this sound like the kind of barbarians that chase women through the woods and rape them? Again, I am positive that B F Deal is a good man as any of us are. I just can not relate to his stories and practices. The only reason that I brought this up is to avoid anyone else become afraid of these wonderful people.

We did not go to the woods that weekend in case you haven't figured it out yet. But we did go the following weekend. Tahjee told me that she would come too but ToGrahnu said very clearly that he would not be there. I wondered about that. This bothered me a little that ToGrahnu would not be there. I always felt safe when he was with me. Not safe from other Hairy Folk because I am not afraid of them; but afraid of getting chased down by a big hog or something. There were many new lessons for me to learn that night that I had never dreamed of before.

There was no moon that night but no chemtrails either so we could see the stars. I was a little out of practice. It had been a month or two or three since I had been out. We go on walks through the night since this is the time that is most comfortable for the Hairy Folk. Like always, I never take a gun or a knife. I know that they are there. I always ask them to keep me safe. It is a plus to be able to Mind Speak, I will admit. But what I enjoy the most is the energy changes. It feels like they send me signals and watch the color of my energy change. When I get to the woods I do what I was instructed to do a year ago and that is to always connect to Gaia (Mother Earth) first. So I took a knee in the tall overgrowth under the star filled sky. I introduced myself and thanked them for letting me come into their home. I told them that I come in love, peace, and fun. I thanked Gaia for her awesome sky and beautiful land and started walking.

I am usually busy with my hands. It helps me feel my surroundings, allows me to connect, and I like to prove that I can keep a promise. I promised them the first time that I went to the woods to meet them that I would never take a gun or knife into their home. When I take my camera it is only in the daytime with my kids and I warn them first. This night Tahjee told me to take a little pocket light or something because the brush was over our heads and there was no I did. When I used my light I would warn them out loud and only shine on my feet. I never shined straight ahead or eye level. Respect! If you share respect with them, they will give it back to you. It was a very spiritual night for me and Bone. We came to opening that lead to the big flat rock on the next treeline and I halted. I felt uneasy. Bone looked at me and said, “I'm getting that we should not go there.” “Yeah, I feel it too.” I said. I told the Sasquatch in that direction that we understand and would not continue. Mind speak helped me later to understand what the area was. It helps them travel far distances and that is all that I am allowed to share.

The next hour and a half was filled with amazing energies and slow strides. Toward the end of the journey is where it all happened. Keep in mind that it is dark and on the left are head high weeds and on the right are trees about three feet away. We heard a loud bird! It was a bird sound that we had never heard before. I found out later that it was a South American bird sound. We didn't falter. I knew right away that we were surrounded by Sasquatches that hated us. I said, “Thank you Brothers and Sisters for letting us pass. We come in love and peace. And we hold all of you in the highest respect.” One dug his foot in the ground about five feet away. Wow, what a sound it made. As we continued, I began to feel the presence of a woman. While I was asking who she was in mind speak, Bone and I stopped dead in our tracks. Right in front of us, to the right, hiding behind a cedar tree, about twelve feet away was a very big man. He was big. He did not show himself completely at first. But Bone and I are not drunk Good-ol'-boys with guns either. We could both see the energy of his body and knew that we could go no further. Bone said,”This one is thinking whether or not he is going to step out from behind that cedar and stand right in front of us.” I said, “Hello, Brother! I come in peace and I come with a lot of love for the Hairy Folk. Thank you for sharing with us. What is your name? What shall I call you?” “ME-KI, MAH KEAA, MAKE II,” This is what I hear in mind speak when one shares their name. You have to keep saying the syllables until they fit. When they fit, they let you know. After a few minutes I was told, “ Mah-KEE-Ah-teh!”He said that I can call him MahKEE (he made a point that KEE is where you need to get louder). MahKEE told me that I was welcome, That he was happy to meet me, but that he did not want anything else from me. He told me that he did not want to be friends at this time. It was a first for me. I would be lying if I told you that I did not wonder what I had done wrong.

The next day I began to fill in all of the pieces. This is where mind speak comes in handy. After I had filled in all of the gaps, I turned to my click of friends for validation and swapping notes since they all mind speak too. I spoke with Tracey Owen and Thomas Hughes and after an hour or two this is what happened. Tograhnu knew that I would be alright so he left me alone in the care of his friend MahKEE to learn something new. Tahjee stayed close but knew that it was important for me to face my fear of the South American Sasquatches. If she would have told me, I would not have gone. Ha ha ha and she knows this! It did not really sink in when I was out there, but later I realized that I was surrounded by many Southern Squatches. MahKEE told me that he was in charge of a very important doorway and it is a huge responsibility. This is why he has no time to be friends. He said that no entity (human, Sasquatch, animal, ghost, OR ANYTHING!) could go through the doorway if it did not have the okay. MaKEE told me, “John! You are known by all of us and respected by most. But there are some that will never like you because you are human. That is just the way it is. Don't take it personal.” MaKEE is not a South American, just to clear that up. His chest is at least six feet wide. He is about ten feet tall and weighs about one thousand pounds.

Sasquatch Q&A:

John the content from you, your family and friends is overwhelming. I’m sure you had an wonderful time meeting them again in the physical. Thank you for your effort and yes I have more questions.

Tukra, Thank you for giving us a method that we can use to work towards feeling again. It must be a long time ago that we once had these abilities. We look forward to being able to FEEL all that is around us.

Mita –wina –see, Thank you for your answers. Many of us are ready to accept the truth about our Earth and our reality. It has been difficult to discern the information giving to us by various sources as many of us cannot yet feel with our hearts.
You have said Earth is an illusion, by this you mean all life including us, and everything else around us is also an illusion, all the other planets, galaxies, universe?

You say the rest of the universe is normal and it is only us who is different. You are referring to our prison planet. Can you explain why this is so and if it is because or related to the dark/negative higher dimensional beings that trapped humanity and gave us the veil of forgetfulness a long time ago?

Now John is hearing and seeing better under water he is sharing information to help others become aware that the prison planet is to be no more and the veil of forgetfulness soon to be lifted?

My dear friend, this is Mita-wina-see. Your first statement was that many can not feel with their hearts. Do you really stand behind this statement? How can you stay alive with out your heart? What do hearts do? Everyone can answer this question in many ways. One way that we can all agree on is that the heart can feel the truth when the truth is near. The truth may be different for everyone but your heart can feel what is true for you at all times. This is not an illusion. Everything else that you see with your eyes has been constructed by you and the collective to which you belong. You ask if the creatures and planets are part of the illusion. What illusion are you talking about? I do not see any illusion from where I am standing. But I am Mita-wina-see. I have a different perspective than you. I invite you to reread your question again and choose what is real and what is not. I am not trying to be vague but much of your question is personal and can only be felt with your heart. Use your heart and run each question again through your heart and listen.

Again, normal is only a matter of perspective. Your collective has chosen to confine yourselves to this planet in many ways. Most of the time it has been because of what you have not chosen. You have let a few choose for the masses and understandably you are having difficulties at remembering that the questions that you have asked me are already known by you. Search your heart.
My friend, there is no dark and light. There is only balance. Think of the possibility of this. How would we love the light if we had never known the dark? Yes. It is over. Make a choice. Know that the way that things were, will no longer be. Enjoy the change. As the light over takes you now, thank the darkness for allowing the light to be easily seen off in the distance. It's over my friends. Enjoy these last few golden moments because you will never be here again.

Tah-wee-nah-say, thank you for speaking. Yes many of us have learned much about and from the Andromeda council and look forward to more.
You have said that your ships are living beings living in harmony with you. How were these ships created?

I will speak for my brother at this time as he is busy. This is Mita-wina-see again. It is not just our ships that share our spirit with us but the whole universe is alive. In different places in the galaxy harmony is enjoyed and expressed differently. All of the planets are alive with a soul. So is everything in the micro as in the macro. All of the elements that belong to all that is, make a choice. The elements that comprise the ship have chosen to do so. We have not robbed our planets of materials only to melt them and force them to carry us. We have found a better way and you will see this very soon.

The first time your brother went to visit John, he came from Dakote. How does he manage this? By consciously expressing intent? And is this how your ships travel?

No. Yes. Sort of. My brother was near. I came from Dakote. Yes, I focused my intent on where I wanted to go. But you need to back away from all of the old ideas about travel. It is different from where we are. Your collective has chosen that this is impossible. Our collective has chosen that it is not. We use ships because it is practical to do so. But this is not the only way to fly.

Lastly you shared with us that right now our whole planet is within a biosphere. Could you please give some more detail about this, for example is this a recent occurrence as the stars and sun appear the same to us? Also why, for what purpose? Is it related to the coming shift?

Yes, the shift is upon us. It is here in more ways that you know. The biosphere is about the size of Jupiter. At a higher vibration, the biosphere surrounded your planet. It remains just beyond sight. As Gaia raises her vibration to the beauty that she really is, she wanted to take as many of you with her as possible. The biosphere allows the humans that are awaking slowly to keep doing what they have always done. Gaia is very happy right now. I can't tell you too much more because a shift is right around the corner. There is nothing to worry about. But now would be a good time to choose where you want to go. Ground yourself to your mother, Gaia, if you would like to experience a galactic society. Staying with the biosphere will eventually take you to a new planet at this vibration but without your dark leaders.
Thank you for your time. We greatly appreciate your answers.


Your are welcome, Alan. Trust your heart. Ask for help. But in the end, you must decide what is real and what is just an illusion.

For those of us who are aware of things but not yet connected to you, how will we know the shift is happening? Do we need to have the ability to feel you before we can shift? Will the entire planet shift at the same time or will only the most aware be able to detect this? Is there a chance there will be humans left out of the loop if they are not aware of you and the general universe changes coming? I go outside and try to sit and just feel and smell and hear nature but it is difficult in the city. Do I need to go out to the deep woods to find you? -Stacy

I am TuKornu. We are all connected. There is no way to disconnect to all that is. There is no such thing as “All that is” and “Stacy.” There is only ALL THAT IS. The shift is here. You are shifting. We are here. We are shifting. It is hard for humans to feel so detached from all that is. So much fear always. There is nothing to fear! No one will be left behind. No one will not be.

Take off shoes. Touch the ground with your hands sometimes. FEEL her! Feel your mother! She is changing and so are you. You do not have to change, feeling alone. Feel our mother and she will take you with her.

We are everywhere. We come to the city when we want. Easy. Why would we want to come to city when we are so close to our mother away from the city? Call us. We will answer.

This is John. Stacy, I hope you feel honored. I was not expecting TuKornu to chime in. He is an ancient elder. He is around fourteen feet tall and broad. If you can picture Chewey from Star Wars, he is shaped like that only twice as tall. The older they are...the nicer they are.

Many thanks to Mita-wina-see for answering my question about the name "Wina-name". You who watch and help are very patient. Thank you for that patience.

Mita-Wina-see: You are welcome.

Many sincere Thanks to you, Tukra and John!! I appreciate you answering my question. I will go to my favorite forest soon and sink my feet onto our Mother, and think about your guidance. In the meantime, I will sink my feet in my backyard and learn to feel.

John: I'm feeling that TuKra suggests more questions. When you hear an answer then ask another.

I write because I have a personal question. Not too long ago, I was studying a drawing that someone did of a forest person. Immediately, that picture came to life in my mind. It was a continuation of what the picture was capturing. I know that I have not had that experience in this life, but the memory exists and only has come to the light now. It was a sense of what we call, Deja-vu. a feeling that we have had experienced something identical, and are repeating that experience perfectly again. Can the forest people tell me what life I may have had in the past with you, that made this memory come into my mind again after so long?

Again, thank you! Forestdude

John: I am going to get back with you on this. I've been there. It can be confusing.
Contact this lady. She is a very dear friend of mine. She sees very clearly.


  1. Thanks for the amazing telling of your encounters with the Hairy Folk. 2 new revelations we see here: S. American forest people in our woods up here, and some sort of sacred space used for travel or something else. I can definitely see how some of the hairy folk have been jaded by humans over the millennia. As an analogy, we are small children in the Universe, misguided, untaught, disrespectful in all we do. If this moniker we hold does not make you want to stand up as a race and deliver a change...then our road ahead will be a rocky one.

    I thought about the suggestion that TuKra insinuated. He Must have heard my thoughts while I tried to enter the Ether. You're right John, it's very difficult at first to learn to trust something that isn't 100% tangible in your thoughts. We've been conditioned since birth to think that hearing voices in our heads is a developmental challenge for people. Yet, as I understand it, this IS how one would communicate with other souls over long distances. Makes you wonder if the crazy people out there, are actually way ahead of the curve compared to us...

    I will ask more questions, especially ones with regards to changing my own energy frequency so I can finally see and meet our forest friends. I've always known them to be around, but it's frustrating not being able to communicate with them conventionally as we are accustomed to.
    Thank you John,

  2. John, Once again what you have shared with us is fascinating. I really can’t thank you enough for your generosity in allowing us to interact with your friends and contacts. I hope it will continue. Thanking you and your friends.

    Greetings Mita –wina –see, much of what you have said is understood now by some of us. It is clearer more than ever the importance of the collective and how our collective influenced by the few has shaped much of our reality.

    Yes I like many have made a choice long ago to raise our vibration and stay with Gaia. You say ground ourselves to our mother Gaia . Is this best achieved by the method kindly shared by ancient elder TuKornu?

    I appreciate that you can only tell us so much at this time however there are a couple of points concerning those who stay on the biosphere bound for the new planet that many of us have been seeking an answer to.

    You kindly shared that “The biosphere allows the humans that are awakening slowly to keep doing what they have always done”.
    Q: If those humans are no longer with Gaia and experiencing Gaia then are they experiencing a holographic reality that they believe to be Gaia and has been created partly by the biosphere and their own collective?

    Q: As they will be unaware that the shift has taken place and continue to do as they have always done. What will happen to their memories of their friends and loved ones who stayed and shifted along Gaia that are no longer part of their reality?

    Thank you Mita-wina-see. It is a pleasure talking with you. We have much to look forward to.



    John, I am posting this last question on behalf of a friend Jennifer. I’m not sure who is best suited to address a question of this nature so will let you decide.

    Jennifer: Alan this is the Question I wondered if he could comment on (lady in woods) Could you please offer a comment on my experience as it wont go away from me...... "About 10 days ago i was reading in bed, sitting up and I dozed off.... I saw a vision of a green forest and a small man (could have been small as I saw him in perspective like watching a film on a television but I did feel he WAS small) jumped out of the bushes in front of my viewing to the right hand side and obviously saw me....he was shocked and surprised to see me .....he took an aggressive stance , drew an arrow out of his holder , scowled at me with a screwed up impish face, and fired the arrow at my chest....(I couldnt see me in this vision ...I was the "viewer" of this moving picture) . I felt the pain of the arrow hit in my chest/solar plexus , I re-coiled with the force of it hitting me and woke up in shock..... Perfectly normal in health at this stage, very rarely ill, within 2 days I have gone down with a chest complaint, cough, head cold etc and feel so lethargic and "washed out" ??? Would you care to comment on this please..... The reason I ask you is that the green forest seemed so important and relevant and the man was dressed in green also... AND the vision wont go away from me it was so real....?? ... Jen."

    Thank you John and a very belated Happy Birthday to you.


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  5. sorry spelling errors!

    TuKra, Mita-wina-see, Tah-wee-nah-say, TuKornu...thank you so much for being here and helping us to understand and prepare for the shift! I am honored to be a part of this and of you. I have a few more questions if I may.
    Do you have disagreements and how do you settle them? Does everyone help everyone else? Do you travel to many other planets? Do you have to ask permission of the inhabitants of these other planets to visit? What do these other planets look like? Are there any humans on any other planets? I understand the South American Sasquatch anger towards humans because of what has been done to their habitat. Do they know that there are many of us who do not agree with the destruction but have not been able to stop it? That we have been controlled by subliminal messages and mind controlled for so long that many don't know anything else? How will the majority of humans be removed from the mind control? I had a dream that I was in a village and suddenly there was a bright light on the horizon that grew and grew. Everyone held hands waiting to see what it was. It got so bright that we had to close our eyes. We felt no heat so knew it was not a bomb. We slowly opened our eyes and looked around but the only detail we saw was people holding hands and looking around at each other, some were not there, and there was this light that blocked out everything else but the people. Then I woke up. We were not afraid, we stood in wonder. Will there be a single event similar to a light being turned on in a dark room? Now that I am aware of what has happened I am in a hurry to get 'home' where-ever that is. Is there somewhere similar to the planet in the Avatar movie? I would be so happy there! I would love to be one of the beautiful blue beings! Are there other prison planets similar to ours? Is everyone/planet in the universe shifting at the same time? What was the catalyst to this shift? Why does it seem to be overdue? I picture an event where we will all meet in a huge place with many many entities and everyone is hugging and smiling and crying with joy :-)