Monday, December 11, 2017


For those of you who have found this blog, remember that it is only one small piece of a grand puzzle. Everyone carries a piece of this puzzle. There are many of us. Every piece is just as important and worthy as the other. I feel that this is why we argue, ponder, and always look outside and focus on the experiences of another without bringing our pieces to the table. Trust yourselves for what you carry inside and bring it out. Do not look for what you are looking for from me, him, or her. Offer it so that it can become us.

I have been writing this blog for a few years now based on my personal journey with the people that consider us as family. I have found that sharing has helped me to grow. They have endured our many faces and whims as humans. They have shared with us that we are not completely to blame but are responsible for our intent and choices at the same time. I simply mean that we are not completely to be blamed for our disconnection with all of the other parts of who we are. We were tricked, tampered with, and used. More details can be found and researched somewhere else if that puzzles you. The interesting part about that is that most of us chose to be here. This was one of the many eye opening experiences that the Sasquatch people taught me this year.

 When I created this blog a few years ago, I was in school at the university. I had time to follow my heart into the forest and seek out what I was looking for. In January of 2017, I was ready to start a new career because school was done. I got a call in March from the Forest Service and began an internship in Chicago and was moved to the National Forest and Grasslands of Texas to begin my work with the National Forest Service. It was beautiful in concept and idea but working within that type of confined governmental structure was not for me. I learned tons over the summer and had a one of a kind experience but working in the forests in such a militant manor was more than I could take. I wished everyone there the best and expressed nothing but gratitude as I resigned.

I followed my heart through the door that I had opened; unaware of where I was going. After spending years in the university studying science, and after a summer full of adventure in the National Forests of East Texas, I decided to utilize my past experiences and degrees in the private sector. Today, I work for a big contractor in San Antonio Texas. I am happy. I suffered for many years getting through school. I wrote the Human Services an email, thanking them for letting me use food stamps for a few years while I was in school. I told them that I no longer needed their services. It was a great feeling! I did not receive a reply.

For those of you that have read the My Lady of the Woods blog over the past few years... now you know where I have been. This blog has never been about the messenger but the message. At least that was my intent. It still is.

When I went to Chicago last summer in June, I studied in the Chicago Botanical Gardens. All spare time was spent in the gardens. When I would meditate, I was amazed at how harmonic the trees and plants were with the daily flow of people. The trees and plants shared with me the love and admiration that they felt from the humans visiting them day after day. I flew back to Texas energized and ready to get back into the National Forests of East Texas.

I spent most of my time working and studying in the Angelina National Forest. Growing up with a cowboy Dad and a farmer Grandad, I already knew how to work all of the machinery. I drove tractors with plows, shredders, fertilizers, and rakes. I worked seed separators and planters, cultivators, and so on. I was also supposed to study the migration of the monarch butterfly. This is where my job got very interesting. I would drive a little four wheel drive mule into the forest for hours and search for nectar sources for the monarch. On the farthermost point of the longest trail through the forest I would stop the motor, get off, and breathe deeply with my hands open palm up. This has always been my way. Others have their own way. This is always my way to connect to that web that connects us all. I would listen with my feeling.

I was greeted. I would always feel the people around me. It was not what I would expect every time that I was there. It was unsettling many times. It was always during the day that I was in this place. I was about 5 miles in the middle of this forest and I always felt like a child. The Sasquatch people were not the only people there. There were other people there too and they were the most aware of me; I felt. I only brought love there but it was an innocent and child like love. The forest was matured and had its own community. I heard the chatter in my heart. I was being discussed. I was the topic of conversation. I felt careful. If I were still asleep, I would have felt more oblivious and therefore at ease.

The farthermost loops in the Angelina National Forest were grown over with vegetation. My mule barely fit through the trails. I realized that I was too awake for this. All heart, all love, innocent, and yet I was like a fish out of water. The first time on that loop I got off and would end up looking over my shoulders. In the light of day I heard the leaves all around me; moving under the steps of what I could not see. After the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I got back on my mule and hit the gas. I drove until the vegetation gave me a little better room and the hair relaxed. I turned the mule off and listened again with my heart. I heard the leaves again but I felt a smile come across my face. I opened my hands again and closed my eyes and heard sticks breaking. I was surrounded by new friends that did not mind that I was there.

Over the years I have become accustomed to footsteps, being touched, hearing chatter, watching shimmers... I have had more eye contact experiences than I wish to explain because that is such a convoluted area. Many humans invest all of their being into what their eyes see; never taking a moment to ponder how a blind person would experience the Sasquatch. If you are reading this, take a moment and imagine how you would experience the Sasquatch people if you could not see. This is my world of interaction. Eyes are beautiful! My favorite are brown like the eyes of my wife and daughters. I have blue. I have seen our sisters and brothers with my blue eyes but I have seen more with them closed.

It is not your eyes that blind you. It is a never ending wish of uncertainty that prods you on.

Wow... Hey, brother.

Sorry to impose but this is a great moment. May I continue?

Of course.

It may sound as a perspective but it is not. This approach has been long in coming but we can help to explain better. The senses that require the most energy are the ones that often carry the most baggage. When one screams, then often is one unable to carry the fitting frequency that would allow that soul to manifest that missing desire in that moment. Screaming is only a piece that does not fit.

I'm going to feel that one out for a moment.

Take your time. It's easy to see.

Much has happened to me this past year, brother, When I finished with my studies, everything grew dim. I moved away emotionally from all of this. I pushed it away. I was tired. I felt as though that I was ran through a cattle chute and ended up somewhere new.

New is good. Old is beautiful. Reach back to what triggered you. Feel that moment. Away from the sounds of despair. Where you are going is who you are and not what made you. What made you is always changing. It is being fed from where you are going.

That's obviously a circle analogy. I guess that I should introduce you a little. I'm just letting the readers know that I met you with the Sasquatch people a few years ago. Mitawinasi is not a Sasquatch and is from the planet Dakote. He looks like a very tall native American. I met him when I was with my Sasquatch brother, Tograhnu. Tograhnu told me that he was a friend. And he has become my friend over the years. Past blog entries record our story together.

(It has been three months since I wrote this above. I stopped at that point and continued in private as I have had a struggle keeping balanced this year. I have put this blog on hold many times this year because of all of the personal changes that I have gone through.)

I'm sorry to sound like a broken record about my personal stuff. I'm just trying to get it out so that I can move forward. Let me just get this over with this way and I will stop bringing it up.

When I began this blog a few years ago I thought that sharing what was happening in my life, all of a sudden, would help me to better understand it. It did. I met so many wonderful people with similar experiences and sharing helped me learn and grow. I was going to school and working at the time and the Sasquatch people just entered my life like a subway train entering the station. It was a beautiful and intense journey together and then school was over.

What I had been studying for wasn't anything like I wanted to do once I got out there with the National Forest Service. I learned why the NFS are, most of the time, the last ones that ever have anything to do with the hairy folk. So, I quit and found a great job. But it is a giant change as well and in a new city. I became out of balance. The Sasquatch people worked with me intensely over the last half a year but it was only for me and not a blog. It has become clear that I am to share again now. That is all that I wish to talk about ... about me. It is where I have been and why this blog had a one year hiatus.

I pushed them away. They were always there when I spoke with them but I was too busy with me.

As I sit here tonight, I reached out with my feeling and asked if they would help me write this blog entry. Mahkee told me that he would talk to me but not in a blog. I asked Tukra and he said that now was not the time. I can see Tahjee watching me intensely and relaxed. I heard, "I will." and asked who said that. Oitoli told me that, "It was time." Not trying to sound mysterious and stuff; but I knew that he meant that it was time for he and I to have a conversation that I can write down and record here. Most of our interaction has been physical. There have been no long conversations between us. Oitoli didn't want to have much to do with me in the beginning. He was told by the clan to interact with me and I know this from the clan as I was also told that I was to meet him.

I did. I recorded it in earlier blog entries. Our mind speak was simple and to the point. We talked little but physically interacted a lot. He just didn't have much to say. But we were stuck together none the less. Ha! It's funny.

Humans like to to play a whistle without moving their fingers. You blow a lot but do not make music.
I watched enough. I moved without family. I was new and you were new. You and your family came and spoke to us. I did not want to hear. I felt you. I watched you. I was alone and in a way of finding the true way to the one. I listened to a human reach. I tried to let you move through the wind without me. You kept me in. The ... (I do not know this word but it feels like group) told me to listen and hear. I only hear the waves of humans in my head. I saw the wave over my mate and youth. I had to leave. The closeness between you and me is no longer there. (youth feels like kids and wave like human habitation. Closeness between you and me is a veil between humans and the Sasquatch.)

I feel a heavy cloud and relief at the same time, Oitoli. Your words touch me differently than I am used to. When you say one thing, I feel a mountain of communication running through me. It's hard to keep up. Is this why it took so long for us to reach this point?


Help me understand. As I sit here and close my eyes and focus on you, I do not feel a contentment. I don't know always what to ask. It was always that I should ask and feel the answer. Now I can hear much more. But the feeling is more too. What are we doing?

There are some of us that do not feel to do this. I do not always feel the love that you do. Many of us search to find what you are looking for. We are at a place of joining. The love that you feel when you come to me is a wall that lets you to me. Love brings us close because there is only love that does this. But when you are close, love can push you far away.

What do you mean? I feel that blanket is some sort of divide and cushions the reality at hand.

Love is a balance because there is only love. Everything that we feel is love because there are only different balances; your love for the unknown and my love for what I see from where I am. Love must become a tool for you to unlock love. There is only love but there are different locks.

I have traveled and moved away from love and to love. But love was always there because there is only love. I have lost everything that I have ever loved because of human blowing the whistle without moving their fingers. To love humans is not a balance of love that I am. Humans came too deep into my home and changed the balance. I walked and grew tired.

Oitoli, communicating with you and understanding you is very difficult for me. I have way too many feelings and scenes before me and yet you speak your simple words. What I am understanding is that you are searching to find a way to balance yourself with humans again because they have destroyed your home and family. I feel that you walked north and found my family of Sasquatch sisters and brothers and was place with me in order to expose us both to something that helps us grow. How does this feel?

We are close.

What do you mean, Brother?

Love is inside and love is outside. Love fear but do not choose to feel fear. Love what you do not choose to feel. Do not let love blind you. Understand that there is only love. There is nothing else. Feel that part of love that allows you to be afraid. Say thank you. Say thank you to what you do not want. Be that biggest part of love that you choose. Thank those other parts of love that pushed you away and you did not want. Balance. I learned balance again with you, Johnny. You were the human that the clan told me to face. Your simple love showed me something too. Humans were very hard for me to love.

What I'm getting from all of this that every part of source or creator or God or whatever has the same choices to make. What I mean is at every level of dimension or "vibration" or level,...... every part of that source energy has that choice at what level of love they wish to vibrate at. Alright... What about you Sasquatch people being our big brothers and big sisters? It is obvious for many of us that science and spirituality are one, contrary to what is being forced upon us. All matter vibrates and matter is created by thought. So we vibrate differently than you do. Are you telling me, Oitoli, that all of you above or below our level have the same choices to make as far as love?


Well, that is not going to be a surprise for most of us. Most of us are awakening to what lies hidden in those quiet moments of meditation or closing our eyes in the forests at night and reaching out to whom we KNOW is there. I feel that this blog entry finds most of us already awake and possibly nothing new. However, the struggles that we go through to connect with you and others at your vibration sometimes leave many of us hanging. You can see us but not the other way around.

It is supposed to be this way. At our level we face the same as you at yours. The levels are never ending. There are always choices at every level. Many of us remember choices that we have made at "higher levels" but higher is not the same as better. They are only higher because those levels move at a different vibration. Lower is not worse and higher is not better; only different.

Oitoli, I have to end this and get it out and over with. Can we pick this up in a couple of days and get deeper? I also want to talk about the "Trusted folk" in the National Forests of East Texas. I feel that this blog entry needs to be posted.


Monday, April 10, 2017

CHANGE The Positive and the Negative


I was walking on the beach of the lake yesterday with my family and three dogs. The signs had changed. Everything was very quiet. I felt a comforting presence around me and the simple feeling of being surrounded. The Earth People did not interact with us as they normally do. They watched.

As an environmental scientist, I have watched the trees change over the past few years. I have learned to tell the difference between trees that have been purposely bent over from the trees that are bent over from the environmental sickness that has become more obvious as of late. I have seen many pines of all ages just bend over and die. The forest floor has become cluttered with the premature dead carcasses of beautiful trees of all ages.

When we reached the beginnings of the land that we know are full of families, we turned around and cut across an old sand pit that has been abandoned since the second world war. I left an apple for Hotamay ( the head sentinel in the area ) and thanked him for keeping an eye on me and my family while we were there. He showed himself to me (in my mind) with a nod but didn't say a word like he normally does.

My wife and I watched a family of hogs run right toward us two days earlier. They turned like flock of birds when they saw us. That was strange based on past experience. I never carry a gun or a knife into the forest as I trust the Earth People completely. I have never regretted that decision in the past four or five years. I have noticed that this has mattered in the closeness of my relationships with them. We heard the hogs when we were walking with the kids but the dogs kept them away.

This area is impossible for us to walk at night. I have been told to stay away at night. Tahjee told me a couple of years ago that I would not be able to handle the energy in the area at night. I have come to understand what this means. My Native American Indian brother, Bone, was curious a couple of years ago after I told him this and tried to walk the beach into the area at night. He explained that the energy started like a shallow breeze and grew into a wall of stone as he tried to get closer. He turned around and the intensity faded away.

My wife, and two daughters, and I enjoy sharing what we can with our eyes but our eyes are no the most important tool that we use when we are in the woods. I am the infant when it comes to emphatic abilities but my three ladies were born awake. Our walks in the woods of North East Texas are visits in every sense of the word. Mind speak is the most fun when we are on their turf. However, as I mentioned earlier, the Sasquatch were quiet yesterday.

After months of personal struggles and bad weather, during the last half of 2016, I finally found the place that Oitoli told me to go last summer. From the place where I leave Oitoli mango's and sunflower seeds and speak with him I followed the trail up hill in search of where the trees have a higher canopy. This was what he told me to do last summer but I only had time now to do it.

I found a dead vine wrapped around some broken off limbs that were tied to the living limbs of a cedar tree. I asked him if this is what he left for me but there was no reply. I found a circle that was about 20 ft across in every direction with a clear place to sit right in the middle. I asked him if I had found the place that he had made for me to sit during our visits. Again, I felt nothing.

I felt lonely. I was puzzled. I needed help. I sent my friend Tracey a text and asked why everything is so quiet around me lately. It took her a few days and she returned the message. She said, “When I'm looking at you I see that the Sasquatch are avoiding you. In the woods they made a huge circle around you in order to avoid you.” “What the heck did you do to them to piss them off?!

Of course I didn't do anything to piss off Bigfoot on purpose. But something was very different. I went through some very intense months and it seems that three negative beings took advantage of that low time and decided to come and live inside of me. It seems that they were waiting for a while. It took Tracey some time to run them off and then the cloud cleared. It explains Shuma. I have decided not to pursue any communication with Shuma for a while.

Through February and March I meditated a lot. I made some changes this year and was concentrated more on bringing myself back into balance. I am becoming more healthy these days; mind, very much body, and very very much spirit. The communication has picked back up but I am not where I was. I finally made the trek deep into the big thickets and followed the instructions of Oitoli a half a year ago. searched everywhere for something that he had left in the tree for me.

At a moment, I stopped and felt a strong energy to look up. I found it. It was the vine and sticks that I had seen a couple of months before where no one would speak with me. Only this time, I could feel the energy from this work of art. I could feel the parts of Oitoli that he put into this. What he left me is a symbol of friendship surrounded by strong energy. Of all of the ways to interact with the Sasquatch people, my way is the best for me. I feel the mind speak and communicate, I mix that with being out in the woods with them and talking, I leave fruit and sunflower seeds and build things as I communicate, and when I come back to the same place I find things left for me. Bone and I have been getting ready and planning an all night hike soon. Those are always intense experiences. I took a photo of Oitoli's art for you.. 

I have some questions at the bottom of this blog but remember that the answers go through my filter. I am simply sharing my experience and my questions and my answers. All of us are at different parts on the same path. Always remember that no one has all of the answers because ALL of us are carrying a piece of the same puzzle. Trust yourself and let resonate what will. What doesn't resonate or feel good, let it be...

Are you aware of the Secret Space Program?

Yes, There are no secrets. We have a vision on most things that deal with the wall that confines you humans. We reach out and through from times before you and will until there is nothing to reach through. We have seen the secrets come and go like waves. The energy in the lie is clear to us. We see it before the lie washes over us. Only secret is you. You see the secret until it is gone. The ones that make the secrets are running out of lies to tell you. Only humans see the secret and not what is behind. The animals feel the truth. The secrets that are made to trick the human do not work on the animal. The animal does not lie. The stones and fire..... and water and the wind do not do what the lie tells them to do.

We do not see a space program that is secret. We see the energy in the lie and what groups are doing the lying. We avoid all negative beings; humans too. We are part of the whole. We find balance. We avoid the imbalance in the secret lies of the beings that have lied to the humans.

How do you deal with negative beings?

We do not deal with the negative. We balance. We can see the negative and the human can not. We can feel the negative and the human can feel but does not choose to see. This is changing. We are here and we are balance and we are family.

How do you view the movement among humans right now and how this relates to the changes that are happening in the universe?

How this all relates is what I will answer because everything relates. It is not important how I view all humans. I see the negative and positive human and help them to become balanced human because negative is related to positive and positive is related to negative. There is only balance because there is only one.

How are we all changing?

The change is who we all are together. That is how! The change that is changing is what we are doing! All of us are changing. You can change while you are changing. You can be positive change and change or negative change and change. I see you asking me these questions now because you have been seeing the changes and you have been hearing that change is happening! You want to make this all come together. You ask me questions about the secret space program and what you want is to hear if I tell you the same as somewhere else. You haven't asked me yet about the premeditates and Atlantis but I know that this questions is coming because I was with you when you wrote it. You want to know about the planet that is no longer there. You are going to ask me about all of the giant bones.

All of these are the changes that are changing for humans. I know about the ancient ones and the ships that travel to other planets. All of you humans are changing in a way right now that you have not changed in a very long time. Yes, you are changing together like always but this time you know that you are changing TOGETHER. Listen very close, John. Humans have changed.

Humans have changed and this is why we are coming to the humans now to speak. You humans are changing together and it is a new change. Right now all of your questions will be answered about the ancient ones and the giants. Now you will know about the other planets and all of your brothers and sisters everywhere. Today, there are no more secrets. All secrets will be known and the negative energy of every lie will become balanced because it will no longer be a secret. This is only one small part of the change that is one. As far as every thought can reach, there will be change found there.

Okay, Oitoli ! Thank you! I'm going to stop here and ask you more questions in a few days. I feel like we are just getting started. Thanks for everything today.

Your welcome. Thanks for the Mango's.

You're welcome.

In June I'm going to be working in the Davy Crockett National Forest for five months. I'm really going to focus on the forest people that live there. I will be writing a special blog over that five months period as I reach out and meet new Sasquatch people. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I know from experience that the Sasquatch people like it better that way.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

January 2017 SHUMA and OITOLI

2017 has started with a bang. Most can feel that change is all around us. The element of feeling, that I have spoken of in this blog over the years, has brought out the primitive in all of us. If you are reading these words then I invite you to consider that you have found your way here for a reason. The reasons are many and the differences are beautiful but they are all connected and being presented to us at this time together to reconnect with that part of us that we have forgotten. Many of us have made promises and commitments to our selves from a different place; a place that we are all driven to return to. A part of us is there and ready to reconnect with us in this place.

In those moments of quiet, we see, hear, feel the messages that are touching us in the depths of our being. Within all of us is a vast and deep place full of wisdom and experience. Fear is always knocking at the door of this place. Many times we stand at the door and try to help keep out the fear but if we choose not to be afraid we are able to turn around and explore the never ending depths. Like many others, I have found the Earth People there.

Just as there are different languages and colors of skin, there are many different names for our families and friends that vibrate at a frequency just beyond our sight. Earth people is a new name that resonates with me the clearest. I grew up with Bigfoot and later used the word Sasquatch. There are many other names like forest people, people of the woods and so on that are used just as frequently. Our brothers and sisters have shared with me that they do not mind what we call them as long as the intent behind our words resonates with them.

We are all Earth people, collectively, and this term breaks down the barriers that we have used for so long. This planet is very much alive and she loves us all of the same. As her spirit, so are we. Just as our bodies are made from her, our spirits are one being. We are many parts of the whole that is referred to as Creator. There are some of us that are connected to her and hear her as she speaks. They are our hairy brothers and sisters. They are here to help us return to the connection of oneness together. It is not to whom they speak but who listens.

Today, I am different than I once was. I have learned to connect with them and to our mother. When I first began writing this blog a few years ago I was afraid that if I let go of the door then fear would enter. The Sasquatch people helped me learn to trust that the door would hold if I turned to gaze upon the vastness of what awaits me. The adventure is still continuing to change me as I have learned to take control of my change and point it into the direction that I choose to go. There is no end to the adventure and there is no end to the growing.

Last year was a turning point for me. I overcame the desire for constant validation and proof to what is happening in my life in relation to the Sasquatch people. I took one last deep breath and finally let go of all insecurities. It opened up a whole new word of adventure. Today as I speak to you and write this blog from here on out I do not separate any more where the information is coming from. I have learned to trust in the oneness when communicating with them. The conversations that I have with them has become less defined as a back and forth conversation. It has become a steady hum of sharing together.

I can see now how connected we are all and just how big our family is. The animals join in our conversations now. The trees are such gentle and patient souls that accent each conversation. Most are in the know on one level or another. It is only us humans that have disconnected ourselves for so long. We are the ones that they are all cheering on and waiting for to return home. I have seen that there is one road and all of us humans are on it. Some of us are a little further up and some of us are bringing up the rear but we are all going in the same direction. This is reassuring! There is no reason for despair.

Fear does not take us to where we are going. It simply runs along beside us in the same direction waiting for us to turn from the path. If we do get off the path, there is always someone to call out to that we can hear. When we trust ourselves and begin going to the voices we will find that someone has called us back to the path.

This is going to be a fantastic year for us! It has begun. The Earth people are with us and ready for us to return home. I do not use religion in order to find spirituality. For me, I no longer need organized religion even though my parents gave it lovingly to me when I was a child. For those of you that still choose religion, I salute you with love. I find you beautiful with whatever tools that you choose to carry with you on your journey. Thank you for giving me the same respect. I brought this up because some of my analogies like “path” may lead one to think that I mean the path of good / bad or the path of righteousness etc... when I just mean plain ole' “path.”

I have bit off more than I can chew over the past year. I have received countless emails and I find it very difficult to return every message. I feel very sorry for this. I feel that it was a blessing more than it was a problem. I have found a new way to handle this and be fair to all who send me their questions. Starting now in 2017 I will be reading all of them in order for me to let them become a part of me and then just ask the Sasquatch people to tell me what they will. I will continue to answer personal emails as I can. The most important point that I gladly share with all of you is that all of our answers are within us already. There are many people out there that communicate with the hairy folk. Help can be found everywhere. But in the end it is only you that can answer the great unknown for yourselves. Again, there is always help for those who ask. None of us are special, ALL of us are. If the hairy folk can speak with a common dude like me then anyone can speak with them! The only special gifts that I have are new packs of underwear that my daughters get me every birthday and Christmas. Always let resonate what will from my blog as well as what you read or hear from anyone else out there. Lovingly discard the rest.

We are here! It is nice to be again with you in this blog. My name is Shuma. I am an elder that John has spoken to often. I have never spoken with John but I do now with you.

I see that you are the elder that I have felt in the woods with my wife and daughters. Why have you not spoken to me before?

I have watched you and your family. I have connected to you every time but you did not comfort me. You have been busy and so have we. In your walks you have done all of the talking and not much listening.

I know. Why are you here now?

I helped you write all of this. I was waiting for you to finish. We have a reason for this because you have asked us to. You have been given some instructions and you have been to busy to come. For months you have been growing and you have felt that the trips were not necessary. We wait.

Where Oitoli told me to go has been all grown up. It has been difficult to reach for months.

Every journey has a beginning and yours is not beginning any more. Things are making the change and yours is too fruitful for you to not change. The steps were given to you by your friends because you asked for them.

Thanks for speaking with me. I invite you now to speak what you will.

Thank you. When you stop sharing then so do we. A river flows but can not reach the sea when it is not allowed to flow. You have stopped the flow. Today it flows again. Around all of us is a change so absolute that it can not be hidden. It is easy to be busy. Busy is when it is not important enough to not be busy. Find the place that you are looking for. Do not stop looking if you want to find it. When you ask us to show you something and you do not see it then you are not looking in the place that it is hidden. Do you understand?

Yes. This applies to me this past year. I had the toughest last semester of school and could not get away. Money was scarce and I had to work every weekend for months. It's over. I am looking forward to this year very much. I feel like I am free for the first time in a long time.

That is why I am here. Do you want me to continue?

Yes, I have just now felt that you are female when I first felt that you were male.

You were afraid of me in the woods. I felt you. I am old. I am balanced. I am the light and the dark. I am balance. You too are made to balance but you call for the light only. You do not trust the light because of the dark but the dark is part of the light. I heard you call to me when you were walking and my silence made you afraid. When you come back I will be there.

I am not sure where this is going and if our conversations fit in this blog. I feel that this has been building up for a while. Would you like to answer some questions?

No. Not this time. I will come back.

I was caught off guard at this point because the conversation was really weird. I called Tracey for a second balance and she advised me to wait and give it more time with Shuma. She said that she felt her and him but recommended that I wait. Tracey also felt both male and female energy from this person and that she was extremly old. I love Tracey but I didnt wait. This was the convo...

At this point, I called on a friend that I have trusted for years. He is from Dakote... I asked him to help me better understand Shuma's message.

Mitawinasi, would you speak with me here?

It would be an honor. Are you courious about your last conversation?


I can feel that you are uneasy. Shake it off. What you have just experienced is something that is necessary.

This is why the January Post hesitated.

This year I will be seeing where this mindspeak conversation with Shuma leads and I will record every conversation here in this blog.

I will also pick up where I left off with Oitoli. He told me where to go to begin physical interaction with each other and I have not made it back. He told me that he is patient and to take my time. I have already been taking mangos and he has been very appreciative. The area is very difficult to reach. This is Texas and the undergrowth in some areas are very difficult to walk through. It is really awesome to be able to mindspeak and connect at the same time in the physical. This is next for me.

Where ever all of this goes, we will find out together in the coming months.