Sunday, June 29, 2014

Portals and Journeys

This journey knows no boundaries. The depth of All-That-Is, seems to be the same way. The portals that are associated with the Sasquatch are very elusive with their meaning. But now I know where some of them lead. One thing that I have learned during the time that I have spent with my Sasquatch family is that things are not often what I have always thought them to be. The giant of a man that I met about two months ago with Bone has not left my mind. MaKee is his name. Like I have told you before, he is about six feet wide at the chest. You can use your imagination as to every other measurement that would fit such a chest. Just as big as his body is the size of his focus and resolve. He was very short with me in our first meeting and that was the only thing about him that was short. He did not send me an artificial feeling of fear or anxiety. He let Bone and I know that he was there by sharing the form of his energy. This energy was big, obvious, and focused.

As we talked during that first meeting, I asked him what his name was. After putting together the syllables that he was sharing with me through feeling, he agreed that MaKeeAhTeh was his name. He said that MaKee was okay for me to use. As I left that first meeting with MaKee I left his woods with more questions. I had much to learn about that experience in the following days. He told me that he was pleased to meet me but he had no further interest in being friends at this time. Why did he say that? What had I done or not done? Tahjee and ToGrahnu left me alone with MaKee so that was all that I had to go on at first. That was enough. Tahjee and ToGrahnu are my family and I trust them both with my life. The next few days of putting together the pieces, MaKee told me, “John, all of us know who you are. You are respected by most. But there will always be some Sasquatch that will never want anything to do with you because you are human. Don't let that bother you. It is simply this way.”

I felt warm from what he said but could never let the meeting rest. Why was he so focused in that area? What was about that spot that made it so special? Why were Bone and I allowed to go no further at a certain point when we were out there with MaKee and his clan? I will share with you now what I know. I am not an expert on portals so I hope that some of you can also share with me what you have experienced about them. MaKee is guarding a portal that leads to a vibration that is just beyond our sight. These kinds of portals are everywhere. I really mean everywhere. The Sasquatch use them to travel and return to a reality that is beyond our sight. This reality, I have been told, may be out of our sight but all of us can connect to it through our feeling. I have been told that MaKee, like many others, are guarding these places from darker beings or energies. Certain energies are not allowed to enter these portals but many are trying to get through at this time. It seems that the veil is so thin between these two different vibrations now that humans are beginning to see or feel them... or both. I have never seen a portal but feeling one is something else. What I also find very interesting is that some beings and/or energies are not allowed to pass. Enough information is here somewhere on the pages of this blog over the past year that help to fill in the blanks about where these portals lead. I am sure that others have written about them in greater detail.

Three weeks ago I changed my approach. I began to be a little harder, funnier, and more sarcastic when communicating with the Hairy Folk. I felt that my relationship with the Sasquatch needed to mature into relationships that I thought that others were having. I felt lonely. The communication had come to a stand still. This is why it took so long to write this blog entry from the last entry. Yet the questions from readers still came and I got real insecure about all of this. I never wanted to force my personal views on the reader. I just wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that some of you would share with me and help me in making sense of it all. Thank you for all of your feedback and personal experiences. The circle is complete.

TuKornu came to be in a very big way. He made me understand. He said, “John, the energies of someone else's experience with us does not fit you; just as the energy of your experience does not fit another. Do not try to be someone else while developing your relationship with us. You came to us like a child. You came with respect and questions while always reminding us that you loved us. Your intent was clear. When you tried to live the experience of someone else, your intent changed into something that did not have anything to do with us. The energy of who you are is known to us and has become our friend. Wearing the energy that belongs to someone else only covers the light that is shinning from your own.”

Sasquatch Q&A:

(Thank you again, readers, for you questions. Your questions help me too.)

Adrian: Thank you John again for helping shed some light and offering your personal guidance. It's helpful, for those of us who are remembering to Love again, and see the splendor of our Home and it's residents.

In my past, I've chosen a Pagan faith. One that admires, and accepts the many facets of nature. Good and Evil, light and dark. One without the other simply couldn't exist. I chose the light, such as many pagans do. One area of interest for me is herbal medicine. It's been long taught, forgotten, and re-learned again, which of our indigenous plants and herbs help us for various ailments.

My question to the hairy folk is: for when a human wants to cleanse their bodies of the toxins and poisons we have eaten, what common plant can we look to, to help with the cleansing process. Many of us are still learning to feel and speak to the plants, and we are afraid of eating the wrong plants. I feel that our bodies are held down with these poisons. Gaining new vibrations is difficult. Is there a simple plant we can eat that will help flush all the poisons out so we may begin our path to our futures?

TuKornu: These are everywhere. The different parts of Gaia have different plants that share with us different meanings and stories. The stories that these plants tell are for everyone. But who stops and listens to these stories are few. There was a time when the communication between all on Gaia had no boundaries. All could hear and all knew how to listen. There are places that humans hid these stories. The reason that they were hid was because some humans wanted to tell different stories. Every plant is energy. There is no poison. The energy is different. This is why it is important to know what stories the plants have to tell. There are places where the stories are still told. You must look to your Native people for the stories. What humans call medicine is different that what humans call alternative medicine. The problem that you humans have made for yourself is that you have given the wrong name to the right remedy. Until you can hear the stories from the plants themselves, ask your Native people to tell you the stories.

Nicholas F:

May I ask a few questions of our brother from Dakote please? I have spoken via am email on youtube with Tolec over the past few years, and have I followed his teachings from the Andromeda Council. I also have a group, now over seven hundred, set up for this very purpose, I like to think mots are fascinated by what we are learning here vis a vis planetary Ascension.

Can Mitawinasee answer me the following please. What are the points of demarcation between what he knows to be taking place and what information Tolec has been given? Tolec has said many times and in reply to my questions, there will indeed be a physical transporting of people from off the planet whose soul choice is to stay in 3D. That there will be planetary wide telepathic contact by the star people with all the people of earth. My question basically is this … Was what Tolec says ever a possibility at one time and has the agenda for Transition and helping earth since been modified?

May I say the answer you have recently given Alan is most profound as regards the earth being in a biosphere I believe and makes a lot of sense. If you could expand on this a bit more it would be appreciated.
Wodakote and namaste... Nicholas F.

P.S. Please forgive my bad typing above, John, by all means correct any bad spelling or wrong words....

Mitawinasi: The Andromeda Council has made things very clear. Yet the Council is part of a bigger whole. What Tolec will tell you is this, and I will agree: There are many clues for you to find. None of us have all of the answers. But when you put all of the pieces together, you will be closer to the bigger. picture. At some point you must decide for yourself. Now, what makes this difficult is that things are changing all of the time. Yes, things are different today from what they were yesterday. This is something that you had better get used to as everything unfolds. If you get caught up in the drama's of details, you must recognize at some point that there is no ending to the details. There are people that have already made their way through some sojourn or another. Some are already in the new reality. Some have been taken to ships. Others are making their last choices. The telepathic communication that you were referring to is happening right now as you read these words. The separation between a reality where money is used to create a new freedom without your masters, and a reality where there is no such thing as money are both in the process of being manifested. Now, I ask you to re-read your questions again and compare them to what I have just told you. Everything is there for you to begin making your choice. While on your sojourn, beware of the bottomless pit of details.

TuKornu, Thank you for addressing Jennifer’s question. She is very grateful and deeply honored to receive this.

Mitawinasi, Thank you for your response’s They have been very insightful for me and hopefully for other readers following John’s blog.

Ok it is understood now that we are/have been living in a holographic reality. You have said that inside our little box of illusion, we see the Sasquatch and they appear strange to us.

Also Tahjee and ToGrahnu have both said to John in the past that ‘you are not who you think you are” Tahjee has also told John that it would be a very big surprise.

I’m wondering if how we see ourselves is also actually a projection of how we collectively think we appear. If so do you and the Sasquatch actually both see John and us in our true form? Perhaps we already are beings of a higher vibration that have long forgotten who we are? And some of us are soon to be unplugged from this illusion.

John: Mitawinasi has asked me to share this with you.

This is from a past blog:
Mitawinasi: “Just think of us all standing around a swimming pool together. I mean All of us. Some decide to jump in to the deep end. So when you jump, you submerge under the water. At that moment you cant hear, breath, and barely see. But you always come back to the top, get out of the pool, and jump back in. There are always enough of us to get you back out before you start to drown. This is an analogy for life.

John has learned to hear under water. He has stopped paddling for his life and learned to listen as he floats back up. He is beginning to see better under water. But both of these things, he is still learning. He has made it clear to everyone that if he can float back up, so can everyone. That is the only reason that he shares his story and this is a big reason why we keep giving him adventures to write about.

When I met John for the first time, I came to him in my body. I stayed hidden right outside of his sight beyond a few trees. He was looking right at me but did not see me. But he felt my energy arrive. He was very nervous. It was like being under water and hearing someone else dive in. Got it? He called ToGrahnu and ToGrahnu came right away. John was used to this energy from ToGrahnu already as they had spent much time together.

Now this is key to understanding all of this. ToGrahnu and I are friends already. We are standing up on the bank watching our friend and brother, John, swim under water. Very soon John will be able to get out of the water and see us. Right now he has learned to be still and quiet and look up on the bank. He can see us barely looking down in to the water. It is not us that jump in the water to show our selves while you are floating back to the top. It is you that must first learn to swim. When you do. You know that you will always float back to the top.

After we all celebrate for a while on the bank. You always jump back in and we do it all over again.”

Alan: By your statement that the answers are revisited by my self in my dreams. Does that mean during the dream state we are disconnected from the illusion? And is this also so during states of meditation and out of body experiences?

Mitawinasi: It is not your body that needs rest when your sleep. It is your spirit that desires to connect to All-That-Is that causes you to close your eyes. It is very difficult for your soul to be in the prison of the body for very long. It is only your body that stays in the illusion while your soul spreads its wings. Every night. In the morning you agree to forget. Call it an out of body experience with amnesia if you like. Meditation is different and the same.

Alan: I do have other questions but for now I take your encouragement to look for the answers from the inside. Yes I understand now it is important that if we believe and know that the kingdom is within then the answers will gradually come and we will remember.

The way that you previously described your home planet Dakote with water ways that take you where you wish to go is yet another example of how you live in harmony with your planet. Whereas we have excessively torn up and disturbed ours to build roads. There will be much for us to look forward to and find a better way.

Mitawinasi: I will see you sooner than you think, Alan. Know this and never think again, my friend.

Until the next time Mitawinasi my brother and friend. Thank you

And of course Thank you John.


John: Thanks for your questions, Friends. Thanks for your answers, Friends.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mitawinasi, TuKornu, and the Sasquatch Collective

Sorry about the spelling. My Spellcheck is not working.

I will start this blog off with Adraian's questions and comments and let the Hairy Folk and any Dakote-ians chime in when they want to. This should be fun. We will just let it flow as it should. Thanks to all of you readers who give me your questions through the comments, or email, or facebook. I will try to help the Hairy Folk and Dakote-ians answer as many as they would like.

ADRAIAN: Thanks for the amazing telling of your encounters with the Hairy Folk. 2 new revelations we see here: S. American forest people in our woods up here, and some sort of sacred space used for travel or something else. I can definitely see how some of the hairy folk have been jaded by humans over the millennia. As an analogy, we are small children in the Universe, misguided, untaught, disrespectful in all we do. If this moniker we hold does not make you want to stand up as a race and deliver a change...then our road ahead will be a rocky one.

I thought about the suggestion that TuKra insinuated. He Must have heard my thoughts while I tried to enter the Ether. You're right John, it's very difficult at first to learn to trust something that isn't 100% tangible in your thoughts. We've been conditioned since birth to think that hearing voices in our heads is a developmental challenge for people. Yet, as I understand it, this IS how one would communicate with other souls over long distances. Makes you wonder if the crazy people out there, are actually way ahead of the curve compared to us...

I will ask more questions, especially ones with regards to changing my own energy frequency so I can finally see and meet our forest friends. I've always known them to be around, but it's frustrating not being able to communicate with them conventionally as we are accustomed to.
Thank you John,

JOHN ALLEN: I had a big eye opener on that one over the past year, Adraian. I realized that the crazy were sane and the sane are crazy. I had no idea where this blog would lead nor any idea that my experiences would resonate with so many. I made a few deals with the Hairy Folk from the beginning. I promised that I would never take a gun into the woods to meet them. Nor would I take a camera or flashlight without asking them or giving them a heads up. But by far the hardest promise to keep is doing all of this for no money. I knew from the beginning, and still know today, that adding money to the mix would completely change everything. It would completely end all credibility to what this blog means to so many. Everyone knows this is true. So.... , you didn't ask but, for the record.... I do not make a penny on any of this. My blog has no popups as you have noticed because I Googled a FREE blog from the beginning. I am working full time and going to the university full time. That is why I am living at poverty level at different times of the year. So I have been tested. I passed the test so far. People can see bullshit a mile away. If a channeler starts asking for money, it's time to run for the hills.

The Hairy Folk have helped me through this many times. I have been able to live mostly in reality and just wade through this illusion. (Reality is where our higher vibrational families dwell. Illusion is where we find it “OKAY” to pay to live on the planet that we were born on) The Sasquatch people that have adopted me, my wife, and my two daughters are very real. They are very much a part of our daily lives. My kids were not shocked at getting stones tossed at their feet or getting poked while carrying sunflower seeds and other goodies. My wife always knew of them (and other beings as well). It was me who had to find my way back home to them. Today, ToGrahnu and Tilo (Tee-Low) often look through the windows at us. Machia is hanging out with my kids inside my house every other night. If I go outside on my back porch at night, often I get poked or told hello by new people that we have made feel welcome on our property. When I go on walks, I go at night (often alone or with Bone) with no gun, light, or camera. Sometimes I can't see. But I can FEEL! They have never let a wild boar, cougar, bear, or Mickey Mouse hurt me. I am welcomed and told, through mind speak, where I am not allowed to go and where I am. We talk and the kids check me out. 

The young adolecent males get a hard wrap most of the time. They have all been extra respectful to me, my wife and two daughters. There are other websites and “Bigfoot Researchers” who talk of the adolecent males raping women while on their period and stuff. To me... this is all just typical bullshit from people who are so addicted from the drug of Bigfoot Research-ism that they start making shit up. I agree with them on the addiction part of it. When I am with them, it is sure hard to come back to this illusion. The young males have big responsibilities. They have much to train for in protecting the clan. They often test their manhood by jumping in front of guns, running in front of cars, going off on scouting adventures. That doesn't sound too different from our adolescent males does it? The big difference is that they respect free will choice. This is something that our bunch could take a lesson from. 

Sasquatch people are absolutely wonderful people! All of them. Even the ones that do not want to have anything to do with us humans. Like the South American Sasquatches for example... They love, laugh, care for their kids, respect their elders but do not like humans. I can understand them. The fact that I can feel for them and am sorry for the destruction that we have caused does not cause me to win their favor. I am human. They have closed me off and do not wish to acknowledge me. I wish it were different but it is not. What all of us can do is realize that we are not alone on this planet and try to make a change into a different direction. A direction that does not include bulldozing trees for hamburger meat that has chemicals in it, landfills, water pollution, land rape for non-renewable resources, and factories where a chicken or cow walk in and out of the other side comes a styro-foam container filled with the body parts for a Walmart shelf and the animal was never thanked or given respect for the sacrifice that they made. Call me crazy for talking about such taboo. To me crazy is knowing that fast food is unhealthy but eat it anyway, going to the doctor and getting medicine for it and other easy to heal addictions, getting half of your stomach removed so you won't be able to hold as much unhealthy food in order to loose weight, not recycling trash and so on. Back in April a conservative uncle asked me about my career as an Environmental Scientist. After I passionately explained to him the excitement of helping Gaia, all that he said was, “Are you one of those weirdos who puts things in front of people?” And we wonder why the South American Hairy Folk don't want to have anything to do with us.

ALAN: John, Once again what you have shared with us is fascinating. I really can’t thank you enough for your generosity in allowing us to interact with your friends and contacts. I hope it will continue. Thanking you and your friends.

JOHN ALLEN: Alan, They are your friends too. I am only doing this for as long as it takes for you to do the same thing. I don't have any special gift or anything. Speaking to other vibrational beings is something that EVERYONE can do. Just follow a little advice and feel them yourselves. It doesn't take much. It all starts with intent. Examine what your intent is and that will reveal to you what kind of experience you will have. My experiences show what my intent is. Everyone's experiences will reveal the same.

ALAN: Greetings Mita –wina –see, much of what you have said is understood now by some of us. It is clearer more than ever the importance of the collective and how our collective influenced by the few has shaped much of our reality.

Yes, I like many have made a choice long ago to raise our vibration and stay with Gaia. You say ground ourselves to our mother Gaia. Is this best achieved by the method kindly shared by ancient elder TuKornu?

MITAWINASI (Mita-wina-see): That is correct. For the sake of the typer there is no need to repeat this here once again. TuKornu has not reached his age for being out of touch with the simplicities of the universe. It would always be wise to take advice from this very respected elder. ( see a past blog or two about how TuKornu explained feeling)

ALAN: I appreciate that you can only tell us so much at this time however there are a couple of points concerning those who stay on the biosphere bound for the new planet that many of us have been seeking an answer to. You kindly shared that “The biosphere allows the humans that are awakening slowly to keep doing what they have always done”. If those humans are no longer with Gaia and experiencing Gaia then are they experiencing a holographic reality that they believe to be Gaia and has been created partly by the biosphere and their own collective?

MITAWINASI: You were not told that you would not be told things because anyone is keeping secerets from you. I know that that has gone through your thoughts. No. We are helping you to find out the answers yourself. Don't get me wrong, we are here to help. But in the end, it is up to you to feel from the inside out not the outside in.
Having said this, I will now move on to your questions. Yes, that is what it means. Now... that was a hint. This will help you to realize how you are and have been living this illusion. Are you not going on pretending to live things that you know are not real? Gaia is changing. But her change does not insure the change of all who have free will choice. She is graciously giving all signals that she can in order to wake up the collective. Everyone can look around and see the little signs everywhere. Can you not? Now. I ask you... Can you see reality finally poking it's head through the curtain of illusion and smiling at you?

ALAN: As they will be unaware that the shift has taken place and continue to do as they have always done. What will happen to their memories of their friends and loved ones who stayed and shifted along Gaia that are no longer part of their reality?

MITAWINASI: No one will be forgotten or left behind. There are bigger things at work here than saying yes to some, maybe to others, and no to the rest. Everyone is being given the chance to decide who they choose to be. I feel that you want to know as many details about these things as possible. That is as it should be. But I invite you to examine the questions. The questions will satisfy you only as long as the answer is being given to you. Then there will be more questions. This is also how it should be. But … you already know the answers. They are within you. They are revisited by you in your dreams. They live in your intuition. They were answered by you yourself at a higher vibration. But for the sake of this conversation I will explain to you as much as you have already given me permission to do. 

This way of life is fading away. This planet is already vibrating at a faster speed. She is very happy being finally free of the lower vibrational weight of density that keeps the collective numb to her feelings. There is no going back to the times where women were burned for being witches. There will never be another nuclear blast on her body. She has made this choice and we are here to assist her. Change will find all of us one way or another. That much we can all agree on. The people who have vibrations that do not match Gaia's new choices will continue somewhere else. Will they remember you? Will you remember them? Yes of course. The illusion is where you miss them, hurt for their absence, and fear the possibility of not having a reunion with them. Reality is knowing that all of us are one on the otherside of this very thin vail. Reality is celebrating the choices of our families and their paths back home. The illusion is where you fear being separated forever in an abyss that does not exist. Reality is cheering for the colective and celebrating the choices of loved ones. Every path is chosen before hand by the one who walks the path. Avoid placing value judgements on the path of another. Are you really so sure that your path would be more suiting for them? I am no more an angel than you are Alan. I am simply Mita-wina-see, your brother and friend who is on the other side of the vail. Whether or not this answer suits you is up to you. Again, to find your own individual answers, you must look from the inside out, not the outside in.
Thank you Mita-wina-see. It is a pleasure talking with you. We have much to look forward to.



ALAN: John, I am posting this last question on behalf of a friend Jennifer. I’m not sure who is best suited to address a question of this nature so will let you decide. (Jennifer): Alan this is the Question I wondered if he could comment on (lady in woods) Could you please offer a comment on my experience as it wont go away from me...... "About 10 days ago i was reading in bed, sitting up and I dozed off.... I saw a vision of a green forest and a small man (could have been small as I saw him in perspective like watching a film on a television but I did feel he WAS small) jumped out of the bushes in front of my viewing to the right hand side and obviously saw me....he was shocked and surprised to see me .....he took an aggressive stance , drew an arrow out of his holder , scowled at me with a screwed up impish face, and fired the arrow at my chest....(I couldn't see me in this vision ...I was the "viewer" of this moving picture) . I felt the pain of the arrow hit in my chest/solar plexus , I re-coiled with the force of it hitting me and woke up in shock..... Perfectly normal in health at this stage, very rarely ill, within 2 days I have gone down with a chest complaint, cough, head cold etc and feel so lethargic and "washed out" ??? Would you care to comment on this please..... The reason I ask you is that the green forest seemed so important and relevant and the man was dressed in green also... AND the vision wont go away from me it was so real....?? ... Jen."
Thank you John and a very belated Happy Birthday to you.


I have something to say. 

JOHN ALLEN: Who is this speaking ? 

I am TuKornu. The little green man as reminded you of something. There is something that you have been carring around with you for a very long time. You have been carrying this around in lives before this one too. You need to release this. The little man is showing you where you have it hidden. You have hidden it well. You keep it hidden from yourself because it is not easy for you to let go of. You know what I am talking about. Find it. Let go and face it. You will not be able to take this with you any further. If you want me to do all of it for you, I will not. You will see the little man again very soon. She is not so little.

ANONAMOUS: TuKra, Mita-wina-see, Tah-wee-nah-say, TuKornu...thank you so much for being here and helping us to understand and prepare for the shift! I am honored to be a part of this and of you. I have a few more questions if I may: Do you have disagreements and how do you settle them?

(There are numerous Hairy Folk that have stepped up to answer the following questions. I will share their their name as they share it with me. I am being told that the collective of them will be recognized as one.)

We disagree when there are more than one way to reach a decision. We find the most fitting way. We are practical. We respect. 

Does everyone help everyone else?

Yes. This is the way of the higher vibrations. Because we are one, we can see clearly that to help the one would help ourselves. You think that this is not normal for you humans. You are wrong. This is normal for you too. But you have been influenced by the few to think instead of feel. That is your obstacle. You are not together at your vibration you think. 

Do you travel to many other planets?

We travel where we choose. We travel where our vibration is in harmony with the vibration that exists. We love Gaia. Gaia took us when our planet was destroyed. We will help her now with her humans.
Do you have to ask permission of the inhabitants of these other planets to visit?


What do these other planets look like?

There are other places to find this information for you. You have been given the tools to find it. You know the truth for you when you feel it. Search. There is only life. Do you understand? Life looks different in different places. Humans know one way for life. We know that there are many ways that life exists. 

Are there any humans on any other planets?

Yes. There are humans on many different planets. 

I understand the South American Sasquatch anger towards humans because of what has been done to their habitat. Do they know that there are many of us who do not agree with the destruction but have not been able to stop it? That we have been controlled by subliminal messages and mind controlled for so long that many don't know anything else? How will the majority of humans be removed from the mind control?

Out of respect of our brothers and sisters, we will not discuss them. This is their choice.

I had a dream that I was in a village and suddenly there was a bright light on the horizon that grew and grew. Everyone held hands waiting to see what it was. It got so bright that we had to close our eyes. We felt no heat so knew it was not a bomb. We slowly opened our eyes and looked around but the only detail we saw was people holding hands and looking around at each other, some were not there, and there was this light that blocked out everything else but the people. Then I woke up. We were not afraid, we stood in wonder. Will there be a single event similar to a light being turned on in a dark room?

You are not the only human to have this dream at this time. Look for others who share this dream and then look inside to know what dream means.

Now that I am aware of what has happened I am in a hurry to get 'home' where-ever that is. Is there somewhere similar to the planet in the Avatar movie? I would be so happy there! I would love to be one of the beautiful blue beings! Are there other prison planets similar to ours? Is everyone/planet in the universe shifting at the same time? What was the catalyst to this shift? Why does it seem to be overdue?

Be in the last moments of this time as suits you. Everyone is home already. Sometimes when you are in you shelter, you want to go somewhere else. Sometimes when you are in your shelter, you do not want to leave. What seems to you is what you choose for it to seem. Change is the breath of creator

I picture an event where we will all meet in a huge place with many many entities and everyone is hugging and smiling and crying with joy :-)

A: Good morning Brother! Hope you are coping well with all that's going on in your life. I wanted to ask you something. The last few times I've gone into the forest, I get goosebumps. Followed by a sense of calmness. It lasts about a minute, then disappears and doesn't return till the next time I go out into the woods. I wondered if that may mean something? My soul tells me it certainly does mean something. What exactly I'm not sure of yet.

JOHN ALLEN: Yeah. I get it a lot too. I would be willing to bet that many experiencers like you and I get that feeling. I get it when I go out on the back porch sometimes. I know that they are there. Sometimes it is quiet. Every time that I go out at night in the woods I get down on my knees and thank Gaia and kiss her. Then I thank the Hairy Folk for letting me come to their home. Then I wait and feel a moment. Most of the time I am told to come on in. Sometimes I am told to leave and come back later. On the nights that the coast is clear I usually get that goosebumps feeling after a few steps. I always stop, close my eyes, hold out my hands at my side with palms up, and FEEL them. It is one of my favorite parts of my night. It usually stays with me off and on all night.

A: Also- has TahJee enlightened you as to how the MiB know we are in contact with the hairy folk? Do they use their own mediums to channel info? Are they tracking energy or vibrational energy? Just curious, because I believe it won't be long before they start watching us up here. Or maybe the MiB are scanning blogs and have followed you at some point.

JOHN ALLEN: The DARK agendas are fading away. Sometimes we have to be who we are not in order to be who we are. I feel that this is also the case for many of these people. I give them no power or energy in my being. I have thanked the Hairy Folk for their protection. They give it gladly. My brother, ToGrahnu has always come when I have asked. I do not fear them. I am no threat to them. The truth is out already everywhere. I didn't do it. They have other concerns than some crazy idiot who types a silly blog about talking to Bigfoot in his head.

I would like the hairy folk in my area to know that I seek their help. I speak with my mind, and always try to reassure them I am trying to learn. I'm also trying to cleanse, so that helps "reset" me so I can try learning easier! Anyway, hope all's well. Be good and Pröst!!:)

We know who you are. We have been with you all along. Everything is as it should be for you. Your choices are clear and you have given us the chance to make our choice about you. Your intent is clear.

B: I wanted to thank you for excepting my friendship. I also wanted to thank you for putting yourself out there for others. I am one of the people that you helped put the pieces together. The first time I heard you was on a radio show. I can't remember what radio show it was but it was you and Thomas Hughes and the host. I think it was your first one, but this show was the one that got me over that hump!

I had been trying to make that connection with the Sasquatches for a long time and knew it would happen when the time was right. I took your advice and kept my questions simple, and with all the love that I had I asked it. I could not believe what I got in return. It was a YES! It was a beautiful female voice! It was as clear as day! It appeared in my mind as a breath of amazing light that I felt throughout my whole body!

Would you mind if I asked you some questions to pose to the Hairy Folk for your blog?

JOHN ALLEN: Of course! That is why I have so many experiences. The more I share, the more doors are opened for me. Share your experiences too. That is what true love is. There is always someone there who is helped by it.