Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Message from the Sasquatch

We have been watching you. We know who you are and where you live. We see and feel your energy while you are sleeping. We are the watchers from the woods. We watch you for hours and take bets about how your kids will turn out. We love watching your kids. Your kids are the most pure form of what you want to be. We love our kids too. We watch our kids grow and as they grow we teach them about you. We teach them the dangers of the humans who have made their environment sick. We watch as you wonder who we are.

The fear that you carry with you has been your own worst enemy. We see this. We watch this. We honor your choices even though we respect very few of them. We watch as you poison yourselves and poison every other creature in the process. We eat your food. At least we eat the food that is not toxic.

We walk barefoot among the broken glass that is left in our home by you. We feel your pain and watch you hurt. We watch you from the woods. We know who you really are and we know why you are here. What would you think if we were to tell you that you are not who you think you are?

It is time. It is time that you remember. We are coming to you today through this human because he has invited us to do so. We are his family. We help his fingers and heart find their way to your being. He has found us again in this lifetime and we are happy that he has remembered who we really are. You know that we mean you no harm.

We do not kill for a sport. We do not kill you because you are are family too. Why would anyone want to kill a brother for being different? Is it difference that is our enemy? We know what is in your hearts. We can feel your energy before you ever come to our home. You come to our homes and breathe the clean air. You love the sound of the water as our rivers bring you peace. Do you know who we are? We are your friends. You have forgotten about us. We are the Watchers from the Woods.

We have much to say to you. Will you listen? What do you want from us? We feel these answers from you. More and more of you come to see us. You leave us gifts. You listen as we choose to answer or we do not. The energy of your heart walks before you. It tells us who you are and where you are with your current state of evolution. We feel your fear. It is not us that brings this fear. It is you. When it is time for you to leave we send you the energy to do so. When you want to harm us we laugh and give you a nose bleed from behind a tree. We see you.

Our home is where you build your houses and dams. We watch as you cut down our brothers the trees for your poison food. Now is the time that some of you knew would come. It is time to come together and return our home to her beauty. But you must change. We know who is coming to our forest before you ever leave your home. We dodge your bullets and help heal the wounded animals that may fall prey to your sport. We remember a time when we lived together in harmony before the dark ones came and took the golden stones out of our dear mother. We watched as these golden stones divided you and made you disrespect yourself. We listen as some of you come to our homes to kill us and sell our bodies. You will never do this because you do not remember who we are.

Your leaders do not wish for you to know that you are not the only smart ones on this planet. They do not wish for you to know that we are hiding from you. They do not wish for you to know that you are not the only smart ones in all of the planets. We have friends in high places too. We visit your star family when ever we want to. Some of us travel on star ships with people who look just like you. Do you think that we are the only beings that hide from you? Soon you will see who all has been living right under your noses for as long as any soul can remember.

We come from another planet that is no longer here in this reality. Some of you remember. We can speak with you about all of these things when you want. Remember to take it slow with us when you come to the woods. We will make ourselves known to you as your fear of us allows us to. Now is the time. A great shift is happening now and some of us remain here to help you make it through. Some of us have joined your families in the new reality. It is beautiful there. Some of us go back and forth just like we can disappear in front of your eyes. This is easy. Most of you have only forgotten that you can do all of these things too. Many teachers you have had that have tried to tell you this and you have not listened. But the time has come. Your dark leaders have tried to keep us from you but they do not have the power to do this anymore.

Open your hearts. Feel us. We are your brothers and sisters in the woods. We are the Sasquatch. The time has come for you to know who we really are. We are you and you are us. We are in your DNA. We have given you things that are very dear to us. We have shared this world with you. And many of you have been a very dirty room mate. The powers of Mind Speak are hidden within all of you. Call to us and we will help you now. It is time. We have never harmed you unless you have caused harm to us. We mean you no harm. But we will protect our families from you if we need to. Will you stop trying to hunt us for sport and money? It is time to do this.

Many of you have questions to ask of us and we will share the most exciting questions with you now before we go. Yes, our feet are very big. We smell like we want to smell. We laugh. We make jokes. We have families and love our kids. We live in clans and respect our elders. Everyone in the clan knows how to protect the clan. We can send you a thought that will make you leave the area. We know who you are by the energy that walks before you. We communicate with the grid of all there is and know when you are thinking of us. We respect your free will choice. We want to live in harmony together again with you. It breaks our heart to see how some of you treat your kids. This must stop. The care of our kids is the most important thing in all clans. We are watching you. And we are waiting for you to wake up and join the rest of us in harmony. It is time. Do you understand. Now is the time. 

This is John. I asked my friends if they would like to me a give me a message that I can share with people. I was surprised at the response. What I was told immediately was, "Yes, It is time." I am honored. I know that this is a stretch for some of you. It will be a stretch until it isn't any more. 

The Sasquatch people that assisted me are: 

Tahjee, (Sister/Mother figure)
Toegrahnu, (Brother and Sentinel)
TuKornu, (Respected Elder, Male)
Tandania, (Friend, Male) 
and a new friend on the scene: Tanda (Lives on another planet bigger than Jupiter. He is about sixty feet tall)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Shift

I'm definitely going to loose some people on this one. What started out as a friendship based on trust with a family whom I have become a part and love that surrounds all things, I have changed. Our world has changed. We all feel it now in some way or another. Some of us are watching tirelessly as we wait to see if one of the most advanced species that has ever been within our midst takes a bite out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that we have laid carefully on a pile of leaves. Others are glued to the internet in hopes of reading something new in a channeled message. Some of us walk barefoot for a week at a time playing a drum in the forests. Some of us are being visited by controversial friends in our dreams, hearts, homes, or in the forests at night. Three things are for sure. And only these three things! Half of us are crazy and the other half of us are too, Something is afoot as we become aware that our world is different, and change is the ONLY thing that we can depend on.

What the Sasquatch people have shared with me for the past year has only gotten more intense. The information that I have received has changed me. I no longer have any interest in trivial questions such as “are they real” when I am in the presence of an entity that can explain to me the simplicity of shimmering in and out of sight and the fact that I used to do it but have only forgotten. As my relationships with many hairy folk have grown into deep friendships, I have become less interested in the world of illusion that some call reality. The last few months have blown me away. What is taking place right now before our very eyes is amazing! What is going on behind closed doors in places of power will shake your very foundations of belief and history. I will share with you now what the Sasquatches and two men from the planet Dakote have shown me.

This planet that we all live on and call Earth is alive. Yes. Alive with a soul, will, and goal. Like all planets, she is changing. The density of the society that we have made here is very heavy, polluted, corrupt and has made her sick. She is in the process of raising her vibration (as all matter vibrates) to a higher one in order to heal. All of that energy that is too dense to make such a change will be left behind. This would be things like fear, greed, lies, corruption, anger, ego, etc... She is getting ready to stand up and straighten out her dress. All who choose to stay grounded to her and make the shift to a higher vibration may do so. She will be shifting into the 5th density. There is only love there as we are all one and will realize it when we make the shift. I speak to some friends who have already made the shift into this new earth often. Many of my Sasquatch family are already there.

Those who choose not to make the shift will be able to stay behind and continue with new governance without all of the dark cabal who have been controlling this planet for many many years. And some who will find all of these coming changes just too much will be able to continue in a different and more dense vibration. All of these choices are choices. No persons choice is better or worse than an others. We are not to judge one another. As our mother Earth speeds up her vibration she will take many of us with her. The ones that stay behind will continue but somewhere else. I do not understand all of this but I know most of it. . . if you take my meaning.

Around holiday time I became very emotional. I was really a little more upset with New Agers, Sasquatch hunters, and politicians more than I should have been. Even though I know that there is nothing more to worry about I was simply bothered. I was working on a gift for a friend outside. I was also speaking with his friend of the forest whose name is Tan-da-nia. Tan-da-nia and I had also become friends and would talk every now and then. Finally Tan-da-nia told me to “Shut up and listen!” He told me to stop talking so much with myself. I told him that I thought that I was speaking with him. He told me that I had stopped having conversations with all of them the moment that I had become emotional and out of balance. He was right. I had to find balance again.

 The contact that I have had with my Sasquatch family had become different. However, Mita-wina-see and I had become very close by this time and we were speaking every day but even this contact had become distant. It seems that I had lost focus and had forgotten to feel. I was feeling things alright but just feeling a garble of uncontrolled emotions in which I would talk and answer my own questions. This was very quickly fixed. I smiled and told Tan-da-nia that he was right and that I was sorry. “There is no right or wrong. And there is no need to apologize.” is what he told me.
Mita-wina-see began showing me things in earnest the next few days as I found balance again. Here it is February 2014 and I am completely balanced again. The things that Mita-wina-see showed and explained to me were eye opening. We began to discuss about me and my family in relationship to the Shift, the Global Currency Reset, The Dinar/Dong re-evaluation, Nova Earth, the fall of the Self-Illuminated-Cabal, the Event, and what I needed to do to help speed things up. He told me to stop and look around. He said that these moments will never be visited by any of you ever again. “Enjoy these last few breaths of your experience. Everything is as it should be. You have found your way home after many lifetimes here. Your families are with you now. Tajee and Toe-grah-nu are in the new reality and ready to help you and your family through the door.” he said. “Ah, that explains why I have felt so distant lately from them,” I said. “No.” Mita-wina-see told me. “They are not far away. They are in the new reality waiting for you there. The new reality is not somewhere else. It is all around you. You are surrounded by us. We can all see you. We are just a vibration away and that is why you cannot see us. But you can feel us when you are balanced and focused. A vibration away is not somewhere else. It is inside of you and it surrounds you. You are already there. Embrace this! Stop thinking and feel it. Feel me right now as I give you my hand."

"I have a gag gift for you in this reality and I will give it to you the moment that you arrive.” “What kind of gag gift?” I asked. He laughed and said, “When you arrive I will give you a shoe box with a surprise inside!” “What kind of surprise?” I wondered. “The shoe box will be completely filled with one hundred dollar bills!” “Ha!” I realized. Mita-wina-see had just answered a month and a half of questions that I had been driving myself crazy about. My family and I will soon be in a beautiful place with a box full of money and nowhere to spend it! All of these things are tied together right now. The Shift, RV, GCR, Arrests, and so on.
This blog is long enough at this time but I will change course now and tell you a couple of other things from a different angle. There was a knock at my door the other day and no one was there. I walked around the whole house. No one was there. The knock lasted about 6-8 seconds. That is a long time when you count it out. I called on a friend named Tracy Owen. She can see energies at a distance and speak with them. She told me that I had some new friends on the scene. They are small, funny, and less secretive as my Sasquatch family. She helped one of them  to catch up with the others who had fallen behind and lost his way. I mind spoke with them a day or two later, after having come to terms with all of it, and told them that they are welcome here on my land. I told them to let me know if they would like something and I would try to organize it for them. One of them told me that they do not need anything but they have something for me! I still do not know what that is but look forward to getting closer to them. They call themselves the Vrillions from the Pleadeas.
The last thing that I will share with you are my references. I do not understand why I feel the need to do this now. Maybe the names ring a bell for some of you. Here are the beings that I speak with. feel free to call upon them.
Mita-wina-see (From Dakote in the Pleadeas)
Ta-wina-say (From Dakote in the Pleadeas)
Both of the above are on the Andromeda Council
Tajee (Sasquatch medicine woman and family)
Toe-grah-nu (Sasquatch Sentinel and family)
Ho-ta-may (Sasquatch Head Sentinel in my area and friend)
Tan-da-nia (Big male Sasquatch and friend)
There are others but I will keep them private for now.
Thomas Hughes
And my new friends the Vrillions (I do not know them individually yet)