Friday, October 10, 2014


Things have been active lately. I feel them in the dark just beyond my sight. Often I squint my eyes to get a better look and I see a shadow move peacefully to one side or the other. When I close my eyes I can see more clearly. The change in the air is intensifying as I watch world events play out on the worlds stage. I am shown that it is not what it appears to be. The Sasquatch people are on the move. There is so much that they do not share with me but just enough for me to ask more questions.

Most adults are at a different vibration right now. There are only young Hairy Folk visiting me now. Many times they are out in the fields surrounding my house with the exception of a friend passing through my yard and causing the hair to stand up on the back of my neck and for-arms. What I am doing these days is feeling the change with my heart and eyes. When I say feeling with my eyes I mean that I have been shown that things are often not what they appear to be in the vibrational reality that we are most accustomed to. I mean that what we see on TV is what we are meant to believe but not real.

One thing has been more shared with me from the Hairy Folk than anything else right now. It is choice! Now is a time for us to make a choice. Alright, a choice for choosing what, you ask. The choice of deciding who we choose to be in relationship to the world around us. Where do we choose to go? Who do we choose to be while going there? Where are we going? Why do we have to choose anything? All of these questions are personal and can only be answered by each of us. I do not have the answer for any of you. All I am doing is sharing with you the questions that have been asked of me.

As the world changes around us, we balance ourselves with that part of this reality that we have been given. It is a beautiful thing. What I am doing with this blog is my choice. It is pretty easy. I simply share my experiences and conversations with anyone that is interested. That's it. People who call me crazy have made their choice. It is okay and does not affect me because I have chosen for it not to. Besides, who is to say that they are wrong? Ha! Sometimes I feel pretty damn crazy.



Thank you Mitawinasi for addressing my questions. I was more curious about how things were to play out with those staying and those going rather than fearful for my friends and family. I do know that everyone will go where they are supposed to….the path that they have chosen already.

Various sources have mentioned about the actual physical changes to humans that stay with our mother Gaia in the new reality. Including our bodies changing to a crystalline based form. Some of the benefits of this include being less dense, different sustenance requirements, no previous physical ailments and even a long life span. Is this correct?

Choices change much of what they come in contact with. Your collective choice has guided your collective direction. There are many places to go and just as many paths to get there. There are just as many of us on this side of the threshold as there are you on your side. But there is only one threshold. It is not necessary for you to ponder your step, but taking it is another matter. Change is upon you. It is inside of you. You are the change that is changing. John is telling me that I am too vague.

I was waiting for the big surprise. Why are so many answers from you so general sometimes.

Because you have made it clear that too many details make you uneasy.

The details are scary; especially when someone else is reading. So many people, it seems, invest all of their being in to these kind of blogs. Some people believe word for word what these type of channeled message "Mind Speak" things are about.

Are you sure? Or are you sure that that is how you feel about it. You chose to do this and you are doing what you have chosen. It is not up to you to decide what others may or may not feel about this conversation. You know this. Maybe this conversation opens a door for someone or closes another. That is beyond your reach. I feel your impatience. Would you like to know what its like where I am? Okay, I will tell you what the Hairy Folk have been showing you. It is beautiful from my standpoint.
I will share with URAIWAN this: Chrystaline is nothing more that the way the atoms of your physical body allign themselves in structure within your physical body. It allows a different vibration to move your body in a way that harmonizes with the harmony that we are all creating around us. It is a step. These memories are in the process of presenting themselves to you. Your awareness of them are growing. Feel it. Be it. Be your change. All are right and all are wrong because there is no right or wrong only balance.

Also may I ask if you could share more on that subject of physical changes and if you are of crystalline nature?

Yes and No.

Lastly some friends have asked me to ask the following. As long as we exercise our free will to chose to stay with Gaia and chose to be of the same vibration as her… that sufficient for us to make it to the new reality? Many of us really desire to be part of the galactic community.

Thank you kindly for your time John and Mitawinasi.

That part of Gaia that is you is in the process of choosing. That part of you that is Gaia is making the same choice. You will go where your choice leads you just as it does for her. But being a little less vague for John, I would say yes. We all have the power to go exactly where we choose to go. Do not have any fear that a slip up will lead you into a hurricane on a dead planet. Feel your direction with love and balance. Direct your change. Do not be a victim of it.

Just wanted to thank you again for this blog, John. I love your perspective on things. I also love reading what your hairy friends (and off-planet friends) have to say. The metaphor that likened coming into this physical existence to jumping into a pool was brilliant. I think it was used in an earlier post. Anyway, when a metaphor rings that true, it's a sign to me that I'm in the presence of the Divine. I guess we always are, but being able to see it that clearly is rare, for me. I was so happy to have that experience here. Thank you for making that possible.

Morning Light, we are all divine. Really. Everything that is happening around us is divine. My friendship with the Sasquatches is divine. Divine is who we are. Everyone of us asking questions and find our way is all divine. Thank you too.

Hello once again John and friends.

I would like to ask the Sasquatch collective are there other beings of your vibration that live along side you on this planet that us humans are not aware of? I am thinking of mythical beings that we only speak of in stories.

You have previous told us that there was a time when you lived together with us and we too had your abilities. This was the time before the dark ones came looking for the golden stones and changed us. I would like to ask how did your people manage to evade these dark ones and avoid the same fate as us?

Many of us look forward to the time we will walk together again.

Thank you.

There are many who want to answer this question and I can not tell them apart right now. I guess it is the collective.

Of course there are others who live along side of you. Many love you and others tolerate you. But they all understand that we are all of us one. All respect your free-will-choice. You are seeing the sacrifice of many beings that have given their physical lives for your human collective to choose differently. Thank them.

We are not the only ones that escaped your human prison. Your native peoples avoided your self made prison until you killed them. Many came back as you and many responsible for killing them came back to live on the reservations that were made to imprison them. All are choices that we all have made and are continuing to make.

Alan, Yes! There are MANY creatures and beings that walk this earth and travel to and fro between dimensions and locations using vibrational portals. There are light beings and dark beings (energetically speaking). Think of the sasquatch as the "quiet ones" who can shimmer and blend in with their surroundings, mimic their surroundings and be essentially invisible. Also, the "quiet ones" are truly quiet. They do not get involved in that which does not involve them. This is respect by MOST dimensional beings. Sadly, not all.

Mitawinasi, I understand we are all one, when I ask you a question I'm really only asking myself and when you answer, it is I answering myself. I am not my body, my body is just a vehicle to help me experience what I already know but have forgotten.

Thank you for your previous interaction.


Alan, you are both of you correct. Do you understand?

very cool thing you are doing here. Like everybody you've got a life to live, but keep in mind that this communication is creating effects that are exponential and impossible to calculate in the short run. Another cool thing-- you look very much like a close friend of mine. The resemblance is uncanny and the vibe I get from your writing reminds me of him as well--who knows what connections you and he might share...

Can you ask the Big Ones:
1. Very few humans carry any memory of who they are or where they were prior to this existence. Forgetting seems to be the name of the game for human-earth existence. I do not know, but this does not appear to be the case for the Big Ones. My question is are dis-incarnate humans as unaware of the countless beings who live on or visit earth as incarnate humans seem to be? I'm pretty sure it's time to wake up-- time to stop forgetting.

Yet having read hundreds of NDE narratives it seems that forgetting is the price to be paid for having the human experience on earth. I see how this ignorance might serve the human experience, but I fail to see how it serves the many other beings who live here including the earth itself. Would the Big Ones care to address this and offer any advice on how we might stop forgetting and start remembering?

You remember everything when you sleep. You forget everything when you wake up. This is funny. When you sleep some of you get up and walk out side and visit us. Sometimes we walk you back and tuck you in. We watch you wake up in the morning and wonder about us. Yes! Ha ha .. It is always somebody. Forgetting is fun. If you want to remember then feel it. Remember, there is a part of you that is with us at all times. Connect with that part of you if you want to. But have fun with forgetting.

The sasquatch are like the trees. Eternal sentinels. They watch over the earth to an extent and therefore must have prenatal knowledge. Their mission and reason for existence is very different than ours. I can tell you that when we cross over from this life we are aware of ALL there is!

2. I've read elsewhere that the Big Ones "come" here for what amounts to some peace and quiet, and presumably because they love being here for the reasons some of us do as well. This person also asserts that they generally see us on the order of annoying kittens or puppies. Give that some thought people...we creators of nuclear fission and quantum computing are perhaps little more than cute, but irritating pets to the Big Ones and who knows else. True or not it is worth pondering just how ignorant and limited we collectively may be. With that in mind, are some/any of the Big Ones interested in educating or sharing concrete knowledge with us? Just think, as one example, of the redefinition of our understanding of "nature" if human society knew who the Big Ones are and what they are capable of. Of course, it goes without saying that what they know and have to share may be something very different than what we understand as knowledge-- and that's kind of the point...

Much gratitude to John and the Big Ones. N'yeh da hoo

We love you. Our bodies enjoy the vibration that you are in but leave when we want to. You will remember how to do this too. And when you do, you will remember that you love us too.

John - I have a friend who is concerned because he is now seeing 16' to 22' squatch - right in front of his face. He is more accustomed to seeing the smaller 8 foot variety. I think you told me the bigger ones are the elders and they are very friendly. He is scared about this recent development -so what should I advise him regarding these massive guys? Should he be concerned?

John wants me to answer this. I am a big guy too. Yes, we are nice. Your friend has a pocket full of fear and that is not all that he has in his pocket. He carries this because he is afraid. The only thing that your friend has to worry about is his own fear. He made it, he carries it, but if he wants to use it, then he should be afraid of the big nice ones like me.

Thanks Hairy Folk, readers, Tracey, and Mitawinasi