Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The Sasquatch people have shown me the connection between myself and all that is. I see clearly, and have learned to feel it, that everything is part of the one. The one is who we are, … together. What they have shared with me over the past few years is quite simple, We really are all one being or entity. Becoming family with a clan of Sasquatch people who live in my area is the cherry on top of the ice cream. My wife, kids, dogs, and I have spent many hours in the woods getting to know these people. It has been great for my family to share together the adventures of the hairy folk. They are beautiful people, inside and out.

Before we continue just remember that what I share comes easy. It helps me grow. Do not give my experiences any more importance than your own. Let resonate what will and discard the rest. As you give blogs, like this one, importance in your life do not stand in the shadows of it and let it become your gospel. FEEL your way through the darkness with your heart wide open and your experiences will find you.

Remember the first steps when getting to know the hairy folk:
Examine your intent – Why are you doing this? What is your desired outcome? What kind of relationship do you see yourself having with Bigfoot? It really all begins here. Be honest with your self about this first step because everything builds from here. This is the first feeling that the hairy folk feel and see in you as you take your very first step in their direction (whether spiritually or physically).

Love – Love is the building block for everything! Throw a little light on love and you have the substance of your experience. Take love with you everywhere you go and especially in the woods because It can be felt from miles away. Love is also the common rope that ties all beings in the universe together from a third vibrational density all the way up to six and beyond and of course 1st and 2nd. This doesn't mean that everything with the hairy folk has to be treated with the reverence in a church. Love is a lot of fun. It's pure and real. Its honest and respectful. Love is innocent and it also carries our greatest power!

We are all one – That's pretty clear. We can realize in ourselves that we really understand and get this point by one (not limited to) major point... Service to ourselves for personal gain or service to others because they are that part of us that is them... and I am that part of you that is me. Get it? The Sasquatch people show us this example right in front of our faces. As we humans have forced our surroundings to adapt to us, the hairy folk have adapted to their surroundings. They understand that everything is alive with conscience and that that conscience is what we are all in the process of creating together.

The universe is full of life! Whether or not UFO's and Bigfoot's have anything to do with each other … I'll just give out a big yawn. All of us know all of the answers that we are seeking at some level of our being. There is no believe... there is only knowing or not knowing. Believe comes from thinking about something for a long time but can never really prove. My good buddy, Thomas Hughes says it well. He likes to point out that believe comes from three words put together: BE the LIE on the EVE. This means that when all is said and done (on the EVE) we place so much thought in the LIE that we become it (BE). I would agree that, for me, believing something has never led me to knowing it. Believe comes from THINK and knowing comes from FEEL.

I have come across something lately that resonates very well and has filled in many missing pieces of the puzzle. I always ask for the doors to be open and I would share while I benefit from the information and experience myself. I came across Corey Goode the other day being interviewed by David Wilcock. I couldn't get enough. Over the period of the next week or so I would listen to everything that I could get my hands on with Corey. I used my smart phone and headphones while I worked outside. Wilcock charges money for his TV show and I can't afford it so I just wait for the freebies to hit youtube. Goode was taken in youth to work for organizations that we are not supposed to know about. He was approached by some 6th density beings to become a speaker and represent their race in meetings with humans and other beings during this time of universal change. What he explains is going on out there is what I am getting from the hairy folk.

Yellow Rose For Texas has many scratching their heads. But what she is sharing corresponds with what the hairy folk share with me and others. She is difficult to understand until she isn't any more. There is a YRFT guide out there that is easy to find if you google it. It gives definitions to her abbreviations. For example: EF = Enemy Forces and so on. This helped me in the beginning in making sense out of her posts and now I do not need the guide very often. As far as I have understood, she is an elderly Native American woman with white hair. She has been in touch most of her life but is only lately sharing openly with the world during this time of Universal Change.

The Law of One (LOO) is another source that was made available to us during a different time in our history. Again, it accents the hairy folk 's message to me that we are all brothers and sisters that make up the one being, the great I AM. What I have read lately from the LOO series goes hand in hand with YRFT, the hairy folk, and what Corey Good is being told by the beings known as the Blue Avaians who are part of the Sphere Alliance. The Sphere Alliance are here with us now to gently assist us in this time of Universal Change. Do some research and give your feelings a chance to show you what resonates or not (including blogs like this one).

At the back of my property is a portal. I have written about it before. Others have seen it and the many different beings that travel in and out of it all of the time. My family and I are being protected so we are never concerned with who comes and goes. (Well, one time I was drinking some wine and got pretty tipsy and the beings started looking stranger than normal. Ha! ToGrahnu told me to slow my roll, or something that meant the same thing.) One evening I felt an energy that wasn't any of my Sasquatch family. I really had a difficult time with this being. I just couldn't figure out what I was dealing with. This being was allowed on my property by ToGrahnu so I did not feel threatened. (I have made it very clear that ONLY my Sasquatch family are allowed in my home. And only beings that are approved by ToGrahnu are allowed on my property.) I called Tracey Owen and she helped me as she has done many times. The being was a lost child. The being was part of a group of beings that are here to only observe us at this time of Universal Change. It had slipped through the portal by accident and was lost. It turns out that this being was in danger of other beings but found safety under the care of ToGrahnu on our property.

A day or two later my wife and I were setting at the the back of my property and she could see a couple of very dark beings (or energies) just beyond our fence but could not get across. I could feel the little being on our property was still safe but scared. We learned that Vorkiska was the little metallic looking beings name. A few days after that I noticed that feathers were stuck in the ground all over my property and that through out the day I found feathers stuck in the ground in my path when I went out into the rest of the world. The parents of Vorkiska, or the guardians, were trying to get me to slow down and focus my feeling to them. They were trying to tell my wife and I thank you for giving Vorkiska a safe haven when Vorkiska got lost.

I did not plan on saying “Universal Change” every five minutes in this blog entry but it is fitting. Everything around me seems to be embracing change in ways that I have never experienced before. I will get to your questions now and let the hairy folk answer what they will. Oh yeah, one last thing, … I have tried to make conversation with the Blue Avaian beings with mind speak over the past few weeks. At first I felt a reply telling me that it is not time yet. And on a later time, Tukra chimed into my head and told me, “John! Stick with what you know!” I felt that Tukra was not encouraging me to not be curious but to focus on the here and now and be patient.

Thank you for your comments after the last blog. I have only written the questions here this time.

Hello my name is Paul and I live in South Wales UK...Please would you ask your forest friends if there would be any hairy folk who live near me who I could contact and make friends,I have been practicing telepathy and feel I'm ready..Thank you John and BTW I think it's great your doing this blog..lots of love to you and your family :)

I am Tukra. I cover great distances at a slower vibration but I vibrate faster than the distance I travel. There is no far away and close up. There is only that feeling that touches me when anyone calls Tukra. You are not far away, Paul, …. from what you are looking for. You can hear me right now as you read these words. You are feeling me and that draws me very close to you. Now we are at the same place. Mason is the way in front of you. It is a place that you can go that will be quite enough for what you are looking for. Do not look for Mason in the way that you are used to look for something.

Paul, These are the words that I have been told from Tukra at this moment but I also feel Tukra in a different way. . . or with more details. Look around your surroundings for a sign with the word “Mason” on it somewhere. I do not understand what that means because it is not for me to understand. It is for you to find. It doesn't feel like a town but it for sure is at a place where you are to go. You will be safe there as you pursue contact with the hairy folk in your area. The “sign” is the first feeling that I received from Tukra but do not depend on all of the details from me. Be open for something very different that what you are expecting. And this is a very good point to point out. The Sasquatch people have NEVER done what I have expected them to do. Well, except for keeping an eye on my wife, kids, and I when we are in the woods, keeping an eye on my two daughters when they go on trips, and things like that.

Paul, there is a family in your area that are ready to meet you.

Thanks, Tukra. Paul, what I feel from Tukra just know is that he is hinting to you to explore whether or not you are ready. Be patient and remember to have fun. Ask a lot of questions and get ready to feel a lot of thoughts.

John, a woman on an internet forum claims to speak with the Big Ones much as you do. In a much larger discussion she mentioned that she had once asked some females if there was anything which they feared physically--besides the human capacity for stupidity and recklessness--and the answer was yes. They told her they fear large "dragon"-like creatures. When she noted that she had never seen one nor heard of anyone else seeing "dragons" they were very surprised.

Can you ask the Big Ones the meaning of this? Were they playing with or teasing her? Is she just not making a connection with the Big Ones despite her belief she is? If not, how does their perception of the world consistently include such creatures and ours doesn't? Were they speaking of another plane of existence? But if that's the case why wouldn't they tell her they exist in places and with beings that we humans--here and now--do not?

Also, if you are able, can you feel around my area, just north of Yellowstone, to see if there are any Forest Friends about. I suspect there are and I'm curious to see if they are open to communication.

Thanks to you and the Big Ones

There is no fear, only balance.

Tandania and I do not speak very often but we are family. He visits often with my native American brother, Bone. The feelings that I have received from him just now is quite a few things. His physical body is snoozing a little right now while who he really is is awake in a different reality; a faster vibrational reality. I watched his head raise up fast when my thoughts read the word fear and that the hairy folk are choosing to be afraid somewhere. He let me know that fear is not a solution that the Sasquatch use. They have learned many many years ago that being afraid does not bring the desired outcome. They play with fear like a ball. They give it to whom they wish at any given time in order to help that being grow by learning how to make different choices than choosing to be afraid.

As far as who is speaking with the Sasquatch and who is not, I will not go there for obvious reasons that everyone knows at some level of their be-ing. I am a member of many facebook groups about Bigfoot, Sasquatch, etc... and I see that EVERYONE is at a different stage of growth. Leave the value judgment away from the words “different stage of growth” because judging where others are with their own Bigfoot experience does not define them. It defines you. Today, I watch a big drama play itself out between two men in the Bigfoot group world that have let differences divide them. I will not pick a side as both are good men but I have said before and I will always and forever say, “Money will not lead someone to the Sasquatch.”

I do not know with whom this lady speaks. Everyone of us have the exact same tools of discernment. Trust how you feel about it. And do the same thing when you read anything that me or anyone else may write.

Now, something that the Sasquatch people have shared with me about dragons. There are some other people in our circle that know a lot about dragons but I will share here what has been shared with me. The group of humans that come from a reptile family tree and not a mammal one worked very hard at taking over much of the universe around us. They are at a 5th vibrational density negative and will not be able to move up to a higher vibrational density because negative can not exist beyond 5th. They are afraid of a higher vibrational negative being that makes them look like the tooth fairy. This is a dragon race.
Now, you are asking yourself, “If negative does not exist beyond 5th then how are the dragons negative?” I said that the negative race happens to be a dragon race not that all dragons are negative-number one. Next – picture a piano. Picture the middle C on a piano. Picture middle C as a 1 vibrational reality. Then picture that the 3rd vibrational reality is the reality that we have left (we are somewhere between 3.5 and 4th density. This is why so many of us are awake and not buying what the powers-that-were are trying to fool us with anymore). The 5th key after middle C is where we are going. Etc... NOW, picture how many octaves the piano has. This dragon race that these reptilian humans fear vibrate within a different octave than we do. This is an octave that does not concern us. However, it does concern the reptilian humans that have controlled this reality for so long because it is in an octave of negative that does not have anything to do with us.

This is another very important reason why the hairy folk are always talking about balance. It is one thing to know that negative exists but another to exist in the negative. The negative allow us to choose the positive and we should, therefore, be grateful of the negative. When I first began having conversations with the Sasquatch people I only chose positive. They taught me balance. Only positive is out of balance too. Personally, I only choose to live in the positive. That is being honest, humble, and in service to others. But I do respect the negative... I simply do not choose it.

I am Tanda! I live on a different world that is much bigger than your mother. She is grand. I do not fear the dragon folk. They are my brothers and sisters. I give them my respect and respect is what is given to me. Know that we all have a choice. Each choice leads to another and another. Choices lead us to the space that fits us. Everyone has their space on the great creator. We live because Creator is! Just like humans.

The feeling from Tanda is huge. Within the feeling that Tanda shares is what I remember about the question that was asked. Does the lady really speak with the hairy folk and are their beings that the female Sasquatch fear? Tukra's mate is Shona. From what I know of her, Shona is a very wonderful woman. Once a friend of mine, Thomas Hughes, asked Shona, “So, how do you women protect yourselves from the Sasquatch males that have left the clan and are out looking for new families and such?” Shona said, “If we do not want them they get a head ache.” Thomas asked, “What is that does not work?” She said, “Then they get the shits. And if that does not work, their nose begins to bleed. And if that does not work then their brain begins to bleed.”

I don't have to tell you that if your brain bleeds then your dead. I would never pick a fight with a Sasquatch and especially not a Sasquatch woman. So,.... what the lady on the internet said about Sasquatch women being afraid of other beings does not resonate with me personally.

Hello all, I'm quite new to all this. I've always been told that I have a special gift with animals (a part of the reason why I'm in the animal care field.) Just a couple of years ago, I was once told (through a psychic reading) that my animal totem/animal spirit guide, is Sasquatch. Not knowing if it was because of my tall height, big feet, or hair trimmed ugg boots at the time, I wasn't sure what to make of it. It wasn't because I didn't believe in Sasquatch (i am spiritual), but more so of the fear of the unknown. The first I had heard of them, was through that family movie with the friendly sasquatch and his newly found human family. Just looking at him terrified me and I pushed it out of my mind for as long as I can remember growing up. Hearing about this psychic reading got me more curious as I began to look more into it on and off over the years. Now more than ever... (past few days) I can't seem to get them off of my mind and am constantly reading up about them . Which has brought me this fascinating website. How does one become less fearful...? Even looking into the eyes of a gorilla, gives me goosebumps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Smnth.

Hi, Smnth. I'm sure you'll get some wonderful answers to your question when John writes his next blog entry. In the meantime, you might want to listen to this interview with Jan Weiss:

The entire interview is wonderful (I think, anyway), but if you want to skip to about 18 minutes in, that's where she starts talking about how to deal with fear. For me, personally, it's been an iterative process (and it's still ongoing). I just keep going out there and coming back in one piece, hoping eventually I'll realize I'll probably just keep doing that: coming back in one piece.

I also think that the hairy people we meet pretty much know our state of mind, and they know when we're ready for the next step. They won't force anything on you that you can't handle. And if you haven't already done so, you might want to go back to the beginning of this blog and read through all the entries. I think your question is addressed directly and indirectly several times, and very beautifully.
Oh! And a wise person once told me, try to think of your fear as excitement. That way, you don't have to fight so hard against it, and you can even leverage it to help you get to a better state of mind. And I forgot this one: Talk. Sing. Talking and singing allow you to announce your presence and help your listeners understand who you are. This is really your only "job", your only duty, and there's a relief in doing your duty. It's easier to accept whatever happens next, and to process it, when you know you've already done your job to the best of your ability. (And it's not really a job; it's fun.) I hope you have a great time getting to know the hairy people around you! It sounds like you will.

Thanks, ML ! Great advice! I have never heard about the “fear as excitement” line before. Nice one.
Fear seems to be the theme of this blog entry. There is a lot about fear in my past blog entries. I still get anxious when I go into a new part of woods that I have never been before. But I do this only about once a year with Bone. Pretty much, I go to the back of my property and speak with members of my Sasquatch family that may be there. ToGrahnu has a young sentinel watch over our house most of the time lately. He like to scare me and play tricks more than he likes to sit quiet and talk to me. Ha! I am grateful that he is here at night. Would any of you like to say something to this nice person about what she has shared?

I gave Bone a gift. I showed him my eyes before he got to see all of me. Then I showed him all but my mouth. In my mouth, I had his gift to me. He was nervous to see me but felt who I am. If we did not see you humans all of the time you would know how scary you would look to us. Naked and cold. Light and tripping over shadows that are your friends.

I have seen you too, Tandania. You are not the friendliest looking Sasquatch that I have ever seen.

Thank you.

Ha! Now your being funny.

No, you think you are. Ask people to feel Tandania and I will show them what I look like.

Alright, I do not have to repeat that. Everyone heard you.

Were you afraid when I let you see me?



Your eyes. Your body was perfect and slim like a professional football player. The scars on your face were barely visible in the light but I knew they were there. Your hair was short and close to your skin so I could see your muscles. You didn't move. Your just stood there and blinked sometimes. You were licking something that you were holding in your hands at your mouth. What were you licking?


Where did you get salt?


The way I described you... can you see that that would be a little scary for a human to see at night?

If you say so. . . That was my little sister.

Ha! Now, your being funny!

Yep! Are you going to tell the lady that she was a Sasquatch?

You just did. Will you share with us a little bit more about what you can about her questions?

She knows somewhere in her feelings that there is no difference except the ones that she is making. We all come and go as we choose. She chose to wear the body that she is in and I chose mine. But these are not the only bodies that we have ever worn. I know the body before this one. She has forgotten. We Sasquatch wear a body for a while and give to our mother our choices that come from that body. Other choices I have made with other bodies. She has chosen to give to our mother the choices that she is giving with this body. Most of you humans do this not knowing that you are doing it. Humans take a body from our mother and give back poor choices to our mother. Smnth has taken a body and is now beginning to give her choices back to our mother. The choices that Smnth is making in this body are different that the choices that she made with her Sasquatch body but she has left herself clues to remind her of the choices that she can make. The choices that she made as a Sasquatch made our mother happy. She left signs everywhere for herself in this body to choose a choice that will be the reason that she chose to come her now. She knows this. I am Tandania.

Thanks, Tandania. This might make sense to me later. Does anyone else want to say something to Smnth?

Smnth, We protect ourselves with fear. You do not need it when speaking with us. It is not your fault that you are afraid. Your leaders have tried to keep you from us. You have learned to fear us and consider us less than you. You have become dangerous and destructive. You have become controlled and poisoned. We are your family and friends. You do not need fear with us. Your leaders fear that you know this.

Thanks, Tukra, Tahjee, and Tandania. Thanks readers for sending your questions. I learn from them too. Thanks for all of the private messages too. Remember, If you send me private questions I will always do my best to answer you and will always keep it private. But please consider sharing with everyone. All of us are searching for answers and may receive help from the questions of another. I promise that I will always use a different name and keep your real identity safe.