Monday, October 12, 2015


There was a soft boom across the lake. The fishermen were paddling to get their boat situated before the sun came up. Every now and then we could hear them as the sounds carried across the water. The air was fresh and my family and I had water and sandwiches packed in a small pouch that I carried over my shoulder. We had one side of the lake all to ourselves and miles of woods in front of us. Our five dogs were just beginning to sniff around. My wife, two daughters, 5 dogs, and I are no strangers to the woods. We have all had our share of experiences under the trees.

It was a beautiful Saturday and we were off like a herd of wild turtles. We explored new areas and heard new sounds. The breeze was pleasant and quite. The forest was peaceful that day. Like many times before, I would try to catch the figures with my gaze as they walked from tree to tree out of the corner of my eyes. Often I would stop and stare, then close my eyes, connect to the collective of communication that surrounds all of us, and reach out to them.

I feel the chatter of the Sasquatch children as they keep my dogs on their toes. My dogs are never alarmed because we have met this way a million times. I say good morning and thank the hairy folk for letting us enter their home. I do not lie as I tell them that the scenery is beautiful and compliment their d├ęcor. I can feel the communication surround my human family and family in the woods and all is as it should be. I dream and discuss with my wife and daughters about anything and everything and jog a little if I feel like it. On this morning, I remember looking down at the trail and remembering the feather that they left for me last weekend at that spot. We never feel threatened, only the love of the moment.

As the chatter of the kids evens out to the background, I often speak with the adults and sometimes and elder. In the woods I do most of the talking and just let come what may back to my feeling. There is never any real big life changing discussions taking place because it is not the time and place for it. When I take my family to someone else's home we just enjoy the company most of the time. I have my intense meetings with the hairy folk when I am by myself and during those moments we discuss my path and the world around us. Those visits are sacred with my eyes closed most of the time. Other such discussions are had as I sit in front of my computer as I am right now. I have learned to turn everything off and let my fingers lead me off into the abyss of growth and awakening.

I have learned to trust them and they me. I am a big boy and do not blindly trust every Sasquatch that talks to me until I do trust them. Some hairy folk cross my path or just pass by. Many do not want to have anything to do with me. I give them the same respect that I would ToGrahnu and they pass on by. Other Sasquatch people are hesitant to speak with me as they have other things to do. I more-or-less let them know that it was a pleasure to meet them and wish them well and leave them alone. Other Sasquatch people are neighborhood friends and have learned to enjoy involving into our lives if they happen to feel like it on that particular day or tell me that they have been asked by my Sasquatch family to watch over us on that particular day or hike.

And then there is my Sasquatch family. I love all people, human and hairy folk alike. But I prefer the company of our older brothers and sisters who have adapted to the beauty of our mother earth. My Sasquatch family are deeply involved in our lives. They come and go daily and often come in the house, at least the ones that can fit. Machia can fit. She is very close to my daughters. Machia is about 16 years old now and her body is a little bigger than mine. Tahjee is the first Sasquatch that I have ever met and talked to. She is 'My Lady of the Woods.” She helped me to learn how to feel. She is a medicine woman in my clan and very well respected. She is almost black in color and very robust.

Tahjee asked ToGrahnu to watch over me at the very first of our relationship. I felt that ToGrahnu was a little hesitant at first but he and I have become very close. He is my dearest brother and I love him dearly. He is big. He is middle aged, wise, strong, and also a wise-ass a lot of times. He is one of those people that can say a joke without smiling and as you laugh, his facial expression remains unmoved. TuKornu is an elder man that looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars except that he has some gray hair and is twice as tall as Chewbacca. There is Tukra. He has made it his responsibility to speak with humans in the process of growing. I am not the only human that he has helped and speaks with. There is Tandania that visits my good buddy, Bone. Bone is a native American human that has been on quite a few night visits with me. He goes out at night more than I do and always alone. The Sasquatch trust Bone in the woods with a gun, knife, flashlight, and so on. I am too weak in the knees to carry a gun into the forest. I'm too afraid that a Sasquatch would spank me with it. But they trust Bone and so do I.

I met a Sasquatch man out one night with Bone and it could have been my last night. We were walking in the moonlight beside a row of trees to our right about ten feet away. It was pitch black there under the trees. As we were walking, the hair on my body stood up and Bone and I froze. I closed my eyes and held out my hands, palm up. I said, “We come in peace, friendship, respect and love, Big Brother.” Bone said, “Woah. This guy is getting ready to step out in front of us.” We heard the massive step. I asked him for his name and the Giant of a man said, “Mah-Kee-ah-teh.” I thanked him for speaking with me and assured him again that we come with respect and friendship. He told me that he did not want to be friends at this time and allowed us to walk on. I was a little sad. Over the next few weeks I would reach out to him and ask him to explain to me why he was not interested in friendship. Mah-kee-ah-teh told me that I could call him Mahkee. He said that I am known by all of the Sasquatch and loved by most but there are some Sasquatch in the area that despise humans and some were there that evening on our first visit. He told me that he had a very important job and it came first before anything else.

He went on to explain to me that he is a very important sentinel that has been given the responsibility of guarding a portal in the area. He shared with me that the portal has been often used in the past but at this time of change it is very dangerous. I thanked him and told him that I would not return out of respect for him and his wishes. He thanked me and said that If I wanted to visit with him that I could return and sit beside the road and he would come to me. The Sasquatch people from South America were passing through at that time and they are the ones that despise humans. But I wrote about that meeting in an earlier blog entry and I am getting off track.

As my family and I were leaving the woods on that beautiful morning that was described at the beginning of this blog entry, I noticed that there was no feather there in the area that there always was on past hikes. After about a second of thinking about this I heard my dogs let out a drama and run off into the woods to our right. After a few minutes of calling them all of my dogs returned except one. She was the littlest and most fragile. She was the runt of the litter and a little slow in her mind. We searched all morning. My wife took the kids back home and I stayed and walked and yelled her name for the next few hours.

As I was walking, a man in a red jacket came out of nowhere and walked in my direction. I am more careful with humans than hairy folk when I am in the woods. The hair stood up on my body as we passed. I walked on further and after he was out of sight, I left the trail and hid. Sure enough, he passed back by and seemed to be looking for me as he was searching very hard. He went around a bend in the trail and I crawled out and began to leave the woods. I saw his red jacked waiting in the tree line dead still. I stopped, turned around, and went off into the deep of the woods off the trail. I made a giant circle around him of about a mile. As I was making it out of the woods about a mile down the road from where I normally would have I saw my wife returning in the pickup. That is all about that story and that is all that I know about that man. I never saw him again but will never forget his energy as he passed.

We looked for our little dog for another couple of hours and decided to go home and come back in the morning. We couldn't wait. We came back later that night and then the next morning. We searched all weekend and on into Monday. Today we have still not found our dog.

Now I'm going to tell you the most interesting part of the story. Like so many times before I called my dear friend, Tracey, for her eyes. She is empathic as well as a healer and all around beautiful person inside and out. She saw my dog run, jump over a little mound or something and then disappear. Nothing else. She described the scene in detail. The only thing that the hairy folk told me the whole time was, “She's with us now. .. Let her go. … She is alright. … “ I heard this over and over from the Sasquatch people but that little pup is my family. I began to get mad at the hairy folk and my voice got louder with them. “What do you mean she's with you?!” “Bring her back!” “Let her go, my ass!” “What would Sasquatch's think If I had one of your kids and said Let her go?”

Time went on and I began to calm down and talk normal with them. Soon, other friends began to chime in with news of my missing dog. I have met many wonderful people from writing this blog over the years and many came to my rescue. Empath after empath began reporting to me the same scene. Sheila unknowingly described what Tracey described and others did the same and so on. Sheila introduced me to a many that can remote view as well and drew a computer animated picture of the scene. They all agreed that she jumped over something and disappeared. They all explained a fall of about 5-6 feet and PRESTO …. disappeared! One saw the dog in hairy arms. One of my friends, Julie, who also speaks with the hairy folk, said that the dog fell in a portal and was physically changed and could not return. She is with my hairy folk family now and they will look after her. I began to feel positive about the story.

Now I am going to share with you some of the text messages and keep my friends names private. I will just use one initial out of respect for them.


We have lost our baby dog in the woods. We have been looking since 10 am. I felt the hairy folk around all day but they just keep saying that she's gone. Can you tell me anything?

This is one of the little ones right? I keep seeing her slipping down something and then gone frown emoticon I can't see anything else.

Like a hole or something?

I can't tell if it's a hole or down an incline. I can't see down the other side. If she fell and got hurt maybe the hairy folk sent her Home. I just don't see her wandering around.

Thanks so much. We are on our way back to the woods. My daughter says that she can see her .... She screamed yeah!! When I told them what you said. She said that she saw the fall too. Can you tell me which direction from where I'm walking

I feel to your right but I don't want you running in circles... Woods at night and all... are your friends able to guide you at all.

They tell me she's gone.
On our way home. Nothing. All sad.

I'm so sorry frown emoticon

Thank you.


I need your help again, my friend. Yesterday we lost our little baby dog in the woods. She is a chia-weanie. I stayed in the woods for 5 hours calling her. The only thing that the Sasquatch people tell me over and over again is "She's gone, she's gone. She's with us." I asked T who can see like you and she said that she saw her fall and then she could not see her anymore. My eleven year old daughter can see like the both of you and also said the she saw a fall. I don't know. My wife and I went back and looked for another three hours last night and we are going again this morning. Can you see her or anything? Can you tell me anything?

Dang it John.....I keep getting....let it go....time to let it go.....I'm so sorry....I'll keep trying....
Its like she disappears.....I think she saw the hairy peeps and went running...then I don't see anything....
Like she was running towards them....
Do you think they could have taken her....I mean lovingly so....the disappear part is interesting....
I'm going to call my friend F in a few and see what she says...I also contacted R..

I feel that they lovingly took her. She was the runt of the litter and a little retarded. My eleven year olds favorite. But I am going back with my wife and kids now again.

Ok....I'll keep looking too.....This is from R...did you find her?

I can see that little thing in hairy mans arms.....and we all know how "fun and tricky" they can be....and the chart that R made looks about right and I saw a pile of leaves or vegetation at bottom of edge.....
Chat Conversation End


Hi, T! Would you mind validating something for me. I lost my dog yesterday in the morning deep in the woods. My family and I were walking there visiting with our hairy friends in the woods and enjoying the beauty. THe littlest ran away and never came back. I asked three different empathic far-seers who also know the Sasquatch from afar. They all say the same thing. They saw my dog jump over a hill and disappear. A fourth seer saw the path of the dog and then disappear. All that the Hairy Folk tell me is, "She is with us now, Dont worry. Let her go." etc... But I had to keep looking for my daughters. I always heard that I should trust them and that she is with them and I should let her go. Will you ask them for me and see what they tell you? Thank you dear friend

your four legged go into a portal, she not be able to come back her energy is diffeent now. Am sorry, only the Sasquatch people can maybe change her energy to come back, but not sure she will be same as before. Something she did, because she thought it was a threat to your family,

Can you tell me more? are there other beings there that I do not know about? The Sasquatch there are very friendly to me and my family

maybe your four legged can make it back, but not without help of Sasquatch, portals are very dangerous to living creatures who not have right energy for entering them

there are other beings who co-habitate our planet with us.

some are almost as ancient as the Sasquatch.

I know, J. I have met some. I always go with respect and they are used to us there. I have known them for about 4 years there. But do they tell you any messages to tell me?
If not, Thank you very much. You have always helped me alot.

no, I not hear anything, just see what happened, so far as your four legged,
you need to be a little more cautious on your outings, many portals are opening up
and some , ones can not return from
portals are energy based and vibrational molecular based, so if one not have correct genetic code it can be fatal

I understand. I have always felt safe there.

feeling safe ok, but with times changing, one needs to not be laxed with wareness

You have helped me more than you thought that you would
am hopong the Sasquatch can help you, but as I said, your four legged may not be as it once was
I feel that she is with them.
tc John Allen, be well my brother

You too sister T

At this point I had tons of feedback from people whom I have learned to trust.

I woke up on Monday morning and the energy at home was something else. I turned on my computer to check my mail and saw a message from one of my newer friends that I have met through our friends in the forest. He too has learned to hear them and speak with them. He too enjoys walks with his living family out in the woods with the hairy folk. He actually reminds me of me but without the blog. Ha!!

I will call him KA. This blog ends with his message to me this morning.

Hey John, this is KA ( smile emoticon ). I'm not exactly sure what other friends of yours have told your regarding your lost dog. I have a spirit friend (a woman who is not in the physical yet) who is very kind to me and helps me out. I asked her if she could tell me what happened to your dog in the forest and she gave me some interesting information that I'd like to share, if that's okay (the topic may be exhausted at this point, but then again, I came to have a personal interest in the experience that you shared, so my spirit friend, C searched my heart and answered with the following) :

C said-

- Tell John to check the forest in the Summer time (keep reading for further description below before discarding this part).
- The dog is alive and with the hairy people, specifically his family of hairy people; they have the dog with them.
- His family of hairy people are wanting to meet with him this Summer on a physical level; this is the reason for the dog missing and for the communication from his hairy family being limited.

end of message.

So, someone or many others may have given you this information, my friend, I don't know, so I thought I'd write a little to see if this is useful to you. I know that it is not fun to lose beings that influence you and your family in a positive way.

The thing that is weird about it is the use 'summer time' in the message; it does not mean an entire calendar year from now. To my understanding at the present time what this means is the obvious --- we might not have winter this year.

Imagine our earth having a Polar Reversal so that the magnetic field is flipped. This will influence the seasons, as you are well aware.

There will be a radical earth change, and afterward, and possible sometime around the date, December 21st (the new summer time) you can have a beautiful reunion with your beloved hairy family, but in a powerful, personal and very physical way. Your once lost dog will be there too.

Best wish, brother. Hope this is of use. -KA

Amazing. Thank you so much, my brother. I am going to digest this information. It has incredible meaning too. It makes sense. I knew that this meeting is coming. I also know that I have been protected so much that it gets on my nerves. It is like they are telling me that it has been too dangerous for them to contact me in the physical because of the danger of what I don't know. They only barely let me see but talk to me alot. About this, it has been hush hush. I feel that the powers that were would have gotten involved if we were to meet. That's why the protection. Gonna feel this one out.

Chat Conversation End

I knew that this meeting is close. As I have written in my blog, I have seen many hairy folk. They have touched me. I have felt the fingers. I see them clear when I feel what they share. Bone and I have watched over 40 Sasquatch people shimmer in and out in front of both of us for over half and hour in the moonlight with our eyes open. But KA validates for me what I knew was coming. Any day now I will meet the hairy folk in a fourth vibrational density meeting where we look eye to eye, touch, hold each other, smell each other, and laugh.

And you can bet your ass that I will write a blog about it!

I will see you again soon, Lala