Monday, August 29, 2016


It has been a while since my last entry but not because things have stopped. If you have read the previous 29 entries of this blog than you have a feeling of how the blog is laid out. It has changed a few times but now it changes again. It is a change that I welcome because I am putting back some forgotten pieces of my life. They are helping me remember that I have a history with them that has been forgotten as well as having been hidden from me. In this lifetime, I have always had the call of the wild and felt a temporary loneliness for home as I would pass through the forests and keep on going. Throughout my twenties and thirties I lived in cities and played music on stage, in studios, and with some amazing people but when I started a family the calling was too great for me to ignore. I returned to the woods of North East Texas and found an old friend ready to pick up where we left off.

The patient lady knew me and invited me back to where I had been in the beginning of this life time but helped me to remember who I had been in another. In this life and body that I have today my blood goes back to the Native American people. My great great great great grandfather was named Squire Allen. He was a black slave that was adopted by the Chickasaw people. He married Louise Allen from the Cherokee people. Their names were not their own even though I carry the name Allen today. Allen came from the slave owner of Squire and Louise was given her name when the white man made it mandatory for Natives to do so. Louise's grandfather was Dragging Canoe, a Cherokee chief. They both died in Oklahoma after the Dawes Roll registered the last five civilized tribes. They were registered as Choctaw.

In the life before this one I was a Native American man named Majate. I died falling over a cliff with a bullet in my heart with my true love. Very romantic I guess. I have not remembered whether or not I had a life between but it kind of feels like there was one. I don't know. The times for Majate were not pretty. The world was changing and I can remember fighting against the conquest of this country until my last dying breath. I had a close friend. We were friends from childhood. I will protect his name here because this is and was a personal story for the both of us. The man was a Sasquatch at the time of Majate and lives today as a human. When we found each other in this lifetime it was a grand reunion. We have discussed many things. I finally got a chance to tell him that I was sorry. Our relationship did not end well at the very last and I am still remembering what I did to him when I was Majate.

When the Sasquatch lady invited me for conversation on my return to Texas I was an infant. I had become so numb from having been born into this life. I was awake when I was young but began to venture further and further away as I approached my twenties. Today, I am remembering and placing the pieces back together and realizing that much has changed. This country was just beginning the direction that has become who we are today. But I remember that I am still the same spirit with the same drive and vision for us as a people as I was as Majate. It has taken me years to remember who we are and remember who I am in relationship to the whole that is all of us. The Sasquatch people have helped me with the puzzle.

Getting to know Tahjee helped me to design what type of Bigfoot experiences that I would have. She helped me to remember how to communicate with my feelings. Learning to trust what feel and choosing to communicate with whatever feeling I chose to feel while communicating helped me to remember. Love was the only tool that could take me to where I wanted to go with all of this. Mind speak grew and became easier and the experiences began to multiply. I chose early on to share my journey in hopes that others may feel again that we are all brothers and sisters from the same mother.

Even though I have seen these beautiful and wise people with my eyes, communicating with them was more important for me. Their personalities have been a joy to get to know. Their subtle hints and sarcasm has stopped me in my tracks numerous times. Their humor makes me laugh and scares me at the same time. Being a part of the clan is an honor and has made for many great times with my wife and kids on walks in the woods.

What is happening now with Oitoli is a new and different page in all of this. As I live in the country, having to go anywhere was for the most part unnecessary. I would talk to them and visit in the house or outside at the back of my property. But before last Christmas I began feeling lonely and distant from them. I wrote about that in the previous blog entry so I will keep going. The Sasquatch people in my area have brought two people together that they feel would benefit both as well as anyone who listened to the story. I have had experiences with the Sasquatch people from South America on previous occasions but I was always very careful. I have been instructed to leave areas and not to come when some South American Sasquatch people were around.

I was told about all of the destruction in the rain forests caused by man and quickly understood that the refugees from South America were not the typical locals. I tried to reach out to a family passing through once but the males were much more than not interested. The woman and child did not want to pursue any kind of communication or relationship. They moved on. It would be appropriate to bring up that the area where I live has been host to, and a pathway further for, many refugees abandoning the rainforests due to mankind.

At the beginning of this year, the clans around here brought me together with a South American man. The contact was to be a physical one. And it has been. Oitoli doesn't speak much with me but does share feelings with me at times. The feelings are his that he shares not the feeling of communication that I have been used to. I have been going to the place that I learned from mind speak that I should go. The first time I wrote about in the last blog entry. The next times I went I felt his presence just watching me. He was courteous enough to let me smell him and hear him. About the fourth or fifth time I ventured a little deeper into this sacred area as I felt more comfortable. But he was just watching me. Feeling me. Contemplating me.

I walked back up to where he had told me to stay the first time that I visited the ravine. I left some fruit and sunflower seeds as he had taken the last stuff that I shared with him...and left. When I returned a few days later the physical part of our experience had begun. He had built a fence out of saplings that reached from the gully to back around behind me. The fence was (and still is) about twenty five to thirty feet long on both sides of the game trail that I walked last time. He had left the game trail open and in the middle of it he placed an X. The X is about ten feet by ten. At first it was clear that I was not to go further. I was told that I was not allowed to walk with them at this time (this was relayed to me from Tracey Owen who helps me validate and understand things). Now I realize that the fence and X is temporary. Oitoli shared with me, through more feelings than mind speak, that he would remove the X and place it closer to the sacred area in the deep thicket when I was ready ( and he was more comfortable with me ).

I do not yet know where this is all going but we are both overcoming our fear and trust issues together. Sometimes I think that it would be a little easier to be the giant invisible dude than the five foot eight human in this little get together but such is fate. This is the most trying situation that I have ever been in with the Sasquatch people. I know that it must be very difficult for him as well as this whole thing was not his idea. He began this experience feeling that he was being punished by the clan for making him do this with me. I must say that I admire him and respect him very much for doing this. I was never able to forgive and pursue a friendship with the destroyers of my home and people in my lifetime as Majate.

I took my youngest daughter with me the last time to visit him and she shared his sunflower seeds. She would just sit there eating his seeds right off of the tree bark plate that I have for him there. It was a small turning point for him that I would bring my young one to him. He shared with me how he felt about that at that moment. I was relieved and happy. There is hope for Oitoli and I yet.

The questions have been building up so I need to try and catch up here. I am sorry if I left yours out of this blog but I will find them and ask the hairy folk your questions like always. I have many questions and I am goin to spread them out of the next few blogs entries. Some have questions for Oitoli and I am not comfortable with that at this time but I will ask the Sasquatch people if anyone would like to answer you. Oitoli and I have our hands full together right now and we are not speaking very much. I hope that you understand baby steps. A

I have left all names out and will continue to do it this way from now on. Many people do not want their names and stories shared and I understand this. But I ask future questioners to consider sharing for others to learn from. This is why we are in this community I feel. I will always honor the wishes of the questioner. Another thing is that my email and private messages are full of questions. I want to help but do not have the time to answer all questions solo and reply to all mail. In my experiences in asking the hairy folk and Mitawinasi your questions, many times they tie it all in together through out the blog and that is a plus. Lastly... If the answer feels like it is directed at you then it is. I have changed the wording of your questions in order to protect your privacy but always trust that first feeling and explore it and don't start thinking it away into the nothingness.

Question 1
A questioner would like to know about Marduk or Maldek, the planet that many of you incarnated from.

There are lessons to learn from each step we take. They are a way of reminding us where we have come from and where we are going. The lessons of Maldek are sacred to us. Some lessons are shared and others deal with our personal journeys. I remember when those of Maldek were infants and the way forward was alone. The battles raged on and and the mother rolled. She was empty. She was angry. She left before the last choices were made. We let her die. We knew in the end that our choices were made from the alone. We know the alone. Our mother left and we left our bodies with her empty shell. Some of us chose another and came to this place to make a different choice. Our mother is here now. She adopted us and showed us what we did not understand. We love our mother and have learned her teaching. We are making a different choice.

Thank you, Tukra.

Question 2
I have a friend that asks about her own personal journey. She has shared with me that when asking for communication with you hairy folk, she asked for validation. At that moment she heard a thud on her house that sounded like a bird. Would one of you answer her question.

She is a flower and knows how to find what she is looking for. She waits. She knows the validation will always find her.

Why does she wait, Tahjee, and what does she wait for.

The sounds come from a place that she is waiting to go. The sounds are shared like the question she asked. There are more that hear her questions and more that answer her. She waits for the sign from the one that she expects.

Who is she expecting?

There is no need to expect. Know it and it will be.

Tahjee, this all seems vague. Am I writing what you are saying? Am I being accurate?

You are hearing what you are feeling, Cowboy. This one knows what I am saying. As I have told you before, there is energy in words. Read again what I say. Feel it. You will know.

Okay, My Lady of the Woods. Thank you
Wait. One more question... Can you help me contact the hairy folk in her area?

She doesn't need help with that. They are already there. She knows this.

This is for a questioner in Puyallup Washington who asked me to keep his name out of the blog.

...I have a little history with "Sasquatch", he came around our house back in 73, when Puyallup Wa. had forests that connected to Mt. Rainier. Also, this subject started really "picking up" lately, or is it just me? I had a dream recently where a medium sized "Sasquatch" appeared in my dream, red haired, bit of gray around his rather "human" looking face. We just looked at each other for a bit, is all, don't recall any specific feelings or info, but no fear at all. I am making a trip shortly to Vancouver BC for a lecture of sorts, and plan to go to Vancouver island to do some Kayaking. I would rather like to contact some people who know about these things on the island, was wondering if you had any recommendations about that? Also, wondering what you think of my dream....”

Many of us have had the same dream. I have had this dream more than once. I have met Oitoli and Mitawinasi (the 7 ft tall human man from the planet Dakote) in dreams. Many of our friends and family break the ice this way. This man is preparing you for contact or communication or whatever you decide.

He wants you to find his name. You can do this. Feel it. Feel the syllables of his name that come to you and explore that with him. This little step will help to connect you. About connecting on the island with people.... There are hairy people on the island that are more than able to help you. Remember that it is us that have become disconnected from the other parts of our creator. The hairy folk are connected and are reaching out to connect with us just as much as we are them. A connection of love, respect, friendship, fun, on a vibrational level that is void of negative energy holds more promise than them coming down to our heavy vibration of cameras, infra-red, and hair and stool samples.

John., Thanks for sharing your blog. I would like to present myself to the local hairy folk in my area with the intention of learning anything they are willing to teach me. Can you tell me if there are any hairy folk in Central Texas who would be willing to consider me? Do I need to figure out a very specific location to go to or should I just get out into the nearest wilderness and be available? Thanks for any answers or advice you can offer.

I live in Texas too. The Sasquatch here are very careful. They are much more secretive here than in the Pacific Northwest. There are far more hunters and “good-ole boys” here that shoot anything. The hunters here hunt because they feel that this connects them to the land. It has become a cultural thing. Most good-ole boys hunt deer and then go to Wall-Mart and buy hamburger meat. The respect for becoming one with the being whose life you just took has turned into trophies mounted on living room walls. I will say here, “not all......but most,” in hopes of not offending any hunters. But that is all that I will say because being offended is a choice.

Anywhere and everywhere is fine to connect. However, I do not need to clarify that away from the hustle and bustle of human made civilization is best. Get out in the woods and take off your shoes. Sink your feet in the dirt. Feel your heart and explore your intent. Let that feeling flow down your legs and into the soil. Feel the trees. Feel the next tree that is further away. Keep feeling until you feel them.

Try to picture that life and all matter vibrates at different speeds and frequencies. There are many different vibrations than the one that is now our own human experience as a collective. The Sasquatch people and many other beings vibrate at a speed that is just beyond our sight. They are everywhere. It does not matter where you go to connect but what tools you use to connect with your desired designational vibration. For example: If you want to connect and create a relationship with a being that is harmoniously connected to this beautiful sphere that is our mother, then things like greed, selfishness, fear, disrespect, trophy hunting, belittlement, low integrity, cameras, iphones, infra-red night vision, littering, cutting trees unnecessarily, watching TV, etc.... …... would probably not be the most helpful tools to use in getting there. I am not placing a value judgment on those things because that would be silly. I am simply saying that one would not use a hammer when a screwdriver would be more productive.

In closing: It has been about five months since I have written an entry to this blog. As things began to grow spiritually, so did the negative. The heavy weight of work, university, paying bills, etc... became very overwhelming since April. I realized that writing entries to this blog seem to keep everything else in my life moving forward so I will keep this going regardless of what life throws at me. I appreciate all of your private messages, emails, and blog comments. I will ask the hairy people your questions as I can get to them. Some questions are repeats and that is lucky for me. Ha! Thank you for your interest and patience. I will be catching up over the next few blogs.