Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When I started this blog I thought that I had an idea as to where it would lead. I was wrong. I thought that I would share my experiences in hopes that they would help the hairy folk. I thought that the blog might lead to a book and that I might make some money along the way from this incredible journey. I thought that good ole' boys would drive by my house so that they could follow me to the woods and shoot one or that they would wait around in front of my home until a Sasquatch would drop by and take a shot at one. I thought that I would get made fun of or that my kids might run into trouble at school for having a Daddy that talks to Bigfoot. I thought that my wife might give me an ultimatum or something to return back to reality. I was wrong about all of these things.

What really happened is that I learned that the hairy folk needed no such help. I learned that it was us humans that were not as evolved as the hairy folk and that we were the ones that needed help in understanding the people of the forest. I still might turn this blog into a book but to make money from this in any way would completely discount my credibility. I have long since given up the hopes of making a million off of my story. I would make the book available to anyone free of charge. Anytime I see the words, “please send donations,” I run the other way and encourage all of you to do the same. I learned that good ole' boys do not believe one word of my story and have yet seen one park out front on the road in front of my house. I have learned that the hairy folk know about every human intent within their circle of reach at any given time. So, a redneck with a gun and fear is the last thing that they worry about. The kids have never had any problems at school from being friends with the people of the forest. Not only has my wife completely supported me, but her and our kids and I enjoy the Sasquatch together as a family.

Of course I have learned a lot more things, and have written about most of these things in this blog. But something new has happened lately that I would like to tell you about. It is about how I have involved, you, the reader of the blog. This blog is about the hairy folk, otherwise known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Yowie, etc... Your questions to my friends have cause me to really do some searching as to what I really know, what interests me, what does not, and what I want to stay away from.

I take pride in being a simple person and love has allowed me to get away with removing unwanted baggage from my life. I call it like it is as lovingly as I can and let everyone else be responsible for choosing to be offended, hurt, glad, sad, mad, or anything else. It is pretty easy that way. At least it is the easiest way that I know how to do it for my life. As your questions began coming in about crystalline bodies, new reality, high density, low vibration, star ships, holographic planets, and the like I just asked and low and behold answers would come. So I just let it flow as it was just a bazaar as everything else that has happened to me so far.

Somewhere in this past year I opened myself up to others that were out there in the great beyond. I really didn't know what I was doing (nothing new. Ha!). I began to receive messages from an entity who called himself Arch Angel Raphael. I really enjoyed speaking with Raphael. The feelings and words were so clear in my head. I started another blog called Arch Angel Raphael, channeled by John Allen. The word “Channelling” was new to me too so I just assumed that that was what I was doing. This went on for a while. April 15th came and went without a noticeable change of any kind. I had received from Raphael that our lives would change on this date. Maybe my life did change but if it did I didn't notice it. I stopped that and went within. I asked the people that I trusted the most besides my wife, kids, Thomas, and Tracey..... I asked my Sasquatch family and friends to help me make sense out of it all.

It was a great move. Here is where I belong. The adventures in my life have continued and I have grown with trusting my feeling and hearing my friends of the forest clearly. Here we are today and I was answering the readers questions and their names and I became scatterbrained as to what I was doing again. Here I was channeling messages again from some dude named Mitawinasi from the planet Dakote for readers who call themselves Morning Star and Star Child Indigo and stuff. I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” “Where am I going with all of this?”

So I began to reach out deeper to the hairy folk and we enjoyed a ton of laughs over my new questions. It made me feel much better. I wrote to a very dear friend whom I completely trust, Tracey Owen, and asked her to read my newest blog and tell me what she sees. I asked her to tell me how much is from me and how much is from my friends at a higher vibration. Strangely, she wrote back and said that she does not see very much of me at all in the answers. She sees that mostly I was just an open channel for everyone. Just so you will know,... if one is channeling or sharing a message from another being, it must be done together. It is normal for the channel to use their own words and so on because it is a different communication coming through. It would be like the message coming in in the form of liters and the channel say the message to the reader in the form of miles. There has to be some kind of translator device or something. There is no calculator for this stuff as far as I know. This is why I have always told everyone to use their own discernment with what ever I write or what ever they read from anywhere else. Either something resonates with us or it does not. That is it. There is no thinking necessary, even though I still do it form time to time.

I was getting ready to write this blog and answer no questions. I am not a new-ager or religious or anything, I just want to write about my experiences with Bigfoot and I do not want to be a channel for anybody, much less angels and spirits and what-not. But the messages to my readers were already there. . . So I called Thomas and told him about it. He asked me questions instead of giving me answers like he always does. He told me “what is it about channeling that you do not feel good about?” I told him about Raphael and stuff and said that my blog was supposed to be about the hairy folk. He said, “Why don't you just use the word communicator instead of channeler?” “Does that word fit better for what you want to do?” “Yes, it does.” I said.

After all of this, the Sasquatch people have been real busy in my head (that just means that I can hear a lot of conversations about me going on at the same time). Everything got relaxed and just kind of fit into place. So here are the answers to your questions. Keep them coming. I may feel differently than you do about something but I will share what I hear anyway. 

You readers just promise yourselves something.... DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS FOR YOU. I could be drunk or insane! Ha ha ha.... No, I will tell you what I hear but it is up to you to choose how you feel about it. Either it resonates or not. That's easy....
Love to all of you and have fun with all of this. All of your answers will be found within yourselves in the end...

Sending love to all of you, and special thanks to John and his Big Guests. <3

I'm with MomLobo. Still (and always) loving hearing everyone's voices and wisdom and love. Really gives me hope, and helps me breathe deeper breaths. It is good to be in the embrace of such sweet, smart words and spirits.

Mitawinasi, you previously answered ‘yes and no to my question ‘are you crystalline in nature’.
Did you mean yes your body is crystalline but first and foremost you are a soul, a part of the creator?

OK, many of us have learned much during the last few yrs about the move to a higher vibration…some call 4th density. There is much information on our Internet from various sources and many of us discuss about it among ourselves. However there are issues we are not clear about for those going to the new higher vibrational reality.
There is much debate about how it will happen.

Some have said that in a blink of an eye we will find ourselves transformed into a higher vibrational Crystalline being. Is this correct? This is the preferred choice…….And if so will we meet our galactic star families before or after this occurs?

Or must our 3rd density bodies die here in the old reality and then we are reborn as a baby in the higher density?

Lastly you have said that from where you are it is beautiful….thank you for that, it gives us much to be happy about. We only hope that it is not long for us to wait. Many of us have made complete change to have love for all that there is…..we step away from as much of the illusion as we can and have done so for many many years but we suffer much too, living day to day. We continue to smile and feel love each day but it has not been much fun living as a human here……I know I speak for many.

Thank you John and Mitawinasi.

It can be as difficult as you make it. You know that you have kept much from yourself. You must trust yourself. You knew what you were doing. We all do. The reality that you sometimes dream about already exists and you are there already. Think about this for a moment. What is real is all around you but you can not see it. What you see right now is something that was created by many. It is a construct. When you were with us, you could look down into this reality and see all of it's borders and limitations. It is quite small compared to all that is. You chose to get in. Now the part of you that is here with us is looking down at the part of you that is there and likes the view. Imagine all that is as being flat and happening all at one time. From where the part of you that is with us is, what can be seen is all that is. Now imagine a thin sheet of paper with a few small holes punched in it being laid on top of all that is. The only thing that you can see is only the small parts that are exposed through those little holes. The thin sheet of paper is about to be lifted.

Your physical bodies are being formulated by you right now because of your entire collective. The choices you make move things. The physical is changed from thought. Your thought is changing from thoughts that you used to think. This changes matter. Crystals have an organization. So do your atoms in the physical. As your thought changes so does your body. The atoms begin to crystallize and take on a different organization. This new organization of atoms that make up your body takes on a more uniform shape. Have you studied the organization of a crystal? Your body is organizing it's self in a similar shape from the smallest parts of the body's physical makeup. Now, that whole sheet of thin paper with the holes in it is also changing form. There are more holes. You are beginning to see more. What's left of the paper has taken on a different molecular organization.

There are three different possibilities right now in your perspective. One does not involve most of you. The remaining two are left for you to choose. You know what the choices are. I am not allowed by you to tell you exact details here but you can ask yourself about those details and you will be answered. I will tell you this. Your choices have to do with what is most important in who you choose to be on your way to where you choose to go. What kind of experience do you want to have? Do you choose to continue in this reality of me, myself, and I or do you choose to join us in a different reality of one? Both choices belong to you. Throw away which ever you reality you you do not choose and don't look back. Those two realities are going to cross any minute now. This crossing will be the last possibility for you to make your choice. There is nothing to fear now. There never was. The third choice is a reality for the ones that have made your choosing difficult. They have a choice up until the crossing. It only takes a simple choice. You have already made your choice and we can't wait to see you again. Most of you have. But there are some that have chosen the other and they will continue to experience something close to what you are experiencing now but without the powers that were. They will experience the world that they choose to create. That is all that I will share with you here. Ask yourself when you are alone.

John-- thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Tracy's perspective is very much appreciated as well.

I know the Big Ones have emphasized feeling, choice, and intent repeatedly. Could they elaborate on the differences/similarities between choosing and setting one's intention? I get the impression, perhaps its just me, that they are hinting that we are often too passive. Also, when I think of choice I think of a moment to moment, day to day scale; with intent I think of something longer range that requires remembering even though intent would seem to be about the "future."

I am Tukra. I like you. You save me a bunch of talk. Intent is who you are. Choices are who you are choosing to be. But they do not have to be different. Who you are is how you feel when you are most happy with yourself. Choices slow you down and stop the flow of your intent because you think. The best choice is when you listen to your intent. Other choices are when you choose what you think.

In some of your older posts the Big Ones told you the we have forgotten--ourselves, them, the earth and so on. But that it is not entirely our fault. Can they show us who or what else shares responsibility for the current state of affairs?

One more: could the Big Ones give us some pointers on how we might better "communicate" with the animal and plant life around us?

Funny that this question is only asked now. There was a time when we all were one in the physical because the physical was only a toy that we played with. We are spirit like you. But we are different with what we let make our choices. Our spirit is our intent. Our bodies make choices. This planet is our mother and we can hear her. You do not listen. All native humans knew what we know. That is why they were all killed. That is why we hide. We do not hide from you. We hide from the ones who killed the native humans. You know who this group of humans are. Look around our mother and you will see who is responsible for killing. One nation spread all over our mother and you can find them easy. Have you ever seen a native Indian go across the big waters to force the people to worship them? Have you ever seen a native Indian of any land force another people to dress like they do and worship their god? Have you ever seen a native Indian from any land kill an entire people for rocks in the ground? Funny is that all of you will return to the native ways. You will remember. Plants and animals belong to our mother. We are the same. To talk to our mother is easy. Feel it. Like Tukra says, intent will take you to where you want to go. Energy behind the words you say with sound have feeling. All understand this energy but humans. Come to the forests and talk to your brother and sisters, the trees. Then listen with your feeling. You know this. You just want me to say it. I did. Will you listen now?

Hi to all. Thanks for making this public John. My question is for Tograhnu : I am well aware that I am not my body. I know that I, my spirit, wakes up every morning within the confines of this biological space suit I call my body. Frankly, I’m rather tired of its density. I've thought many times about dropping such body, what a relief it would be! Why am I in this meat suit? Why are we all in these bodies? They seem so dense, so limited... What kind of body are you in Tograhnu? How do I get my body to be less dense? I am open to being shown.

Let your spirit show you how to move your body. You are feeling out of your body and reaching out to spirit. Do it the other way. Look at your body from spirit and love what you see. Then feel how both are one. Your spirit will show you how to leave your body. Your spirit will show you how to do wonderful things with your body. I know who you are. You have done this before. The best thing about forgetting is when you remember. That is fun. When you remember how to re-member then you can leave when you want. I tell you how. FEEL! That part of you that you are seeing from is not your eyes. Use this to see from a different place inside you. See your body from outside your body. Then look around you and see what you are looking out from. Then make your choice from that place.

Thank you

Greetings Mitawinasi I hope you are well, this is Alan again.
So I understand that I already exist at a higher vibration, meaning a fragment/part of my soul exist at a higher vibration. That being so, then actually does a part of my soul exist in all densities/dimensions?
Could you explain a bit more on this please?

About the new reality, can you tell us something about what is being manifested there for us, by us. I'm imagining infrastructure for housing,schooling, medical and more all blending in with the natural environment.

As always thank you


Alan, what you place your importance on in the reality that you are in is so important in another reality that it does not matter any more. If you could take Tograhnu's advice from above you would see that one of the greatest thoughts that you ever had is you. The part of you that exists in all realities and vibrations make a beautiful being. We all exist because we all are. We have made this so. You are the part of you that is where you are at. The other parts of you are connected to each other and to you. What you do not see is that without you they would not be. And nothing can not be. To much? John thinks so. A part of me is there with you. Maybe you gave me your order at a restaurant or dropped a quarter into my hat on a sidewalk. You are already here where we are. All of you are. Look, It is a lot. I know that many of you that communicate here in this setting go away from this with more questions than answers. That is how it should be because that is how you chose it to be. However, do not get down or feel that you are lost. Do not think that the world that you see with your eyes is the way that it looks. Your eyes can fool you and cause you to feel alone. The pain around you is not pain for the other parts of you. There are parts of you that have felt more desolation than the part of you that you think you are does. You are … and you will know this very soon. I will let the cat out of the bag and say that it only gets better from here … because we have all chosen that it will. There is nothing keeping you from being who you choose to be.

Again, enjoy these last few minutes of this reality because they are over. Feel the parts of you that are where you have chosen to go. Embrace. Discuss. Share. Join together for this moment.

John and I are old friends. He did not remember anything about us. But he learned to feel again. That is when he felt that I was there. He asked me who I was and the name didn't ring a bell. But we worked at it and things began to take shape. He still does not remember as much as he thinks he does but he is making the connections. That is all that any of you are doing. He asked one of the only people that he trusted at that time to help him find out more about who I was. His trusted friend is Tograhnu, a Sasquatch. Now he understands that Tograhnu and I were good friends and he understands that we are all connected to each other. He understands more about Tograhnu's people now; that their body is with you and their spirit is with us and they know how to connect to both at the same time. The Sasquatch people are very busy right now with their own adventures in all of this but many still choose to help you find your way back to remembering. Have fun with all of this. I mean really have fun now. Loose the doom and gloom because they belong to the past.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Things have been active lately. I feel them in the dark just beyond my sight. Often I squint my eyes to get a better look and I see a shadow move peacefully to one side or the other. When I close my eyes I can see more clearly. The change in the air is intensifying as I watch world events play out on the worlds stage. I am shown that it is not what it appears to be. The Sasquatch people are on the move. There is so much that they do not share with me but just enough for me to ask more questions.

Most adults are at a different vibration right now. There are only young Hairy Folk visiting me now. Many times they are out in the fields surrounding my house with the exception of a friend passing through my yard and causing the hair to stand up on the back of my neck and for-arms. What I am doing these days is feeling the change with my heart and eyes. When I say feeling with my eyes I mean that I have been shown that things are often not what they appear to be in the vibrational reality that we are most accustomed to. I mean that what we see on TV is what we are meant to believe but not real.

One thing has been more shared with me from the Hairy Folk than anything else right now. It is choice! Now is a time for us to make a choice. Alright, a choice for choosing what, you ask. The choice of deciding who we choose to be in relationship to the world around us. Where do we choose to go? Who do we choose to be while going there? Where are we going? Why do we have to choose anything? All of these questions are personal and can only be answered by each of us. I do not have the answer for any of you. All I am doing is sharing with you the questions that have been asked of me.

As the world changes around us, we balance ourselves with that part of this reality that we have been given. It is a beautiful thing. What I am doing with this blog is my choice. It is pretty easy. I simply share my experiences and conversations with anyone that is interested. That's it. People who call me crazy have made their choice. It is okay and does not affect me because I have chosen for it not to. Besides, who is to say that they are wrong? Ha! Sometimes I feel pretty damn crazy.



Thank you Mitawinasi for addressing my questions. I was more curious about how things were to play out with those staying and those going rather than fearful for my friends and family. I do know that everyone will go where they are supposed to….the path that they have chosen already.

Various sources have mentioned about the actual physical changes to humans that stay with our mother Gaia in the new reality. Including our bodies changing to a crystalline based form. Some of the benefits of this include being less dense, different sustenance requirements, no previous physical ailments and even a long life span. Is this correct?

Choices change much of what they come in contact with. Your collective choice has guided your collective direction. There are many places to go and just as many paths to get there. There are just as many of us on this side of the threshold as there are you on your side. But there is only one threshold. It is not necessary for you to ponder your step, but taking it is another matter. Change is upon you. It is inside of you. You are the change that is changing. John is telling me that I am too vague.

I was waiting for the big surprise. Why are so many answers from you so general sometimes.

Because you have made it clear that too many details make you uneasy.

The details are scary; especially when someone else is reading. So many people, it seems, invest all of their being in to these kind of blogs. Some people believe word for word what these type of channeled message "Mind Speak" things are about.

Are you sure? Or are you sure that that is how you feel about it. You chose to do this and you are doing what you have chosen. It is not up to you to decide what others may or may not feel about this conversation. You know this. Maybe this conversation opens a door for someone or closes another. That is beyond your reach. I feel your impatience. Would you like to know what its like where I am? Okay, I will tell you what the Hairy Folk have been showing you. It is beautiful from my standpoint.
I will share with URAIWAN this: Chrystaline is nothing more that the way the atoms of your physical body allign themselves in structure within your physical body. It allows a different vibration to move your body in a way that harmonizes with the harmony that we are all creating around us. It is a step. These memories are in the process of presenting themselves to you. Your awareness of them are growing. Feel it. Be it. Be your change. All are right and all are wrong because there is no right or wrong only balance.

Also may I ask if you could share more on that subject of physical changes and if you are of crystalline nature?

Yes and No.

Lastly some friends have asked me to ask the following. As long as we exercise our free will to chose to stay with Gaia and chose to be of the same vibration as her… that sufficient for us to make it to the new reality? Many of us really desire to be part of the galactic community.

Thank you kindly for your time John and Mitawinasi.

That part of Gaia that is you is in the process of choosing. That part of you that is Gaia is making the same choice. You will go where your choice leads you just as it does for her. But being a little less vague for John, I would say yes. We all have the power to go exactly where we choose to go. Do not have any fear that a slip up will lead you into a hurricane on a dead planet. Feel your direction with love and balance. Direct your change. Do not be a victim of it.

Just wanted to thank you again for this blog, John. I love your perspective on things. I also love reading what your hairy friends (and off-planet friends) have to say. The metaphor that likened coming into this physical existence to jumping into a pool was brilliant. I think it was used in an earlier post. Anyway, when a metaphor rings that true, it's a sign to me that I'm in the presence of the Divine. I guess we always are, but being able to see it that clearly is rare, for me. I was so happy to have that experience here. Thank you for making that possible.

Morning Light, we are all divine. Really. Everything that is happening around us is divine. My friendship with the Sasquatches is divine. Divine is who we are. Everyone of us asking questions and find our way is all divine. Thank you too.

Hello once again John and friends.

I would like to ask the Sasquatch collective are there other beings of your vibration that live along side you on this planet that us humans are not aware of? I am thinking of mythical beings that we only speak of in stories.

You have previous told us that there was a time when you lived together with us and we too had your abilities. This was the time before the dark ones came looking for the golden stones and changed us. I would like to ask how did your people manage to evade these dark ones and avoid the same fate as us?

Many of us look forward to the time we will walk together again.

Thank you.

There are many who want to answer this question and I can not tell them apart right now. I guess it is the collective.

Of course there are others who live along side of you. Many love you and others tolerate you. But they all understand that we are all of us one. All respect your free-will-choice. You are seeing the sacrifice of many beings that have given their physical lives for your human collective to choose differently. Thank them.

We are not the only ones that escaped your human prison. Your native peoples avoided your self made prison until you killed them. Many came back as you and many responsible for killing them came back to live on the reservations that were made to imprison them. All are choices that we all have made and are continuing to make.

Alan, Yes! There are MANY creatures and beings that walk this earth and travel to and fro between dimensions and locations using vibrational portals. There are light beings and dark beings (energetically speaking). Think of the sasquatch as the "quiet ones" who can shimmer and blend in with their surroundings, mimic their surroundings and be essentially invisible. Also, the "quiet ones" are truly quiet. They do not get involved in that which does not involve them. This is respect by MOST dimensional beings. Sadly, not all.

Mitawinasi, I understand we are all one, when I ask you a question I'm really only asking myself and when you answer, it is I answering myself. I am not my body, my body is just a vehicle to help me experience what I already know but have forgotten.

Thank you for your previous interaction.


Alan, you are both of you correct. Do you understand?

very cool thing you are doing here. Like everybody you've got a life to live, but keep in mind that this communication is creating effects that are exponential and impossible to calculate in the short run. Another cool thing-- you look very much like a close friend of mine. The resemblance is uncanny and the vibe I get from your writing reminds me of him as well--who knows what connections you and he might share...

Can you ask the Big Ones:
1. Very few humans carry any memory of who they are or where they were prior to this existence. Forgetting seems to be the name of the game for human-earth existence. I do not know, but this does not appear to be the case for the Big Ones. My question is are dis-incarnate humans as unaware of the countless beings who live on or visit earth as incarnate humans seem to be? I'm pretty sure it's time to wake up-- time to stop forgetting.

Yet having read hundreds of NDE narratives it seems that forgetting is the price to be paid for having the human experience on earth. I see how this ignorance might serve the human experience, but I fail to see how it serves the many other beings who live here including the earth itself. Would the Big Ones care to address this and offer any advice on how we might stop forgetting and start remembering?

You remember everything when you sleep. You forget everything when you wake up. This is funny. When you sleep some of you get up and walk out side and visit us. Sometimes we walk you back and tuck you in. We watch you wake up in the morning and wonder about us. Yes! Ha ha .. It is always somebody. Forgetting is fun. If you want to remember then feel it. Remember, there is a part of you that is with us at all times. Connect with that part of you if you want to. But have fun with forgetting.

The sasquatch are like the trees. Eternal sentinels. They watch over the earth to an extent and therefore must have prenatal knowledge. Their mission and reason for existence is very different than ours. I can tell you that when we cross over from this life we are aware of ALL there is!

2. I've read elsewhere that the Big Ones "come" here for what amounts to some peace and quiet, and presumably because they love being here for the reasons some of us do as well. This person also asserts that they generally see us on the order of annoying kittens or puppies. Give that some thought people...we creators of nuclear fission and quantum computing are perhaps little more than cute, but irritating pets to the Big Ones and who knows else. True or not it is worth pondering just how ignorant and limited we collectively may be. With that in mind, are some/any of the Big Ones interested in educating or sharing concrete knowledge with us? Just think, as one example, of the redefinition of our understanding of "nature" if human society knew who the Big Ones are and what they are capable of. Of course, it goes without saying that what they know and have to share may be something very different than what we understand as knowledge-- and that's kind of the point...

Much gratitude to John and the Big Ones. N'yeh da hoo

We love you. Our bodies enjoy the vibration that you are in but leave when we want to. You will remember how to do this too. And when you do, you will remember that you love us too.

John - I have a friend who is concerned because he is now seeing 16' to 22' squatch - right in front of his face. He is more accustomed to seeing the smaller 8 foot variety. I think you told me the bigger ones are the elders and they are very friendly. He is scared about this recent development -so what should I advise him regarding these massive guys? Should he be concerned?

John wants me to answer this. I am a big guy too. Yes, we are nice. Your friend has a pocket full of fear and that is not all that he has in his pocket. He carries this because he is afraid. The only thing that your friend has to worry about is his own fear. He made it, he carries it, but if he wants to use it, then he should be afraid of the big nice ones like me.

Thanks Hairy Folk, readers, Tracey, and Mitawinasi

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bang! Tracey Owen! Tandania! Q&A Pt 1

I am Tandania. I travel far and wide. The bang is coming. We are afoot night and day. We feel your desires and they are all mixed up. What do you want? Where will you go? Why do you close your eyes when you see something? Close your eyes and you will go somewhere blind. Do you walk with your eyes closed? Stupid. Do you feel me talking to you? I am Tandania. I walk with my eyes wide open and see the change that is ours to make. We are all a family. Why do you wait until you see what you are looking for and then close your eyes when you find it? Choice is yours to see what you will. Come face to face with yourself in the wind and run to the place that you choose to go. We watch all of the time. What do we see? You! What do you see? I am Tandania and I am close. We watch the change changing us. We wait for you to change too but your choice is what you choose. Go and call yourself. Feel your intent. What does it tell you? Don't go by the road. Get off the road and you will feel the way to go. Let your heart lead you to us. We join you in the days to come because we will all be there together the people who choose to see. Go now and find a foot to walk on.

JOHN ALLEN – As I began to write this blog this is what come into my heart right away. Tandania is a friend that I met through my human buddy, Bone. Tandania comes to Bone's house from time to time. I used my chainsaw last Christmas and made Bone a statue of Tandania. It looks kind of like a Picasso or something because I used a chainsaw but it's the thought that counts. Bone is my friend that went with me the first time out to a huge pasture surrounded by trees as we both witnessed around thirty to forty Hairy Folk all shimmering in and out in front of our eyes. Thank you, Tandania. You are always welcome to drop by.

I am going to do something new in this blog and hope that you enjoy it. I have friends that I call on from time to time that help me see deeper insight when dealing with the Hairy Folk. I speak with Thomas Hughes a lot and he speaks with the Hairy Folk daily. Sometimes we speak with the Sasquatches together at the same time and laugh and swap notes. Many times the Hairy Folk get him to kick my ass a little and ask deeper questions. It is strange that I have the possibility to speak with Sasquatches and many times do not know what to ask. I know that that sounds stupid but it is true none the less. The new thing that I am going to do is ask my dear friend, Tracey Owen to look deeper at the questions that my readers are asking the Hairy Folk.

Tracey can look from a great distance and see things that I am overlooking. She has helped me incredibly much over the past two years and I asked her if she would take a deeper look into the peoples lives as they ask the Sasquatch their questions. All of us are different and all of us are special. I guess that it would be safe to say that we are all normal too. When I speak with the Hairy Folk I trust my feelings and what I am hearing. That is all really. Most of the time I read what I write for the first time after I write it. Tandania just came to me a half an hour ago when I asked my friends to join me in writing a new blog. It was big in my heart so I ran to the laptop and started typing. I read it for the first time when he said that he was finished and left. But like anything, always make up your own mind. Whether or not what I type here resonates with you or it doesn't It doesn't matter to me any. It is all you as it should be. Just always know that I'm not selling anything here. Everything about my Sasquatch experiences are free.

I am amazed at the path that this blog has taken. I just wanted to share my experiences in hopes that it would help one person to see the Hairy Folk with as much love and respect as I do. I never thought that I would be writing about aliens and planetary shifts and stuff. What the Sasquatch share with me is mind boggling. I now speak with a very tall Native American Indian looking guy from the planet Dakote, I have in home visits from a fourteen year old (FIFTEEN NOW! Ha. She just jumped in my head and said FIFTEEN! Ha ha ) Sasquatch girl named Machia. She speaks with my youngest daughter all of the time, been adopted into a Sasquatch family and Clan....etc... I have seen UFO's over my house. I have had distant lights flash in the sky when I have asked them to say Hi. My life has turned upside down in the past two years. It has all happened because I took the advice to FEEL. … not to think but to FEEL. I have tried to explain to people how this works but I don't know myself anymore. Just trust what you feel about something and give it importance. That is all that I do.

I am going to jump right into your questions now. Feel free to leave any more questions in the comments for everyone or facebook or something. I will read your questions and let any of the Hairy Folk answer that speak up like I always do. Then I will add Tracey's insight to the appropriate question.

LEO G. - Hi John, I hope you don't mind the frequency that I am starting to write to you... I wanted to share a little bit more about my meditations. I have had someone new in my bedroom at night. An older hairy person, much bigger than the person I have been feeling for a little while now. He seems like an elder of sorts. He spoke very basic English the other night and said- "you; make people; feel different" is what he said, but I got the impression he was asking me to project energy from my chest - like to promote heart space energy. I generally wouldn't do that sort of thing, as not wanting to intrude on others... So, I was just hoping to run that by you. Also, I think that I got my brother's name wrong - I don't think it's Tja Du, I feel that it's Tah-nu. I have been doubting it though because it is similar to Tah-je. Anyway, Tah-nu visited last night and he had his partner there too, and there little boy. He is very dark haired black, she is grey haired and their little boy is in between. They feel like family - brother, sister in law and nephew... the elder was there too. I never feel anything with my senses, but I feel that they are there - is it possible that they are visiting when they live on the other side the planet? Hope you're well John, and sorry for giving you more work. Kind Regards.

I hear Tahn-du. But I am very tired today. I will come back to the name and contact your friends and help you get started with your communication with them. Don't worry about writing me. I am here to help. I am glad that you are beginning to trust what you feel. Most have a problem with this. I will get back to you this week after I contact your friends.

I didn't get back to him like I said that I would because of my horrible summer. I am sorry, Leo.

Hey John, how goes it? Heya - I wrote an email to Thomas recently and wasn't sure what to make of his reply... I guess he's just a man of few words (with emails..?) This is what I wrote to him: Anyway, I wanted to ask you something... In the last 3months or so (since reading John's blog) I have been doing mediation every night and have had some visits - mainly from a dark haired male named Tah-Nu, his grey haired wife kah-sharn, their little brown haired boy, and a character known by grandfather. Well, they have been around quite a lot. I can only sense them in my bedroom at night, never see/hear/smell etc. but it was always as if they were 50% there. However, since a few nights ago, they are only about 1-5% there - it feels a bit like a memory of them in the space of my room (always standing in the same place that they were when I felt them properly). They showed me to project my heart space energy out and upwards towards the sky and when they showed me this, quite a few new faces seemed to come into my room - and we all did this together. It felt like we were blasting a hole in the grid covering the planet... Do you think this may be the case? Also, after they had shown me how to project my heartspace energy (and amplify with my hands) they sort of said 'goodbye'. Tah-Nu said something like 'see you on the other side, after the crossover'. These guys have been in my life for such a short time, but the love I feel for Tah-Nu, his wife and their son is so REAL. I understand that they are my brother, sister in law and nephew... Does that that fit with the understanding that you have, John? Cheers

Leo, I am feeling that this is not for me but for you. There is something about all of this that just does not feel right. If I am overlooking something, I am very sorry. Something is feeling strange about your story. I do not mean any disrespect at all. But either they are not sharing with me or I do not have all of the information. I feel that you are sincere and also mixing some exciting imagination in there. That is why it is fuzzy. Is there anyone that would like to jump in here and help me?

I will.

Who is this?


Thank you, TuKornu.

I would like to add that adventures create themselves. Your adventure is in the process of finding you. I would recommend that you examine your choice. Where do you want to go in your adventure. Don't let the adventure take off without you. Slow down and feel the next step. You have family that you have forgotten about. They are with you. Let them help you on your next step. Go to them. They will not come to you. You are close but can't go the rest of the way by thinking.

Leo G, what you did with opening your heartspace and projecting it is a wonderful thing. Often when we meditate we are guided to do things and our inner guide will help us to understand things by creating images that are familiar to us. I feel this is what has occurred with your meditation and feeling directed to project your love energy out to the universe. YES, there are many beings in the universe that will be attracted to your love energy and you will see and feel them in your minds eye. You have done a great thing and I highly advise you to continue. HOWEVER, let the love energy flow THROUGH you to the universe as that love is all around you. If you continue to use your own energy, you will deplete yourself and leave yourself vulnerable to getting sick.

Hey John, How are you doing? Mate - I was just wondering… did that last email that I sent not really resonate much with you? I have a question that I'd like to ask the hairy folk John.. : Occasionally, I sense a grey haired male visit my space… but he seems like an outcast living in isolation, not far from the area that I live in - in South Australia. He doesn't seem particularly friendly and I'm not sure why he would check in with me from time to time… I don't think he wants to be mates. Any ideas? Cheers John

Leo G., You are correct. There is a large grey Sasquatch that passes through your area. He has chosen not to participate with local clans. Respect his privacy and his choice. He is a good male and has his reasons for traveling alone.

Leo, I just asked him if he would like to tell you anything and he said, “No.” I got the feeling that it has nothing to do with you. He is busy like many these days. He was friendly enough just very focused.

ALAN- That's ok,. A lot of information has come along over a short period of time. You mentioned a little while back regarding those staying 3d bound for the other planet.....that people would be holographic too. That would make sense too, as those living a holographic reality on the biosphere would need complete continuity. A large percentage of the worlds population couldn't go missing without them noticing.

I know you, Alan. I have spoken with you before. You are not your body. Humans are not their bodies. Do you really understand this? No. You say you do but it is hard to do. When I say that you are not your body you think of your body and the spirit inside. Your body does not hold spirit. Your spirit makes your body move. All humans are holographic you see? When you shift with our great mother you won't take your body. Your body vibrates too slow to go.

Tograhnu, I feel where your coming from, Brother. But that might give people the creeps. What about dying and stuff? Leaving bodies means dying last I checked. Share some more please.

Fear comes and bites your ass. What are you afraid of? Body? Body is getting old anyway. What are you going to do with that body? Where are you going to take it? You don't know do you? All you know is that you want to take it. You wear your coat all the time? When you come in and get in bed are you afraid to take off coat? You are not that coat. You are only wearing your body. You don't need it one day. You are spirit! Spirit changes bodies like body changes clothes. Do not fear death! There is only the human word death. Death is not real. Even body goes back to make new life. Spirit never dies. Spirit belongs to everything. How can everything be nothing? My spirit hangs by body right in front of your face and you do not see it. Ha! Because I am spirit like you. Our spirit controls our body. Your body tries to control your spirit but can not.

Briefly about what's going on with me: In the Summer of 2011, after receiving instructions on how to make contact, I became close friends/family with the fairy folk (The Kids, multi-dimensionals, elves, gnomes, unicorns [yes, unicorns], dragons, and many, many others. I have pictures and witnesses. The pictures aren't public though). My ability to see them is limited but what I do see is constant. Ask your big friends if they are friends with these beings. About 9 months later, I invited the Sasquatch people to come. A few days later I started getting mental images of them and of landscapes/vistas I'd never seen before. A few days after that they showed up at my house. They were cloaked but they sure let me know they were there. They come and go now but we're not at the level of communication that you have reached (and there's a reason for that.) Long story. Thank you very much for sharing what's going on with you. Good to meet you.

Shane, All creatures in this world, even the ones that can cross dimensions, coexist peacefully. They have a respect for each other that sadly, humans do not. They all have their personalities and you have been shown and told ;) The vistas you were shown were of travels of the hairy ones. There is one specifically that was sharing with you. He is young (like teens) and is open to communicating. It will come slowly due to his elders not approving at this time. Be patient, be open, be honored.

Shane, I had some people come by last year that kind of freaked me out a little. They were small and kind of all over the place. I told them to leave. I told them that I did not mean any disrespect but my free-will-choice will be honored. I asked ToGrahnu to ask them to leave. They did but they sometimes circle my property just outside my fence. When I mind spoke with them they didn't really respect me. They called themselves the Virillians. Tracey helped me get it out of them. They did not want to speak to me at first. Do you know this group?

BILL H. - Thanks John. Anything new - the forest people didn't seem to like my last gifting - so I am looking for a little guidance.

Bill H, They sensed some contamination in what you gifted. Be sure food is organic or something you have grown. They are very sensitive to our toxic fruits and veggies. Natural peanut butter is a wonderful treat!

Bill, the man in your area and I have laughed a bit about some things. His name is BuKaCheff. He is very, very fast with everything. He and Thomas Hughes were on a roll about us for a little while. He made it very clear to me that he will not be taking anymore of your gifts until you find theirs. They have been leaving you something for a very long time. You would do well by looking for their gifts. You need to have some fun with this. Forget everything that you know.... His name is BuKaCheff (say that very very fast and you have your friend). (BUKACHEF!) (fast)

Good morning Brother, I thank you for taking the time to add to your blog. I understand now about the crop circles. And I feel grateful that other entities from other parts of the galaxy are using our earth as their beautiful “canvass”. I am surprised to hear that our human collective is also responsible for some of these formations. This simplifies what we already thought, but we never knew the message contained within the formations. Now we understand that they simply exist because they can exist.

I have some questions, about speaking with our minds while in the forest? Many times now, upon realizing about the nature of the hairy folk, I speak loudly with my mind. My intent is for them to hear me. Is it possible for other entities to hear my thoughts while in the woods? Should I be wary of this? I’ve also experienced a very bad feeling in the woods once, which scared me, and I didn’t return to those woods for some time. I realize this now that it was a test by my forest friends, to see if I could be intimidated. I failed that test, because I ran away. But I would like to try again. How do I ask my forest brothers and sisters for this test once again? Do I simply say that when I am ready again? Thank you hairy ones, for your Love!
Another few questions if I may, I have many, because that’s how I roll! HAHA

Adrian, I still have that from time to time. I have been listening to Mike Patterson from Sasquatch Ontario and taking tips on how to calm the jitters. The big ones are never seen. They do not show themselves. TuKornu is one of these giants and he is one of the most patient and kind people that I have ever met through this. But you are correct, there are other beings. The Dog People are big too and they are not to be taken lightly. I do not know that much about them but I do KNOW this. They feed off of your fear. They respect your free-will-choice. My Sasquatch family have told me not to come to the woods sometimes because they were there. I have gone to the forest the next morning and felt a death energy after they have hunted. Once I drove to the woods and my Lady of the Woods, Tahjee, told me not to get out of the car so I left. She told me later why. Even though I still get the jitters, I know that my Sasquatch family will protect me. They have many times. HoTahMay is in charge of all sentinels in my area. He told me that he has no interest to comment on this blog as there are others for this and he has his hands full already. But he is my friend. I have taken him gifts and walked in areas that he has warned me about. He let us pass because he knows my heart and intent. He has his eye on me and my family too. My point is this... I would suggest developing a bond with the Hairy Folk and let them help you with this. I can help you contact them.
Adrian, There is no need to mind scream :) Simply speak with respect and direct your thoughts their way. Yes, other beings will hear you but they pay no mind to what is not their concern. What you felt was not a test. There are times when inter dimensional beings other than sasquatch use the portals. There are beings that are not good and they give off a sense of darkness and bring a heavy, threatening feel to the forest. Animals will feel this too and you may have noticed the forest became quiet. You did the right thing by leaving. There is no need to apologize.

I am learning to open my heart and feel more. I think that I definitely feel the love in the forests, as my body gets goosebumps and tingles when I open my heart. However, I also feel the bad. And I don’t know how to feel the difference between the true bad energy, or the bad that is part of tests by the Sasquatch in my area. Do you have advice for me when I sit quietly in the forest and confront the bad energy around me, so I can protect myself during this learning process? Will my intent and free will be enough to stop a bad entity from trying to scare or harm me? I don’t expect my forest friends to “ jump in” and protect me while I sit vulnerable when my heart is open and trying to adjust my vibrations to a higher level. I don’t think I have the level of friendship yet with them. But they will certainly feel and hear my intent, and I know that they will know, that I am one of the few humans that are trying to connect again with Mother Earth and you, the wonderful people of the forests.

Adrian, Again, no test. You have the natural ability to feel the light and the dark. You don't ever need to confront the dark beings that traverse the portals. Give them respect and wide berth. You are human, they are not. When you feel this, stay out of that area. When you come to communicate with the hairy folk you will find that they will tell you the same. Just ask John! He has been told, and I have also communicated to him from the sasquatch, not to go into certain areas of the forest for a time. Keep a good and open heart!

I do have advice for you when you are balancing ...

Got to end it here. Many are asking when and I am too slow. I am sorry.  These relationships overwhelm me....


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Over your Threshold

I was tied up for a few weeks. The summer came in May and hit like a train running out on the field at a Homecoming game. I was unprepared for the stress and the train took me far away from what I really enjoy. I have had the worst summer of my life and I am glad that it is over. I am sorry for taking so long on writing a new blog entry. I will get right to the readers questions after this little bit here: This Blog tells of my experiences with the Hairy Folk. I have realized over this past summer that many people are having experiences. Some are new to visiting the Sasquatches in the woods and some have spent years doing it. I was a late bloomer. My experiences exploded into my life about a year and a half ago. I began this blog for me to remember and for sharing with whom ever may be interested. 
With the help of Thomas Hughes and a few others I met a few Hairy people who live in forests. I became friends with many and was adopted into a family that lives in my area. I have made many friends who have similar experiences online and have enjoyed sharing the love that comes from knowing the wonderful people who are referred to as Sasquatch. 
I followed advice and let my heart choose which advice resonated with me. In the process, I have learned to communicate with the Sasquatch through mind speak. If I can do this, anyone can do this. It is only a matter of feeling and trusting what one feels. The feelings began to materialize into colors that I could see either awake or asleep and then the colors became words. Sometimes there are not enough words in our vocabulary for what I would feel from the Hairy Folk. At those times I would rely on feeling only. With that feeling I would then be more detailed and simple with my questions. 
It is one of the most beautiful things in my life. People who have personal experiences with the Hairy Folk know what I am talking about. I have made many friendships with the Hairy Folk. And I have made a wonderful friendship with a tall man from the planet Dakote who is also friends with the Hairy Folk. His name is Mitawinasi. He has answered many questions of mine. There came a time a few months back where I began to feel that I should ask people, who read this blog, to help me ask questions. I felt that this would be interesting for people who found it interesting, If you know what I mean. I have learned a lot in the process. 
I am going to close now with this and get to the questions. I do not have an agenda. I do not ask for money or fame. There are many who could help make sense out of this better than I can. But I will keep writing this blog as long as people keep asking questions to the Hairy Folk. Remember... either what is said resonates with you or it does not. That is as it should be. We are all different and on our own individual journey's. Every journey is just as special as the next persons. I'm not trying to convence any of you anything. I could care less. Personally, I hope that you treat our brothers and sisters of the forest with respect and show them love because they are beautiful people on the inside and out but I will not try to force you in doing so.

Mitawinasi is the only non-Sasquatch that will be answering these questions. You can look to past blogs to find out more about the other friends that will be ansewring these questions.

nicholas fowler

I'm sorry if this is duplicated.. May I thank our brother from Dakote..your answer to my questions was very insightful, indeed, and has given me a further insight into where my own thinking has been going wrong. I am particularly impressed by your saying telepathic messages are going out right now. So, Mitawanisee, am I right in thinking there will be steady eruption of lets call it realization stemming from the impact of these messages, upon the conscious minds of the people?
how will this play out as we approach the threshold of the planetary transition? and are the masses being primed for making the choice to stay in 3D or go with the transition into 4D?I would like perhaps ti ask you about the starseeds and crystals amongst us but maybe at a later time. I wish you namaste and wodakote...

Nicholas, there is no right or wrong. This is difficult to comprehend but it is true none-the-less. Both words will take you to a different place than the other but who is to say which place is best? Without the other, your destination can not exist. Much has happened since our last conversation. Most of your questions have already been answered, haven't they?
The story is being written right now but has already played itself out. Can you wrap your mind around that? Probably not. But your heart knows. Trust it. Some will continue with this experiment. This will be easier without your corrupt leaders as they are on their way out. But most will go to a new reality where most of the universe resides at some level or another. It will be a reality of creation and love. Everything is happening right now.
Alan Casari
Greetings Mitawinasi, this is Alan.
You last spoke of our spirits spreading it’s wings every night while the body remains in the illusion. I wish to share my experiences with you and perhaps you could confirm my understanding of them.

Throughout my life I have always experienced what we call here as ‘sleep paralysis’. Moments before drifting off to sleep I would find myself fully awake and aware but my completely unable to move my body, feeling trapped as if the mind and body were disconnected and the more I would struggled the more I would feel this way. Sometimes I would feel an immense surge of pressure at the top of my head and even feel the presence of another body, at times holding my hand.
Each episode might only last a minute or so. This happened very often in my younger days, sometimes every night and I would be fearful of it.

As I approached adulthood the episodes occurred less frequently and I no longer feared them, in fact I began to enjoy them. I no longer felt the sensation of being trapped, I could roll myself out of my body so to speak and float away to where I desired,, passing through solid objects such as the doors and walls of my home. The only times I was unable to pass through them was when I doubted that I could.
I could visit places that were familiar to me in an instant, however they looked slightly different from when I saw them in my body. Anytime I felt any anxiety I would be instantly pulled back into my body, while trying to relax and think of nothing else would help prolong an episode. Each time on returning to my home and opening my eyes I would always feel great joy about what I had just felt.

Up to the present day I still experience this, only very infrequently.

Mitawinasi, for a long time now I have believed that I was actually feeling my essence, my spirit spreading it’s wings as you would say. This time I was in control of it and could fully remember it.
Is that what I have been experiencing?

Thank you my friend, I look forward to seeing you.
And again thank you John

What's the difference, Alan? Is there a difference? You would be surprised at how hard most of you work at forgetting. This little experience here is something that we have all created together. It is not real. Or is it? Are you your body? Or, is your body just a vehicle? Who are we? Why are we here? Why are you asking me questions and why am I answering them? Why am I not asking you the questions about reality and you answering them? Why are you working so hard at discovering your Sasquatch brothers and sisters and they watch you the whole time from behind a tree? Is any of this starting to sink in, Alan? The life that you are experiencing in this body began yesterday and will end tomorrow but we all live forever. You are that which you are hiding from yourself. It was your choice. It is difficult for the soul to go back into the body every morning. You also have answered your own questions have you not? If you are still not sure, read this paragraph again and answer every question that I ask you.

John, Thank you for kindly sharing such interesting adventures and information. Please could you ask Mitawinasi the following.

Mitawinasi, thank you for all the information you have given to the other readers. This is such an exciting time.

I would like to know at this current moment what is the estimated percentage of the Earths population that will be joining Gaia in the new vibration?

I understand the situation is dynamic and as you told another reader the details are constantly changing but is there an estimated time when the last of those that will stay in the old vibration will be on board the biospheres that will go to another planet in our galaxy?

Lastly will those joining Gaia in this new vibration one day suddenly just find friends and family missing from their lives not knowing where they have gone and the same happening for those staying at the old vibration going to the new planet?

Thank you very much.


These questions are being asked a lot right now at this time. Your internet is full of answers too, … to these same questions. If anyone answers these questions for you and you find yourself with more questions then that is clue number one that you are the only one walking around with your answers. What is your choice? The questions about your family trouble you. Why? What if I were to tell you that there is no such thing as separation? We are all of us one. Does that bring peace or are you fearful of friends and family not going to the same place as you? It is your experience, however, I would make a small suggestion about details. There is no end to details. Keep asking your questions but choose who you want to be as you search for your answers ... and do not get bogged down within the never ending drama of details. Some will continue this experiment without the shadows of your recent past. Others will discover the beauty of Gaia at a different vibration. Both are wonderful and made by you for you. Everything is happening right now for both paths. No one will be left behind. There is nothing behind, only forward. I do not answer questions about when because everything is happening right now. I do not answer questions about what percentage of humans when we are all one.
Thank you Brother John for continuously shedding light and truth to our fellow brother and sisters.

I have a question at this time for Mitawinasi due to the nature of the question, and what I feel is the correct channel to ask.

Hello Mitawinasi, it has long been a mystery here on Earth, in our earth years, about certain formations made in our fields of grain plants, and sometimes snow and Ice. We refer to them as Crop Circles. The patterns and geometry are sometimes very complex and elaborate.These are sometimes made by us humans that have a sense of humour, or a wanting to be infamous. I studied these formations and within them lie sacred geometry and the living plants have been manipulated in some fashion with some kind of unknown energy force. We study the plant's biology after the event to determine this. I would like to know if these are made by visitors to Earth, and what purpose do they serve? My feeling is that they serve as some sort of warnings, or perhaps to elevate the consciousness of the people. Can you explain what you may know of these?

Thank you kindly,

Crop circles are one of those things that everyone has gotten correct. Most have been made by you at a different vibration ...for you. Many have been made by galactic artists and musicians. A lot of them have been made by thoughts. Clues and helpful hints are hidden in plain sight. Some have even been made with a board and a piece of rope. Some are still waiting to be found and others are never seen. There are no secret “End of the world” messages that are being sent to you in such a vague way that you will spend the rest of your days here trying to find that one key that will end all of the drama. Do you always understand the creativity behind every artist? The information and messages hidden in some Crop Circles would fill libraries but the beauty can be enjoyed at your nearest news stand.

N. N. : Hey John, It was great to hear you on Bill Lee's show. I listened to it again last night and it inspired me even more. I had a very difficult encounter years ago, where a sasquatch projected intense fear/hatred at me in the woods at night - like about to rip my head off or drag me away and kill me viciously. Not only that, after I left, it followed me back energetically to my Springfield, MO apartment and harrassed me for 2 or 3 nights. I kept jolting awake, thinking there was an intruder. On the final night, as I jolted awake, it was hovering over me with the most gruesome, frightening expression - I literally screamed and it sort of shot around the base of the bed and out the door - never to be heard from again. I've never been able to understand the why's and how's of this encounter. I'm not perfect, but I can't see how I deserved that treatment. I have to think they're a bit more like us then they sometimes care to talk about, and there are loose cannons out there. Or maybe that was a "dog man" or South American. I'm sure you're inundated with messages these days, but I'd sure be grateful if you ever got the chance to ask your friends about this - what the heck followed me home that night and why? It's given me some real issues about entering the woods alone or at night. Take care, and I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.

John Allen: N. N., What you encountered was not a Sasquatch. It was an elemental. Not a nice one. You are very fortunate it left. They can cause great havoc in someone's life. You walked into an area that you shouldn't accident or by being drawn in. My dear friend Tracey Owen helped me out with this info. This is right down her alley of expertise. I ran into a dead end because the Sasquatch people were not commenting on this. This is why.... I would recommend remembering how this happened and avoid the same place. Hope this helps.

N.N. : That's fascinating John, thanks! I heard very heavy footsteps in the gravel creek below - guess I just chalked it up to a very heavy, physical being. Does Tracey do any kind of consulting or have a website of any kind? I'm not exactly sure what an elemental is.


Scott: Great to have you back. One question that wasn't mine is about their history - Scott who I work with wanted to know if they had any written history. So I guess that is question 1 from Scott.

TuKornu: It is I, TuKornu, that will be answering your question. There was a time that we lived together. We walked the earth as one with what was given to us. There were signs left at this time because we knew that the day would come that we would be hidden. The ancient cultures have many stories about us and we them. We remember. You do not. The Natives of your society still carry the secrets. They will share them with those who are clear with their intent. The days of hiding are ending now. Feel us. We are there. Call out to us and we will answer you. Listen with your heart.You will find us there for now. Be clear with what you wish to ask and we will tell you what you wish to know.

Bill: OK - with regard to me - first I want to relay that I have great respect and love for the forest people and want to thank them for protecting me and mine when we are in the woods. So I just want to thank them for that and for their friendship.

Tukra: You are welcome. It is you that have made this welcome for you and yours. Your intent walks ahead of you. We see this and feel it. We come to you and watch you so that we will know this. Respect is who we are. Knowing is what we do. Watching you is how we roll.

John Allen: Ha ha ha, Tukra. Are you getting the hang of this or am I or are you just being cool?

Tukra: It was not a question.

John Allen: Do you mean that your more funny when we humans don't ask questions?

Tukra: No. Humans forget that we like to have fun. We watch you and play games. Humans are too serious with us. It is good sometimes to roll with it. We answer your questions because it is good for us too. Humans have been asleep too long. We get tired of waiting sometimes and make jokes.

John Allen: Are you ready for another question, Tukra?

Tukra: Are you tired of my jokes?

John Allen: No! Not really. Do you have another joke?

Tukra: No.

John Allen: Ha ha! Your such a Badass!

Tukra: No. Just bad.

John Allen: Ha! Here is someone else's question. It is a bunch of questions. Are you going to answer them?

Tukra: Ask questions and we let you know.

Bill: I wanted to check to see something about a gifting that I made over the weekend before I reached out to you. I have been trying to learn all I can about the forest people and have developed a strong group of advisers - mostly native American. I have been in the woods on 4 to 5 occasions and have had some good interaction on most of those trips. Over the weekend I gifted sandwiches, apples, blueberries, and strawberries and returning today they were all gone. Can you ask -- was this gift received by one of their clans? Are they aware of me specifically? What is the quickest, easiest way to be vetted and accepted or adopted by a clan? Which clan should I be trying to reach out to - here in East Tennessee?

Tajee: We know who you are. There are those among you who are waiting for you to find a nice quiet place and sit down. Sometimes we have a hard time getting John to sit and be quiet. Feel your friends. They will test you at first. They will let you find your threshold. They will help you over it. The threshold is the fear that arises in you when you hear us. We will let you know that we are there when you are ready. The Sasquatch in your area know of your gift. But see it different than you. They know what you want to do. Talk to them about your gifts and feel what they say. Some Native Americans are not what they seem. Be clear with where you place your trust. That is all that I will say about that. It is you that knows what you choose. We know why you choose it. This is all that you need to find us. Your family will find you when you find yourself. They will help you. They already are.

Bill: Is it possible to request that the forest people not visit you at your house? Tell them that some hairless people have a black heart and are evil. They do harm to innocents - and have kidnapped and harmed children and women. Is that also the case in the forest people world? Are their rogue males or evil ones that have kidnapped hairless people? You may want to save that last question to a more appropriate time.

MaKee: Black heart is a black heart! Don't be fooled by Black Heart fears. You find what you search for and we do too. Black Hearts can fit into any body. We live with Black Heart humans all around us! We protect our families from them. You must do the same. Tell what you choose and stand for your choice with a big heart open for all to see. Black Hearts will not see you. Same with all of this talk. Humans with black heart will not see us. That is our choice. If a Black Heart human sees me I am the last thing that this human will see.

John Allen: Bill, Makee is a very big man with a very big responsibility. I hold him in the highest of high respect. He has helped many South American Sasquatch find homes around here that have been miss placed by humans that have cut down thousands of acres of rain forest to make a dam. He is also guarding a very special portal that I also know very little about. He is very busy and told me at first that he did not want to be friends at this time. He has since invited me back only to sit in a chair close to the edge of the woods as he does not want be to enter deeper. He said that he would visit with me. I showed him respect and thanked him for letting me walk through his home at night a few full moons ago. He just jumped in to my head right now for your question. Thank you, Makee, for taking the time to respond here. You are always welcome to do so. And yes, you can ask them not to come around your house. They will respect that but you may miss some fun. Ha.

Are you glad you can communicate telepathically or do you perhaps wish that you never went down that path? Finally when you talk to any different two people about what is heaven or what is the hereafter - you get two completely different stories. I think perhaps the forest people to some extent - feed you back what you are wanting to hear. Is that a possibility do you think? I was told from someone who talked to an elder - that they are the decedents of Cain. That they are their brothers keepers, and that they are the defenders and protectors of the forest. Is that accurate from your friends perspective? I also know that they have senses of humor and I am constantly amazed by how subtle they are. Tell them Bravo - they are excellent chess players. Finally, ask them what questions should I be asking them? That's all I have for today - feel free to call me any time. Thanks,

John Allen: You are probably right just as all of us are. All of us have created our own individual choices based on who we are choosing to be in relationship to all that is around us. Your last statement/question is who you are but it is different than my understanding and interests. And that is okay. Decedents of Cain, chess players, protectors of the forests are peoples understand of that which is. I am sure that there have been thousands of such stories dating way back. Those do not interest me or ever come up between us when we speak with one another. As far as the after life, my understanding has become knowing in my life. All of us are one. We are all that is. There is no such thing as death. All matter vibrates at different frequencies including this life and the life that follows this one. Love is all there is. The Sasquatch, the lion, the sheep are all my brothers and sisters.

Feel free to post any questions and I will ask our friends for the next blog.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Portals and Journeys

This journey knows no boundaries. The depth of All-That-Is, seems to be the same way. The portals that are associated with the Sasquatch are very elusive with their meaning. But now I know where some of them lead. One thing that I have learned during the time that I have spent with my Sasquatch family is that things are not often what I have always thought them to be. The giant of a man that I met about two months ago with Bone has not left my mind. MaKee is his name. Like I have told you before, he is about six feet wide at the chest. You can use your imagination as to every other measurement that would fit such a chest. Just as big as his body is the size of his focus and resolve. He was very short with me in our first meeting and that was the only thing about him that was short. He did not send me an artificial feeling of fear or anxiety. He let Bone and I know that he was there by sharing the form of his energy. This energy was big, obvious, and focused.

As we talked during that first meeting, I asked him what his name was. After putting together the syllables that he was sharing with me through feeling, he agreed that MaKeeAhTeh was his name. He said that MaKee was okay for me to use. As I left that first meeting with MaKee I left his woods with more questions. I had much to learn about that experience in the following days. He told me that he was pleased to meet me but he had no further interest in being friends at this time. Why did he say that? What had I done or not done? Tahjee and ToGrahnu left me alone with MaKee so that was all that I had to go on at first. That was enough. Tahjee and ToGrahnu are my family and I trust them both with my life. The next few days of putting together the pieces, MaKee told me, “John, all of us know who you are. You are respected by most. But there will always be some Sasquatch that will never want anything to do with you because you are human. Don't let that bother you. It is simply this way.”

I felt warm from what he said but could never let the meeting rest. Why was he so focused in that area? What was about that spot that made it so special? Why were Bone and I allowed to go no further at a certain point when we were out there with MaKee and his clan? I will share with you now what I know. I am not an expert on portals so I hope that some of you can also share with me what you have experienced about them. MaKee is guarding a portal that leads to a vibration that is just beyond our sight. These kinds of portals are everywhere. I really mean everywhere. The Sasquatch use them to travel and return to a reality that is beyond our sight. This reality, I have been told, may be out of our sight but all of us can connect to it through our feeling. I have been told that MaKee, like many others, are guarding these places from darker beings or energies. Certain energies are not allowed to enter these portals but many are trying to get through at this time. It seems that the veil is so thin between these two different vibrations now that humans are beginning to see or feel them... or both. I have never seen a portal but feeling one is something else. What I also find very interesting is that some beings and/or energies are not allowed to pass. Enough information is here somewhere on the pages of this blog over the past year that help to fill in the blanks about where these portals lead. I am sure that others have written about them in greater detail.

Three weeks ago I changed my approach. I began to be a little harder, funnier, and more sarcastic when communicating with the Hairy Folk. I felt that my relationship with the Sasquatch needed to mature into relationships that I thought that others were having. I felt lonely. The communication had come to a stand still. This is why it took so long to write this blog entry from the last entry. Yet the questions from readers still came and I got real insecure about all of this. I never wanted to force my personal views on the reader. I just wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that some of you would share with me and help me in making sense of it all. Thank you for all of your feedback and personal experiences. The circle is complete.

TuKornu came to be in a very big way. He made me understand. He said, “John, the energies of someone else's experience with us does not fit you; just as the energy of your experience does not fit another. Do not try to be someone else while developing your relationship with us. You came to us like a child. You came with respect and questions while always reminding us that you loved us. Your intent was clear. When you tried to live the experience of someone else, your intent changed into something that did not have anything to do with us. The energy of who you are is known to us and has become our friend. Wearing the energy that belongs to someone else only covers the light that is shinning from your own.”

Sasquatch Q&A:

(Thank you again, readers, for you questions. Your questions help me too.)

Adrian: Thank you John again for helping shed some light and offering your personal guidance. It's helpful, for those of us who are remembering to Love again, and see the splendor of our Home and it's residents.

In my past, I've chosen a Pagan faith. One that admires, and accepts the many facets of nature. Good and Evil, light and dark. One without the other simply couldn't exist. I chose the light, such as many pagans do. One area of interest for me is herbal medicine. It's been long taught, forgotten, and re-learned again, which of our indigenous plants and herbs help us for various ailments.

My question to the hairy folk is: for when a human wants to cleanse their bodies of the toxins and poisons we have eaten, what common plant can we look to, to help with the cleansing process. Many of us are still learning to feel and speak to the plants, and we are afraid of eating the wrong plants. I feel that our bodies are held down with these poisons. Gaining new vibrations is difficult. Is there a simple plant we can eat that will help flush all the poisons out so we may begin our path to our futures?

TuKornu: These are everywhere. The different parts of Gaia have different plants that share with us different meanings and stories. The stories that these plants tell are for everyone. But who stops and listens to these stories are few. There was a time when the communication between all on Gaia had no boundaries. All could hear and all knew how to listen. There are places that humans hid these stories. The reason that they were hid was because some humans wanted to tell different stories. Every plant is energy. There is no poison. The energy is different. This is why it is important to know what stories the plants have to tell. There are places where the stories are still told. You must look to your Native people for the stories. What humans call medicine is different that what humans call alternative medicine. The problem that you humans have made for yourself is that you have given the wrong name to the right remedy. Until you can hear the stories from the plants themselves, ask your Native people to tell you the stories.

Nicholas F:

May I ask a few questions of our brother from Dakote please? I have spoken via am email on youtube with Tolec over the past few years, and have I followed his teachings from the Andromeda Council. I also have a group, now over seven hundred, set up for this very purpose, I like to think mots are fascinated by what we are learning here vis a vis planetary Ascension.

Can Mitawinasee answer me the following please. What are the points of demarcation between what he knows to be taking place and what information Tolec has been given? Tolec has said many times and in reply to my questions, there will indeed be a physical transporting of people from off the planet whose soul choice is to stay in 3D. That there will be planetary wide telepathic contact by the star people with all the people of earth. My question basically is this … Was what Tolec says ever a possibility at one time and has the agenda for Transition and helping earth since been modified?

May I say the answer you have recently given Alan is most profound as regards the earth being in a biosphere I believe and makes a lot of sense. If you could expand on this a bit more it would be appreciated.
Wodakote and namaste... Nicholas F.

P.S. Please forgive my bad typing above, John, by all means correct any bad spelling or wrong words....

Mitawinasi: The Andromeda Council has made things very clear. Yet the Council is part of a bigger whole. What Tolec will tell you is this, and I will agree: There are many clues for you to find. None of us have all of the answers. But when you put all of the pieces together, you will be closer to the bigger. picture. At some point you must decide for yourself. Now, what makes this difficult is that things are changing all of the time. Yes, things are different today from what they were yesterday. This is something that you had better get used to as everything unfolds. If you get caught up in the drama's of details, you must recognize at some point that there is no ending to the details. There are people that have already made their way through some sojourn or another. Some are already in the new reality. Some have been taken to ships. Others are making their last choices. The telepathic communication that you were referring to is happening right now as you read these words. The separation between a reality where money is used to create a new freedom without your masters, and a reality where there is no such thing as money are both in the process of being manifested. Now, I ask you to re-read your questions again and compare them to what I have just told you. Everything is there for you to begin making your choice. While on your sojourn, beware of the bottomless pit of details.

TuKornu, Thank you for addressing Jennifer’s question. She is very grateful and deeply honored to receive this.

Mitawinasi, Thank you for your response’s They have been very insightful for me and hopefully for other readers following John’s blog.

Ok it is understood now that we are/have been living in a holographic reality. You have said that inside our little box of illusion, we see the Sasquatch and they appear strange to us.

Also Tahjee and ToGrahnu have both said to John in the past that ‘you are not who you think you are” Tahjee has also told John that it would be a very big surprise.

I’m wondering if how we see ourselves is also actually a projection of how we collectively think we appear. If so do you and the Sasquatch actually both see John and us in our true form? Perhaps we already are beings of a higher vibration that have long forgotten who we are? And some of us are soon to be unplugged from this illusion.

John: Mitawinasi has asked me to share this with you.

This is from a past blog:
Mitawinasi: “Just think of us all standing around a swimming pool together. I mean All of us. Some decide to jump in to the deep end. So when you jump, you submerge under the water. At that moment you cant hear, breath, and barely see. But you always come back to the top, get out of the pool, and jump back in. There are always enough of us to get you back out before you start to drown. This is an analogy for life.

John has learned to hear under water. He has stopped paddling for his life and learned to listen as he floats back up. He is beginning to see better under water. But both of these things, he is still learning. He has made it clear to everyone that if he can float back up, so can everyone. That is the only reason that he shares his story and this is a big reason why we keep giving him adventures to write about.

When I met John for the first time, I came to him in my body. I stayed hidden right outside of his sight beyond a few trees. He was looking right at me but did not see me. But he felt my energy arrive. He was very nervous. It was like being under water and hearing someone else dive in. Got it? He called ToGrahnu and ToGrahnu came right away. John was used to this energy from ToGrahnu already as they had spent much time together.

Now this is key to understanding all of this. ToGrahnu and I are friends already. We are standing up on the bank watching our friend and brother, John, swim under water. Very soon John will be able to get out of the water and see us. Right now he has learned to be still and quiet and look up on the bank. He can see us barely looking down in to the water. It is not us that jump in the water to show our selves while you are floating back to the top. It is you that must first learn to swim. When you do. You know that you will always float back to the top.

After we all celebrate for a while on the bank. You always jump back in and we do it all over again.”

Alan: By your statement that the answers are revisited by my self in my dreams. Does that mean during the dream state we are disconnected from the illusion? And is this also so during states of meditation and out of body experiences?

Mitawinasi: It is not your body that needs rest when your sleep. It is your spirit that desires to connect to All-That-Is that causes you to close your eyes. It is very difficult for your soul to be in the prison of the body for very long. It is only your body that stays in the illusion while your soul spreads its wings. Every night. In the morning you agree to forget. Call it an out of body experience with amnesia if you like. Meditation is different and the same.

Alan: I do have other questions but for now I take your encouragement to look for the answers from the inside. Yes I understand now it is important that if we believe and know that the kingdom is within then the answers will gradually come and we will remember.

The way that you previously described your home planet Dakote with water ways that take you where you wish to go is yet another example of how you live in harmony with your planet. Whereas we have excessively torn up and disturbed ours to build roads. There will be much for us to look forward to and find a better way.

Mitawinasi: I will see you sooner than you think, Alan. Know this and never think again, my friend.

Until the next time Mitawinasi my brother and friend. Thank you

And of course Thank you John.


John: Thanks for your questions, Friends. Thanks for your answers, Friends.