Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When I started this blog I thought that I had an idea as to where it would lead. I was wrong. I thought that I would share my experiences in hopes that they would help the hairy folk. I thought that the blog might lead to a book and that I might make some money along the way from this incredible journey. I thought that good ole' boys would drive by my house so that they could follow me to the woods and shoot one or that they would wait around in front of my home until a Sasquatch would drop by and take a shot at one. I thought that I would get made fun of or that my kids might run into trouble at school for having a Daddy that talks to Bigfoot. I thought that my wife might give me an ultimatum or something to return back to reality. I was wrong about all of these things.

What really happened is that I learned that the hairy folk needed no such help. I learned that it was us humans that were not as evolved as the hairy folk and that we were the ones that needed help in understanding the people of the forest. I still might turn this blog into a book but to make money from this in any way would completely discount my credibility. I have long since given up the hopes of making a million off of my story. I would make the book available to anyone free of charge. Anytime I see the words, “please send donations,” I run the other way and encourage all of you to do the same. I learned that good ole' boys do not believe one word of my story and have yet seen one park out front on the road in front of my house. I have learned that the hairy folk know about every human intent within their circle of reach at any given time. So, a redneck with a gun and fear is the last thing that they worry about. The kids have never had any problems at school from being friends with the people of the forest. Not only has my wife completely supported me, but her and our kids and I enjoy the Sasquatch together as a family.

Of course I have learned a lot more things, and have written about most of these things in this blog. But something new has happened lately that I would like to tell you about. It is about how I have involved, you, the reader of the blog. This blog is about the hairy folk, otherwise known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Yowie, etc... Your questions to my friends have cause me to really do some searching as to what I really know, what interests me, what does not, and what I want to stay away from.

I take pride in being a simple person and love has allowed me to get away with removing unwanted baggage from my life. I call it like it is as lovingly as I can and let everyone else be responsible for choosing to be offended, hurt, glad, sad, mad, or anything else. It is pretty easy that way. At least it is the easiest way that I know how to do it for my life. As your questions began coming in about crystalline bodies, new reality, high density, low vibration, star ships, holographic planets, and the like I just asked and low and behold answers would come. So I just let it flow as it was just a bazaar as everything else that has happened to me so far.

Somewhere in this past year I opened myself up to others that were out there in the great beyond. I really didn't know what I was doing (nothing new. Ha!). I began to receive messages from an entity who called himself Arch Angel Raphael. I really enjoyed speaking with Raphael. The feelings and words were so clear in my head. I started another blog called Arch Angel Raphael, channeled by John Allen. The word “Channelling” was new to me too so I just assumed that that was what I was doing. This went on for a while. April 15th came and went without a noticeable change of any kind. I had received from Raphael that our lives would change on this date. Maybe my life did change but if it did I didn't notice it. I stopped that and went within. I asked the people that I trusted the most besides my wife, kids, Thomas, and Tracey..... I asked my Sasquatch family and friends to help me make sense out of it all.

It was a great move. Here is where I belong. The adventures in my life have continued and I have grown with trusting my feeling and hearing my friends of the forest clearly. Here we are today and I was answering the readers questions and their names and I became scatterbrained as to what I was doing again. Here I was channeling messages again from some dude named Mitawinasi from the planet Dakote for readers who call themselves Morning Star and Star Child Indigo and stuff. I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” “Where am I going with all of this?”

So I began to reach out deeper to the hairy folk and we enjoyed a ton of laughs over my new questions. It made me feel much better. I wrote to a very dear friend whom I completely trust, Tracey Owen, and asked her to read my newest blog and tell me what she sees. I asked her to tell me how much is from me and how much is from my friends at a higher vibration. Strangely, she wrote back and said that she does not see very much of me at all in the answers. She sees that mostly I was just an open channel for everyone. Just so you will know,... if one is channeling or sharing a message from another being, it must be done together. It is normal for the channel to use their own words and so on because it is a different communication coming through. It would be like the message coming in in the form of liters and the channel say the message to the reader in the form of miles. There has to be some kind of translator device or something. There is no calculator for this stuff as far as I know. This is why I have always told everyone to use their own discernment with what ever I write or what ever they read from anywhere else. Either something resonates with us or it does not. That is it. There is no thinking necessary, even though I still do it form time to time.

I was getting ready to write this blog and answer no questions. I am not a new-ager or religious or anything, I just want to write about my experiences with Bigfoot and I do not want to be a channel for anybody, much less angels and spirits and what-not. But the messages to my readers were already there. . . So I called Thomas and told him about it. He asked me questions instead of giving me answers like he always does. He told me “what is it about channeling that you do not feel good about?” I told him about Raphael and stuff and said that my blog was supposed to be about the hairy folk. He said, “Why don't you just use the word communicator instead of channeler?” “Does that word fit better for what you want to do?” “Yes, it does.” I said.

After all of this, the Sasquatch people have been real busy in my head (that just means that I can hear a lot of conversations about me going on at the same time). Everything got relaxed and just kind of fit into place. So here are the answers to your questions. Keep them coming. I may feel differently than you do about something but I will share what I hear anyway. 

You readers just promise yourselves something.... DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS FOR YOU. I could be drunk or insane! Ha ha ha.... No, I will tell you what I hear but it is up to you to choose how you feel about it. Either it resonates or not. That's easy....
Love to all of you and have fun with all of this. All of your answers will be found within yourselves in the end...

Sending love to all of you, and special thanks to John and his Big Guests. <3

I'm with MomLobo. Still (and always) loving hearing everyone's voices and wisdom and love. Really gives me hope, and helps me breathe deeper breaths. It is good to be in the embrace of such sweet, smart words and spirits.

Mitawinasi, you previously answered ‘yes and no to my question ‘are you crystalline in nature’.
Did you mean yes your body is crystalline but first and foremost you are a soul, a part of the creator?

OK, many of us have learned much during the last few yrs about the move to a higher vibration…some call 4th density. There is much information on our Internet from various sources and many of us discuss about it among ourselves. However there are issues we are not clear about for those going to the new higher vibrational reality.
There is much debate about how it will happen.

Some have said that in a blink of an eye we will find ourselves transformed into a higher vibrational Crystalline being. Is this correct? This is the preferred choice…….And if so will we meet our galactic star families before or after this occurs?

Or must our 3rd density bodies die here in the old reality and then we are reborn as a baby in the higher density?

Lastly you have said that from where you are it is beautiful….thank you for that, it gives us much to be happy about. We only hope that it is not long for us to wait. Many of us have made complete change to have love for all that there is…..we step away from as much of the illusion as we can and have done so for many many years but we suffer much too, living day to day. We continue to smile and feel love each day but it has not been much fun living as a human here……I know I speak for many.

Thank you John and Mitawinasi.

It can be as difficult as you make it. You know that you have kept much from yourself. You must trust yourself. You knew what you were doing. We all do. The reality that you sometimes dream about already exists and you are there already. Think about this for a moment. What is real is all around you but you can not see it. What you see right now is something that was created by many. It is a construct. When you were with us, you could look down into this reality and see all of it's borders and limitations. It is quite small compared to all that is. You chose to get in. Now the part of you that is here with us is looking down at the part of you that is there and likes the view. Imagine all that is as being flat and happening all at one time. From where the part of you that is with us is, what can be seen is all that is. Now imagine a thin sheet of paper with a few small holes punched in it being laid on top of all that is. The only thing that you can see is only the small parts that are exposed through those little holes. The thin sheet of paper is about to be lifted.

Your physical bodies are being formulated by you right now because of your entire collective. The choices you make move things. The physical is changed from thought. Your thought is changing from thoughts that you used to think. This changes matter. Crystals have an organization. So do your atoms in the physical. As your thought changes so does your body. The atoms begin to crystallize and take on a different organization. This new organization of atoms that make up your body takes on a more uniform shape. Have you studied the organization of a crystal? Your body is organizing it's self in a similar shape from the smallest parts of the body's physical makeup. Now, that whole sheet of thin paper with the holes in it is also changing form. There are more holes. You are beginning to see more. What's left of the paper has taken on a different molecular organization.

There are three different possibilities right now in your perspective. One does not involve most of you. The remaining two are left for you to choose. You know what the choices are. I am not allowed by you to tell you exact details here but you can ask yourself about those details and you will be answered. I will tell you this. Your choices have to do with what is most important in who you choose to be on your way to where you choose to go. What kind of experience do you want to have? Do you choose to continue in this reality of me, myself, and I or do you choose to join us in a different reality of one? Both choices belong to you. Throw away which ever you reality you you do not choose and don't look back. Those two realities are going to cross any minute now. This crossing will be the last possibility for you to make your choice. There is nothing to fear now. There never was. The third choice is a reality for the ones that have made your choosing difficult. They have a choice up until the crossing. It only takes a simple choice. You have already made your choice and we can't wait to see you again. Most of you have. But there are some that have chosen the other and they will continue to experience something close to what you are experiencing now but without the powers that were. They will experience the world that they choose to create. That is all that I will share with you here. Ask yourself when you are alone.

John-- thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Tracy's perspective is very much appreciated as well.

I know the Big Ones have emphasized feeling, choice, and intent repeatedly. Could they elaborate on the differences/similarities between choosing and setting one's intention? I get the impression, perhaps its just me, that they are hinting that we are often too passive. Also, when I think of choice I think of a moment to moment, day to day scale; with intent I think of something longer range that requires remembering even though intent would seem to be about the "future."

I am Tukra. I like you. You save me a bunch of talk. Intent is who you are. Choices are who you are choosing to be. But they do not have to be different. Who you are is how you feel when you are most happy with yourself. Choices slow you down and stop the flow of your intent because you think. The best choice is when you listen to your intent. Other choices are when you choose what you think.

In some of your older posts the Big Ones told you the we have forgotten--ourselves, them, the earth and so on. But that it is not entirely our fault. Can they show us who or what else shares responsibility for the current state of affairs?

One more: could the Big Ones give us some pointers on how we might better "communicate" with the animal and plant life around us?

Funny that this question is only asked now. There was a time when we all were one in the physical because the physical was only a toy that we played with. We are spirit like you. But we are different with what we let make our choices. Our spirit is our intent. Our bodies make choices. This planet is our mother and we can hear her. You do not listen. All native humans knew what we know. That is why they were all killed. That is why we hide. We do not hide from you. We hide from the ones who killed the native humans. You know who this group of humans are. Look around our mother and you will see who is responsible for killing. One nation spread all over our mother and you can find them easy. Have you ever seen a native Indian go across the big waters to force the people to worship them? Have you ever seen a native Indian of any land force another people to dress like they do and worship their god? Have you ever seen a native Indian from any land kill an entire people for rocks in the ground? Funny is that all of you will return to the native ways. You will remember. Plants and animals belong to our mother. We are the same. To talk to our mother is easy. Feel it. Like Tukra says, intent will take you to where you want to go. Energy behind the words you say with sound have feeling. All understand this energy but humans. Come to the forests and talk to your brother and sisters, the trees. Then listen with your feeling. You know this. You just want me to say it. I did. Will you listen now?

Hi to all. Thanks for making this public John. My question is for Tograhnu : I am well aware that I am not my body. I know that I, my spirit, wakes up every morning within the confines of this biological space suit I call my body. Frankly, I’m rather tired of its density. I've thought many times about dropping such body, what a relief it would be! Why am I in this meat suit? Why are we all in these bodies? They seem so dense, so limited... What kind of body are you in Tograhnu? How do I get my body to be less dense? I am open to being shown.

Let your spirit show you how to move your body. You are feeling out of your body and reaching out to spirit. Do it the other way. Look at your body from spirit and love what you see. Then feel how both are one. Your spirit will show you how to leave your body. Your spirit will show you how to do wonderful things with your body. I know who you are. You have done this before. The best thing about forgetting is when you remember. That is fun. When you remember how to re-member then you can leave when you want. I tell you how. FEEL! That part of you that you are seeing from is not your eyes. Use this to see from a different place inside you. See your body from outside your body. Then look around you and see what you are looking out from. Then make your choice from that place.

Thank you

Greetings Mitawinasi I hope you are well, this is Alan again.
So I understand that I already exist at a higher vibration, meaning a fragment/part of my soul exist at a higher vibration. That being so, then actually does a part of my soul exist in all densities/dimensions?
Could you explain a bit more on this please?

About the new reality, can you tell us something about what is being manifested there for us, by us. I'm imagining infrastructure for housing,schooling, medical and more all blending in with the natural environment.

As always thank you


Alan, what you place your importance on in the reality that you are in is so important in another reality that it does not matter any more. If you could take Tograhnu's advice from above you would see that one of the greatest thoughts that you ever had is you. The part of you that exists in all realities and vibrations make a beautiful being. We all exist because we all are. We have made this so. You are the part of you that is where you are at. The other parts of you are connected to each other and to you. What you do not see is that without you they would not be. And nothing can not be. To much? John thinks so. A part of me is there with you. Maybe you gave me your order at a restaurant or dropped a quarter into my hat on a sidewalk. You are already here where we are. All of you are. Look, It is a lot. I know that many of you that communicate here in this setting go away from this with more questions than answers. That is how it should be because that is how you chose it to be. However, do not get down or feel that you are lost. Do not think that the world that you see with your eyes is the way that it looks. Your eyes can fool you and cause you to feel alone. The pain around you is not pain for the other parts of you. There are parts of you that have felt more desolation than the part of you that you think you are does. You are … and you will know this very soon. I will let the cat out of the bag and say that it only gets better from here … because we have all chosen that it will. There is nothing keeping you from being who you choose to be.

Again, enjoy these last few minutes of this reality because they are over. Feel the parts of you that are where you have chosen to go. Embrace. Discuss. Share. Join together for this moment.

John and I are old friends. He did not remember anything about us. But he learned to feel again. That is when he felt that I was there. He asked me who I was and the name didn't ring a bell. But we worked at it and things began to take shape. He still does not remember as much as he thinks he does but he is making the connections. That is all that any of you are doing. He asked one of the only people that he trusted at that time to help him find out more about who I was. His trusted friend is Tograhnu, a Sasquatch. Now he understands that Tograhnu and I were good friends and he understands that we are all connected to each other. He understands more about Tograhnu's people now; that their body is with you and their spirit is with us and they know how to connect to both at the same time. The Sasquatch people are very busy right now with their own adventures in all of this but many still choose to help you find your way back to remembering. Have fun with all of this. I mean really have fun now. Loose the doom and gloom because they belong to the past.


  1. Kick-ass stuff, John. I mean your own reflections and the stuff the Big Ones are saying. Tell Tukornu I said, touche.

  2. Greetings Mitawinasi, once again this is Alan.
    I think you have revealed much over the many dialogues with myself and others.
    I can see now that you and the hairy folk have placed much importance on who we choose to be. Who we choose to be has much impact on where we go.
    In your last answer you told me something that I had long suspected….that is a part of me/my whole already exists in other realities and dimensions. And you told me ‘to feel the parts of me where I have chosen to go’.
    The following is my understanding; a part of me is already in other realities and dimensions, however I am simply unaware of the kind of experience those parts of me are having because I don’t feel them. I only feel the part of me that is here in this reality.

    So a part of me is already there with you in the new reality….but at present I do not feel that part of me YET because my focus and awareness of being is here with the part of me in the old reality.
    Ok onto the shift……I am thinking that perhaps when we actually shift to the new reality, my body that I control here does NOT actually transform or metamorphosize into a new being. Instead it will be a shifting of consciousness, my focus and awareness of being to the part of me already there with you in the new reality. I will then begin to experience the part of myself there.
    While my old 3rd density body will continue along with those who remain in 3rd density. However I will no longer have any awareness of my old 3d body or of it’s experiences anymore.
    Please would you comment on this perspective.

    As always thanks to John for our effort and thank you Mitawinasi


  3. Thank you John for the work and the sharing of this information. In the last three years I have become aware of Sasquatch that have made themselves known to me in the little forest around my house. I would like you to ask your Sasquatch friends what steps I need to take personally to get a deeper relationship with these Sasquatch? and if they want to be in further contact with me, I want to respect them if they wish not to have any interaction with me. I cannot speak with them telepathically and I would like to work on that. Thank you again John and your friends for your time and energy you put into helping others with this knowledge.

  4. I am honored Tukra and TuKornu answered my questions. I want to meet them at least once, if not here then in the great beyond.

    I know what TuKornu is talking about from research and study, but I was recently shown something that makes what he said much more personal. In fact, now that I think of it, I believe Tahjee said something that very much relates to this a while ago. Anyway, it hurts a little bit (what I was shown), but at least now I have a sense (only that) of what I'm doing here.

    My question is simply this, why do the Big Ones choose to be here now? Seeing how they can "come and go," why not go to a different time and wait it out?

  5. Thanks for your questions, everyone. I am in the process of getting them to the Hairy Folk and Mitawinasi