Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014-2015 Part 1.

I was laying on the couch one evening last week and speaking with my wife across the room where she was sitting on the kitchen table and working on her laptop. As we were talking, I smelled a familiar smell. I did not know who the smell belonged to but I knew that it belonged to a Sasquatch. I have heard many people describe the smell of the Hairy Folk and I find that most descriptions are disrespectful and wrong. The smell of a skunk, for me, is not disgusting. It is just strong. I would much rather smell the natural fragrance of a skunk than a sewer or a fart belonging to someone else. I might change my opinion if I were ever to be sprayed by a skunk. When ToGrahNu arrives I recognize his smell right away. I have told him more than once that I like it. I also told him that that does not mean that he can fart in my face while he is invisible. He has threatened to so so more than once.

As my wife and I were talking from across the room my daughter and I smelled our new guest. We just got used to it after a while. Suddenly, my wife raised her eyes from looking me in the eyes and focused right above my head. We kept talking but she began smiling. I turned around and looked out the window and said, “what are you looking at?” She kept smiling and said, “I'm looking at the big man behind you.” My youngest daughter looked outside and said, “Ha! I see him too. He's got leaves in his hair.” I looked outside the window and squinted for a while and said, “ I don't see anything! Who is it? I don't know the smell.” My wife replied, “He's a friend. I have never seen him before either. He has long blond hair...” “With leaves and sticks in it!” my daughter yelled. “Yes, he has some leaves in his hair. He is very big!” my wife told us.

So I got up and went outside to say hello but did not see anyone. I felt him though. I welcomed him to my home and invited him in if he wanted to come in but he left shortly after that. I asked him for his name but could not get all of it as he was leaving. It was something like Bah-ti-ach-ee or Bugh-kee-ah-ti or something. That it has a B sound at the beginning is all that I know. I was never clear in getting the name in my head. He moved on rather quickly. My wife and kids see the Hairy Folk much more often than I do. My wife was born much more connected than I was. I awoke after having lived many years asleep. I have only been at this for a couple of years with the Sasquatch people. But I started waking up as soon as I left home at seventeen. My kids are more like my wife in the sense that they are growing up with all of this and easily trust their feelings already. I am telling you this to explain why my wife and kids SEE much more than I do. I see enough. The Hairy Folk somehow have it all perfect for me. They let me see as much as I need to. However, the communication is the most important to me. Being able to ask them questions and hear their answers is something that I do not ever want to live without.

I asked my good friend, Thomas Hughes, to find out what he could about the visitor. He said that the visitor was just checking on my family and I and our animals to make sure that everything was in order for the coming changes. I felt comforted to know that my giant friends have an eye on us.

I will ask the Sasquatch people your questions and this time I plan on asking a lot of questions myself.


Kick-ass stuff, John. I mean your own reflections and the stuff the Big Ones are saying. Tell Tukornu I said, touche.

TuKorNu told me to tell you, “Adombe.” I do not know what they means. Research a little and you probably will find out what he means.


Greetings Mitawinasi, once again this is Alan.
I think you have revealed much over the many dialogues with myself and others.
I can see now that you and the hairy folk have placed much importance on who we choose to be. Who we choose to be has much impact on where we go.
In your last answer you told me something that I had long suspected….that is a part of me/my whole already exists in other realities and dimensions. And you told me ‘to feel the parts of me where I have chosen to go’.
The following is my understanding; a part of me is already in other realities and dimensions, however I am simply unaware of the kind of experience those parts of me are having because I don’t feel them. I only feel the part of me that is here in this reality.

So a part of me is already there with you in the new reality….but at present I do not feel that part of me YET because my focus and awareness of being is here with the part of me in the old reality.
Ok onto the shift……I am thinking that perhaps when we actually shift to the new reality, my body that I control here does NOT actually transform or metamorphosize into a new being. Instead it will be a shifting of consciousness, my focus and awareness of being to the part of me already there with you in the new reality. I will then begin to experience the part of myself there.
While my old 3rd density body will continue along with those who remain in 3rd density. However I will no longer have any awareness of my old 3d body or of it’s experiences anymore.
Please would you comment on this perspective.

As always thanks to John for our effort and thank you Mitawinasi


That's kind of what I have understood but not so much. Let me share this with you, Alan, and then I will let Mitawinasi have the floor. EVERYTHING is about choice. Even within the laws of the universe, choice is what makes being one with all that is so delicious.

Alan, the last paragraph of your question sounds like a choice to me. You are using the word, “thinking.” Is that what you think based on what I have said or is that how you feel based on how you feel about what I have said?

Thank you John for the work and the sharing of this information. In the last three years I have become aware of Sasquatch that have made themselves known to me in the little forest around my house. I would like you to ask your Sasquatch friends what steps I need to take personally to get a deeper relationship with these Sasquatch? and if they want to be in further contact with me, I want to respect them if they wish not to have any interaction with me. I cannot speak with them telepathically and I would like to work on that. Thank you again John and your friends for your time and energy you put into helping others with this knowledge.

It is nice to meet you, David. We are all lucky that you asked these questions at this time. It is a good time for me to go over, once again, how to learn to speak with the Sasquatch people. Let me tell you the most important part first and I will throw an exclamation mark behind it: EVERYONE HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS! I am not special. I wasn't born with powers or anything. I simply followed advice. Examine your intent. Your intent is who you are. You can change your intent at any time if it does not suit you. Sasquatch people FEEL your intent. One can not fool the Sasquatch. Every time that you go to their home take a moment and show them your choice. I would suggest that you take a knee and touch the ground with your hands and thank Gaia for her beauty. Feel the ground and then know the Sasquatch are feeling it too. FEEL your way from your hands to the ground and from the ground to their feet. Let them know your intent. I can't help you with that other than sharing with you what I do. After I get on my knees and kiss the ground before I enter the forest, I stand up and hold my hands palm up. I tell the Sasquatch that I come with love and respect into their home. I ask them to let me know if there is an area that they do not want me to approach (they often do). I ask them for their names. I take sunflower seeds and green apples many times. I ask them if there is anyone that would like to visit with me. Some are busy or not interested. But many come and check you out. Ask an elder to send you some calming energy if you begin to feel anxious. Have fun! Just have fun! After you make your choices, allow them the same freedom. Do not place any expectations on them. They may toss a pebble at your feet and they may not. Nothing that you say will change this. Treat them with the same love and respect that you would show your family because that is exactly who they are.

Now... That seems easy, right? It really is. Trust the love of who you are at your deepest core and share this with them. Here comes the advice that I was talking about. Get out of your head and get into your heart. There are other ways of saying that and pick one of them that really hits home to you. . . . Do not think, feel everything. Trust what you feel about everything at that first instant before thinking begins. Hear the voices in your head after you ask a question and trust the way it felt. Ask YES/NO questions at first. I asked only those kinds of questions for months until I got the hang of it. Yes you are insane and crazy. Hell, we all are. Trust your self. Do not question your wortheyness, your talents, your special telepathic powers, your xray vision, or your ability to fart Mozart on command. Just trust what you feel in that first instant. Let it become your reality and move forward. Do not waste your time thinking it all away.

When you are with them, close your eyes and feel them. This was the hardest thing for me to do and I have heard that it is difficult for many experiencers like me. They will test your nerve by crawling up close to you and make deer sounds or hog sounds. They will test your threshold. Tell them that that is enough when you reach your limit and just about to piss in your britches. Listen to it stop. Come back the next night and do it again. Always talk to them and let them know what you want or do not want. They respect free-will choice. If they want you to leave they will let you know. Most of the time it is with fear. Ask them the next night if it is alright for you to return. I have been sent away many times. It is always for different reasons. I was told to leave once because the dog people were there and I was not ready to meet them yet. I was sent away because they were hunting and my daughter and I would have scared the meat away. I was told not to get out of my truck once because some South American Sasquatch were being escorted through the area. So don't take anything personally. After all they are Sasquatch and not human. You should worry more about the humans than the Hairy Folk.

By all means HAVE FUN with this. They are wonderful people! FEEL them! It may take a while to hear them in your head. It is distortions in you that is distorting what you are feeling. Ask them to help you with this and you will suddenly have an idea. Thank them and explore the idea. There is no right or wrong. There are some in your area right now that are willing to help you. They just chimed into my head and told me this. They are telling me to tell you to take it slow. There is a little opening close to the beginning of the tree line that they are telling me that is good for you to go. Do not go too deep at first as it might be too much for you to handle at night. You do not need a gun. They will keep an eye on you and your surroundings. You can take a little flashlight to find your way but only shine it at the ground in front of you. Have fun.


I am honored Tukra and TuKornu answered my questions. I want to meet them at least once, if not here then in the great beyond.

I know what TuKornu is talking about from research and study, but I was recently shown something that makes what he said much more personal. In fact, now that I think of it, I believe Tahjee said something that very much relates to this a while ago. Anyway, it hurts a little bit (what I was shown), but at least now I have a sense (only that) of what I'm doing here.

My question is simply this, why do the Big Ones choose to be here now? Seeing how they can "come and go," why not go to a different time and wait it out?

What fun would that be? I don't wait. Waiting is for not knowing where to go. Waiting gives your power to away to something that you are waiting on. If you sit quiet and and watch someone pass by, you are not waiting powerless. You are being still while the perfect time for you to move approaches. If you wait, you will always be late.

Tograhnu! You haven't chimed into my head for a while. What's up with you? Where have you been?

You have been busy. I have been busy. Others have been helping you with your writing. I've watched you and your family many times. I am and have always been a thought away. Much is going on right now. Your choices are about to appear.

I feel that I know what you mean about our choices appearing. I feel that you mean that our individual choices are taking place in our lives right now. What other Sasquatch people have told me is that you Hairy Folk are involved in this change in a big way.

Of course we are! This is our change too. We have made choices too. What your friend, LIMINAL CAT, is beginning to understand is that what is happening to all of us is happening to the whole of us. She knows why she does not want to just sit and wait. Now she is beginning to know that there is no waiting for any of us. A higher vibration does not mean that choices wait. You humans are a part of us and we are a part of you. Would you not help us find our way home if the rolls were reversed, or would you just sit and wait for us?

I know this, Tograhnu. You Sasquatches have shown me this over the last few years. That is why I am honored to call you my brother.

Yes, we are brothers. Now LIMINAL CAT knows how big her family really is.


Hi John, This is K, from Utah. I've been visiting with the tall people that live in nature.

My friend, who recently passed (Ceru), told me that he was incredibly tall. Taller than I'd ever imagined Sasquatch being.

I was wondering, if you'd ever asked one of the elders in your area how tall they are? Or what is your guess to how tall the older men are?

Well above 20 ft.

When I first met my friend, one of the first questions I asked was to know how old he was. He told me he was 139 years old. I asked him how tall he was and his reply was that he was not quite 39 feet tall.

I couldn't believe what I heard. I'd never heard of over twenty feet. I assumed the older men were around 20 feet. I laughed it off a little and said, "so you're 18 feet tall?" maybe I heard it wrong the first time.

"Taller," was his reply. "You're 25 feet tall?" I asked again. "Taller," came the reply. "27 feet? 30 feet? 35?" I kept asking. "Taller," he patiently continued to answer.

"You are 39 feet tall?" I I asked.

"Not quite that tall," was the reply.

So, that's how it went down for me and Ceru, when I first met him. I'd learned from your interview with Bill Lee, that the that older- -the taller- -and the nicer they are, so I was expecting tall because of his age but I didn't expect that.

Anyway, I asked around a little today. Thomas was the first to answer this morning. After what he said about an Ancient One named Ten-da, I feel totally comfortable telling people about how tall my friend was (when I wasn't sure before).

You've seen the elders in your area, so I thought you might have a good idea of how tall they were.

Anyway, I'll leave it open for your blog.

I have understood that Tenda's name is actually Tanda. Yes, this man is very big! He lives on a different planet. I spoke to him only once. The Hairy Folk from the Caman Islands are the biggest on this planet from what I have understood. I have never spoke with any of them. A friend of mine got really close to meeting one of them about a month ago. I will tell you that story in a little bit.

I will describe my family and friends as best as I can for you:
MaKee is a new friend. He is about 14 ft tall and at least 7ft wide in the chest. He looks very much like the Hulk in the first Hulk movie. He is also very focused. He guards a very important portal.

TuKornu is an elder that I refer to as my uncle. He is taller than Makee but with a shape more like Chubacca from Star Wars. He is almost 20ft tall. He is also tall and slim with some gray hair over brown. He is a very patient and gentle man. He has helped me many times with making sense out of things. He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands once. After a few minutes he brushed his finger across my palm and I was very peaceful. He can and has sent me these peaceful energies that make me very unafraid and peaceful many times.

Machia is a 15 year old girl Sasquatch that visits often with my daughters. She is about 6-7 ft tall but has never let me see her yet. I feel her height and her darker hair but that is all. She is a Sasquatch teenager and she knows very much more than this 46 year old human about those things that really matter.

Tograhnu is shaped like MaKee but just not quite as big. He is a very special person to me. I love him very much and call him brother for a reason. He has come to me a few times when I was afraid after I called him. When Mitawinasi came to me I was a little nervous. I called Tograhnu and he was behind my right shoulder in about 3 seconds. He told me that Mitawinasi was a friend.

Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) is a very important medicine woman in the clan. She is also the most special to me. I do not talk with her often but it was her that invited me back to myself. She is like a second mother figure or something. She is between 8-10 ft tall. She has dark hair and looks very close to the Sasquatch in the Patterson / Gimlin film but her hair is darker and longer and flows and blows more.

Tilo, who waves through the window at my eleven year old daughter at night, is about 8ft tall.

Machia's brother is built exactly like a professional football player. Perfect muscles and very short hair. When he sneaked up behind me he was shimmered in. When I turned around fast I saw him just disappear. But before he did I got to see that his body was perfect. I forgot his name or he is not letting me remember it right now for some reason.

HoTahMay looks very mean but he is a great guy. He has a very important job with a lot of responsibility. He is in charge of all of the sentinels in my area. He is dark skinned and about 18ft tall. His eyes look very mean like Jack Nicholson. He is smiling at me right now. Ha. I asked him about a year ago if he would speak through me for this blog and he just smiled at me like Jack Nicholson and said, “No.” He has let us walk into some pretty deep and sacred places. The wife, kids and I have taken him sunflower seeds on different occasions.

There are other friends and family but that is enough for now.

Mitawinasi is one handsome fellow for a human. He is at least 7ft tall. He is dark complected with brown shoulder length hair. His eyes are a different color than I am used to. I am not sure but they are like a gray or something. He has a very handsome and young face. And he is very much liking this what I am saying. Ha!

You should see how beautifully we see you there in this time of growth. The human being is is like a bouquet of flowers. The beauty is in the difference of the individual combining and becoming one with the whole. All of your skin colors, fat and skinny, tall and short are a work of art. If you had any idea why all of your bodies are so different you would probably be a little more tolerant of one another.

Would you tell us why we are so different? I mean … many of us feel it. I know that I had different skin colors in past lives or at least the two lives that you have helped me remember. Which one is me?

I want you to know that I am on to what you are doing but I will answer this anyway. It is good blog material. By the way, I only helped you in remembering one past life. The other is something that you figured out on your own based on the conversation with your wife. Let us take those two lives and compare them here. What I am about to show you is something that you have been in the process of putting together this past year.


End of part 1.
I am not trying to piss anyone off but I wanted to get the first part out because some of you have waited so long. I am working on part 2 right now and will post it very shortly after. I can feel that it will be a long one. I also have many questions now and plan on asking all of them that I can remember.

Be right back...


  1. Brilliant blog John. You mentioned about the big guy Tanda before....about 50ft tall and lives on a planet bigger than Jupiter!! Totally awesome, love it.

    Thank you for your comments and please could you convey this to our brother from Dakote.

    Hello Mitawinasi this is Alan in response to your previous reply. Very good I see…us Humans often assigned even how we feel instinctively about something to actually being thoughts. Thoughts can muddy the waters so to speak while feeling comes from the heart space which is connected to our higher vibrational self. That said I will repost the last paragraph based on my feelings about what you had previously told me.

    A part of me is already there with you in the new reality….but at present I do not feel that part of me YET because my focus and awareness of being is here with the part of me in the old reality.
    Ok onto the shift……when we actually shift to the new reality, my body that I control here does NOT actually transform or metamorphose into a new being. Instead it will be a shifting of consciousness, my focus and awareness of being To the part of me already there in the new reality. I will then begin to experience the part of myself there.
    While my 3rd density body will continue along with the old reality. However I will no longer have any awareness of it and the experiences it is having anymore. I feel this is the way it will be.
    Please would you comment on this.

    As always thank you and thank you John.


  2. Always so happy to see another post on this blog. :)