Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Lady of the Woods: Part 3, Everything Down the Mountain!

I'm so behind on all of this Blog stuff that this one is intended to just go through all of the experiences that I have had in the last few weeks real fast. Yes, I now know her name. I also have met others, been touched by two different ones, watched one shimmer out of sight, and tomorrow night my Shawnee buddy and I are going to drive deep into the woods and start walking. My Lady of the Woods has told me that there will be 4-5 clans expecting us (around a hundred).

Let me establish this for the record. This Blog is free. I don't make a penny from it. I also don't want to be famous or get rich from all of this. Believe it or not, I have everything that I need or want. If my story becomes book material one day then I will write it and sell it. If it makes some money, then you can hate me then. Otherwise, maybe the story resonates with enough people that more begin to awake to the fact that the hairy folk that live in our forests are us. They love, laugh, argue, travel, and are professional practical jokers. They have given my wife, daughters and I gifts, adopted us into their family, touched us, waved at us through our windows at night, and spoken with us until the we hours of the morning.

We have gone to the same swimming spot all summer and all of our gifts were taken except some sunflower seeds that we left in a plastic bag. We were told that they do not take anything in plastic as plastic is traceable. I don't really understand that one either. But will agree that plastic is one of the worst inventions ever, since we have never learned how to deal with recycling. I have left them grapefruits before but the grapefruits stayed put. I asked My Lady of the Woods why they didn't eat them. She said, “We don't like Grapefruits.” “Ha! Okay,” I thought. “I will leave apples next time.” “Yes, apples,” I heard. “But only if you take a bite out first.” 

I was sitting one of the first evenings alone at night when I felt compelled to drink beer after beer. It wasn't like me. I had my friend Thomas Hughes on the phone at the time. He told me that she was trying to calm me down. I smelled a skunk and told Thomas. Thomas said, “Wait! Do you still smell it?” I said, “No.” He started laughing and said, “You just got skunked, Johnny.” Skunk scent is usually omitted when they are nervous. After a while I felt a big hand touch the back of my head. I turned around in a hurry to see a big blurry nothing. He is a sentinel named Toe-gra-nu (I spell the names like I hear them). He came by to check me out. When he touched me, he felt my heart and looked into my mind. Thomas said that he approved of me. And I was allowed to continue getting to know the clan.

A few days later my youngest daughter came and got into the bed with us and said that there was a big Bigfoot smiling and waving at her through her window. She said that she smiled and waved back. My wife told me the next morning that she had seen him too. I found out later that his name is Tee-low.
There are two kids in the clan named Tee-ah-mon and Tee-ah-ki. Tee-ah-mon has been by a few times and the last time that he was here, he was trying to get the attention of my oldest daughter by throwing sticks close to her feet from fifteen feet away. My wife was leaning back in the swing an My lady of the Woods reached down and kissed her. My wife said that she puckered her lips and the sides of her mouth curl up on the sides. My wife said that she was beautiful; especially her smile.

As you can see, I am trying to get you guys caught up with what's going on lately. Therefore I have left the book style writing alone for a while. One evening I was outside with my two daughters. It was the same evening that the sticks were thrown next to my oldest. Thomas and a friend of ours, Lori, were on the phone letting us know a little more about what was going on around us. It seems that the reason that I was having trouble with mind speak that evening was because three of us were together and all of us are new at this. As my daughters jumped over the fence to get closer to where two young hairy folk were crouching, naturally I was following and watching. Thomas said very quickly in the phone, “Johnny, turn around!” Ha! It was great! I managed to get another glimpse of one shimmering out. He was about seven foot tall and slim. We both laughed as Thomas heard in his head, “Whatya do that for?” He was practicing his stealth. The young hairy folk males sometimes practice their stealth among hunters with guns. It's testing their manhood or something. At least that is what I've been told by them.

That same evening I had a very special visitor who gently touched the palm of my hand. He was the uncle of My Lady of the Woods. It is known that the bigger they are the nicer they are. He was around fourteen foot or so. He was a clan elder. He was very important person. I felt such a peace when he touched my hand. It was an honor for me.

Two days ago I was visited by a sentinel from the Kiamichi Mountians. He drove my dogs crazy. He sat about twenty five yards from me all shimmered out just watching. He said that his name was Knee-thumper because he thumps the knees of the young ones when they misbehave. He said that many of the Hairy Folk are interested in us. They find it courious that a family of humans like them.

Again, sorry for just running through this part of the Blog. I still don't have you all caught up, but we are closer. My Lady of the Woods has a name. And when I finally heard it correctly It caught me off guard. I had been hearing Tah-ji (like Tajmahal) for three days. But I had also heard that that was not all of her name. I couldn't make out what she was trying to tell me. Finally, I asked her for validation. “My Lady, is Tah-ji-ah-tee your name?” …. “Yes, Tah-ji is my name and Ah-tee is my roll in the clan. Call me Tah-ji for short.”