Sunday, May 11, 2014

Machia and My Daughter. Q&A Sasquatch

Thomas called while I was waiting on my girls. He told me of a lady up north that was babysitting a young female Sasquatch. She was a child and loved by the family. She was spreading positive energy and erasing distortions in their home and lives. Wow! I was amazed at the story and started dreaming of being in the same situation. All of our journey's lead to the same place in the end even though the paths are very different. I always enjoyed hearing about Mike Patterson's adventures with Nephitia up in Canada and would smile as I envied his conversations. I began to feel better about it as I began to understand what the two of them were talking about. But the story about the lady who was babysitting made me so happy for us humans. We don't have the best reputation among the natural world but we are waking up and getting a chance to change that.

Thomas called me about two days later after our previous conversation. He was laughing his ass off as I begged him to tell me what was up. He said, “I have just had a glance up there where you live and was informed by your Hairy Folk family that you have had a visitor in your house for the last few days!” “What are you talking about?” I asked. He said, “Machia has been in your house talking to your little ten year old daughter every night for the past few days. Your daughter and her have some kind of plan going on and you have been sleeping through most of it and her father is a good friend of yours and has been watching from outside” “Really?” I asked. Machia is a young fourteen year old female Sasquatch from my clan who has befriended my two daughters in a deeper friendship over the last eight months or so.

I have noticed a difference at home. Stress moved out and hasn't lived with us for about two to three weeks, It dawned on me. We are laughing the majority of the time at home and the four of us are more interested in each others projects and recreation. As I began to tell my wife about the story that Thomas had shared with me concerning Machia and my youngest, she started smiling and said, “Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you...” “What?” I asked “Tell me what?” “For the last three nights I have been speaking with a very big Sasquatch right outside our bedroom window. He has been playing games with me. He would tell me to look and he would say that he was going to show himself. So I would say Okay, do it. Then he would say, no no no. And I would say alright. Then he would say look and then he would say don't look. So I finally said that to do it or not do it and that I was not afraid, it was he that should be afraid of me. And then we would both laugh and the next night the same thing. You were sleeping.”

The next day I went to my youngest daughter and said, “Have you been talking to Machia lately?” She stopped what she was doing and looked right at me and said, “Daddy, I don't want to talk about it.” I started laughing at the realization that this story that Thomas shared with me a couple of days earlier was huge! “I will tell you later, Daddy, but I have to keep a promise that I made with Machia. Please don't ask me again, Okay? Please? It is all great! Trust me. I just made a promise to Machia.” “Yeah! Sure!” I said. I then began to mind speak with my big brother and protector, ToGrahnu. He told me that Machia was his daughter. I was blown away! I said with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, “Welcome! You don't have to wait outside, ToGrahnu. Come in! I just didn't think that you could fit!” “I can't. I wait outside and talk to wife.”

I talked to my oldest and told her what was afoot in her home in order to give a heads up. She loved the story and felt comfortable with everything. I began to think, “Why does everyone seem to know what is going on but me?!” Later I had the feeling that my oldest daughter was a little down. So I went to my youngest daughter and asked her if Machia or her had any idea what was going on with my oldest. I thought that it could be something to do with Machia making this secret with the youngest and not her (Are you guys getting this? I am not going to put my two daughters names in this blog so you have to put up with a lot of she and her).

My youngest daughter looked at me and said, “Daddy? Look. . . Machia and I are working on something and it will take a little while. OK? Just go to my big sister and have some fun. Ask her about school and stuff. Don't talk about Bigfoot stuff for a few days. She will see soon enough. Then you can hug and kiss her and tell her you love her. Don't kiss her and stuff before you have fun because that will get on her nerves. Kiss her and give her hugs AFTER you have some fun. Okay?” Hmm … who am I to say no to such clear and meaningful instruction. That evening my oldest and I had a blast.

What is going on right now in my home and a few others that I know about is something new. As most of you know, the Hairy Folk have been more open and communicative with many humans lately and it is growing. My Sasquatch family have been more focused lately on making sure that my wife, daughters, and I are balanced when the time comes. When I say “time comes” I mean that a beautiful shift is very, very near. I am not going to get in to what that is supposed to mean for who ever is reading this but I clearly understand what this shift is for me and all of us. That's up to everyone to feel their way through.

What the Sasquatch are doing are clearing up distortions. I know what this means. Read it again if it needs to make sense. They are simply clearing up distortions and we humans have many. Has anyone ever realized how our thoughts make matter? It is scientifically and spiritually proven so you can do your own research like I have. Do you realize how often we humans say something and mean something else? Have you thought about the thought that started the contradiction? Can you imagine how many macro and micro distortions that humans have on a daily basis?

Here are the answers to my bloggers questions as promised:
“...Perhaps your friends, because they do get to experience the 3D nature of "time" as we understand it, have a better "estimate". I know most don' ever like to answer on "timing" b/c things can change, predictions come and go. But at least for me, I probably have another month left before I'm the timing is pretty important, ...”

TahjeeAre you asking me to tell you when your life will change? Are you going to tell me when my life will change? Change is happening right now and change will happen later. Choose your change or change will choose you and maybe you do not like what change gives you. Homeless is without a home. Gaia is our home. Change is going to change your home. Are you going to let change decide what your next home will be or will you choose? You have the power to be you when change comes. Who do you choose to be?

“...It sickens me when I hear of people wanting to capture or kill them for a trophy. I hope some day we can earn their respect. I'm wondering, what is their major food source? Any idea how long they have lived on this planet? If Gaias essence is going to change over to a 4th or 5th density, are they going with her, or is all going to remain on this earth/ planet? ...”

ToGrahnuNo human can kill me. I'm ToGrahnu. Do not fear for us. We know what we do. How will you humans wake up when someone not there to show you. Do you know how many dolphins and whales die for you? They don't die! They sacrifice so you will wake up. That is what life is. When you see us we show you. 

We part of all that is. All that is is here for a long time. We come from a different planet that is not there anymore. We went to other planets too. Some times you look up and see us not just in woods. It is only humans that can not see not that we can see more. Humans use all the wrong tools for everything. See with heart not with eyes. Feel with heart not with fingers. Hear with heart not with ears. Know don't think or believe. 

Gaia is shimmering out like we shimmer out of sight to the hunter. Gaia is shimmering out to the human that is asleep and afraid. What is left for the sleepers is not Gaia. Gaia is our mother. She take us with her. Gaia kiss other children good night and let them sleep a little longer. They will wake up someday. Where Gaia leave the sleepers is that part of Gaia that is not shimmerd out. It is another place that looks like Gaia. Other place is sleeping too like sleeping humans. They will sleep together for a while. We stay with our mother with humans that choose to stay with mother. Only humans will see us with their hearts. On other planet humans will still look for us with their eyes.

“...when the Sasquatch change their vibration to one where they cannot be perceived by humans and they are not watching us, are they still in our realm/reality or do they exist in a completely separate realm? If so can they describe it. I would also like to ask you if I may, if you have anymore information to share from the two brothers from Dakote? ...”

This is MitaWinaSee from the planet Dakote. It is a pleasure to speak with you. We are busy. We have much to do right now. Many of you could only imagine what all there is to do right now. And we have our own lives. Where we are is a place that never speeds up or slows down. It simply is. We see you in colors different than you see yourselves. But most of that is because we choose to. We can see the energy of your poisons but we change the image to suit us. Your pollution looks different to us mostly because we choose for it to do so. The energy of your fear looks different than the energy of love. Feel the idea that I have given you tonight when you sleep and we will help you to see through our eyes. Use your thoughts to help create what you see. You know, what I am telling you right now would help you in many ways. 

For the first part of your question I would ask you to re-read what ToGrahNu shared about Gaia. 

As far as Dakote goes, our home world looks very much like yours in many ways. But it is very different. The over all hue of the planet has a red/orange/gold color. We have many huge structures. Most of them are stone or the same color of the ground. We have many beautiful waterways. The water takes us to where we want to go. But remember that everything is vibrating a little faster there.

Try to realize in your imaginations that Earth is a prison planet. It's humans are the prisioners. The prisoners are kept blind to all that really matters. All that you choose to see with your eyes is not real. It is a mixture of your collective imagination and the wall of the prison that has held you for quite a few thousand years. We are trying to get your attention from beyond the glass windows that surrounds you.

  Remember, the next time that you look at the animals of earth look at them closely. They can see us. They are not the prisoners. You are. The animals of your world, and I also mean our friends the Hairy Folk, are trying to show you the way home. Many humans do not think that animals have a soul. Most humans slaughter and eat animals. And all of you think that animals are not as important as humans. The entire universe is watching you. We love you. That is why so many of them come back lifetime after lifetime in order to show you the way. Salute their sacrifice. 

Thanks everyone for the questions. I enjoyed asking them for you. If you have new questions, ask them under this blog and I will put them in the next blog. 

Thanks, ToGrahnu, Tahjee, MitaWinaSee, Machia, Thomas Hughes, and Tracey Owen

Let me close with this: I am going to recommend someone if some of you would like to get more personal with your stories. She is the real deal, a real friend and a single mother raising her kids alone. If you take her time, she takes donations. Who she is able to contact and the love in which she does it is for sure worth something. All of us are poor when it comes to money but it doesn't cost me a dime to type this for my blog and press send. But Tracey gives more of her time since it is on a personal level. Sorry to talk about money. I do not want yours! Ha! I'm just sharing my story. Be careful of those people who want to help lead you to the Hairy Folk for a price. If they ask for your money then it means that they do not know the way. Love is all that you need if you want to find the Hairy Folk

Here is Tracey Owens contact info:


  1. John, Thank you for asking your friends those questions and sharing the answers with us.
    Also it's rather funny that even with your families interaction with ToGrahnu's family you still experience being left outside the loop just like all the other dad's I know lol.

    Thanks again I look forward to asking more questions.


  2. John thank you and your magnificent friends and family for such inspiring tales of hope and love, I truly feel honoured to share your incredible journey.

    I can also vouch for Tracey, thank you for putting me in touch with her (hi Tracey!), She has helped me and another to finally find out who we are, she really is the real deal :-)

    I could ask the Sasquatch and your other friends questions until their ears bled, but instead on behalf of the human family i will say "sorry" and "thank you" x

  3. Hi, John. Like everyone here, I'm really enjoying hearing about your adventures! I have a question for you. One night, a few months ago, as I was falling asleep, I heard someone say "Wina-name" in my head. Do you or one of your friends know who that is? The name (if it is a name) a little bit resembles the name MitaWinaSee, so I'm wondering if these individuals (MitaWinaSee and "Wina-name") are known to each other. Thanks!

  4. Thank you John, for taking the time in posting for us all. If I could ask, I would like to know from the hairy folk: How can we start to "feel" you around us. Many of us are aware of the sacrifices our earth brothers and sisters have made for humans. Many of us are sad and angry at the same time; that this is happening. But more important, many of us are interested in learning from the hairy folk. You can teach the humans that want to know and learn the ways of the olde ways. Are there some teachings you can offer for us to open our hearts so that we can finally meet in the woods and learn?

    thanks kindly,

  5. John, please convey our gratitude to both your Sasquatch family and Mita-wina-see for their words, they have been passed on to many who are becoming aware and looking forward to meeting them one day soon.

    I would like to ask Mita-wina-see the following questions if I may:

    1, The 1st time you met with John you were there in body. I would like to know since you are of a higher vibration/density then us, did you manifest a 3d body to be here or remain at a higher vibration undetected by human eyes??

    2, At times when you and Tah-wee-nah-say mind speak with John are you always there in body or are you elsewhere? For example on board an Andromeda Council biosphere in our solar system or even back home on Dakote?

    3 If you are on board a biosphere in our system, how long have you been here?

    Thank you for your time.


  6. I am in the process of writing the next blog entry. Thanks for your questions, everyone. They help me very much too.

  7. Greetings in Love from Montana. I have a question for the wonderful Hairy Folk! I saw something, (or someone) tall and dark and hairy, for an instant behind a tree outside my house. I thought it was Pan, the god Pan. Who was this? And does Pan exist? Will this being return?

  8. @ mtpeach - what part of MT are you in? I lived in Montana last year, was born there at the edge of glacier park. I couldnt believe how much sasquatch sign was around - tracks, howls, bangs on the side of my house, scat piles, wood knocks, clicks, stick glyphs. I love the interactions. I came back up to Alaska and it's totally different here....they're here, but they are really different