Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Loner from South America

My relationship with Oitoli is becoming more physical. In this process I have realized a few differences in my previous blog, entitled Oitoli, and this entry. As most of us know, it is useless to waste efforts in trying to predict how a situation will unfold when pertaining to the Sasquatch people. I have done this often and every time I have been surprised. In the last blog entry what I felt to be Oitoli was a collective of Sasquatch that I have spoken with many times. I have been realizing this as Oitoli and I continue to become closer.

The overwhelming loneliness that I have felt over the past couple of months prior to writing about Oitoli was Oitoli's own feelings that he was sharing with me. As I have written about before, he didn't talk much. The communication that I was having was from this collective in and close to my own clan. They were taking steps back from me and I confused this with Oitoli's communication when in fact Oitoli was only sharing with me the way he feels living here in my neck of the woods with my family of Sasquatch.

Let me clarify for the record who this collective is: Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) is a medicine woman in my clan, ToGrahnu is a sentinel of the clan that watches over my wife, kids and I very closely, Machia is a teen age female, about 18 years, old that speaks with my daughters often, A very special man named TuKra (who does not belong to my clan but is a very wonderful man that I met through Thomas Hughes), Mitawinasi the brother of Tahwinasay from the Andromeda Council (he is a tall native American looking human from the planet Dakote), TuKornu is an elder that shares an affection and friendship with me but has moved on and working with a different human even though we say hello sometimes, and a few others. There two very no-nonsense and very big sentinels that I am friends with from two different clans that speak with me often. I have met them while walking in their areas with my family and buddy Bone. They welcome me when I come to their area to walk but have stated many times that I should stay away from certain places...and I do. Hotahmay is the head sentinel at a lake that I visit often and Mahkee is the head sentinel at the other area that I have been with Bone.

I do not always know with whom I am speaking unless I ask. Sometimes when the communication is good I do not ask and could be speaking with a few at a time. I know that many of you mind speakers out there can pin-point a person out of the crowd in a second but I am not there yet. There are a hand full of you that I call on for help often and I thank you very much for helping me validate things and you know who you are. I couldn't have made it this far with out you.

My clan has backed up a little because the friendship between Oitoli and I is important in many ways. After writing this blog for a few years and thanks to the positive feedback and support, I understand that I am doing exactly what I wanted to do years ago. I never would have thought that it would be like this. I wanted to help the Sasquatch people but soon realized that it is in humans that I should invest my energy. My one goal, intent, and passion in all of this was to make friends and develop beautiful relationships with our brothers and sister in the forest. It is still this way. I have never included money in any of this and never will. I have never made a penny so far and have everything that I need. If I ever write a book I will make it free online. I share because it is important to me that humans understand that our family in the woods love their kids, are very funny, respect our mother earth, have sacred relationships with one another and communicate with other beings in other places freely as free will choice is the base of all of our interactions.

They let me know that Oitoli is from South America and has moved here only a couple of years ago when many Sasquatch people were driven from their homes in the rainforests of Brazil due to human deforestation. Our Southern family do not think very much of us for good reason. I can't blame them. I have nervously reached out to a few over the years only to be told that they want to have nothing to do with me. Only the females would tell me this. The South American men would not even speak to me. There was a family about a year ago that passed by my home for a while. I took some fruit to try and develop a friendship. The mother told me, “I understand what you are trying to do, but do not come back again.” I understood that she respected my free will choice and expected me to respect hers. I did.

Oitoli is lonely and shared this with me without a word. I did not like that feeling. I though that it was me feeling that way and mixed with the fact that my clan had distanced themselves from me, I wondered what I had done. I could have called Tracey Owen every day to help me make sense out of this but did not want to get on her nerves. It was the hollidays and her family were all in. So it was tough for a while. As the smoke settled I began to learn that Oitoli was being instructed to persue a friendship with me and he did not want to. He felt that he was being punished by the clan because he is a loner and goes off by himself often. My clan back away and Oitoli would only send me his loneliness. I guess that that was as far as he wanted to have to do with me. He did not speak. He would only interject this alone feeling on me. I got it.

After about three months the clan knew that I was ready to face my fear of the South American people and knew that Oitoli needed to face something within himself about us humans and they called a meeting together between me and Oitoli. A physical meeting. I called Tracey and we spoke on the phone for a while after our families had eaten supper and were watching TV and doing homework. She was able to communicate with Oitoli much more than I could up to that point. He knew her spirit from somewhere else and they trusted one another. Oitoli told her to tell me, while I was still there on the phone, where to go. The place sounded very familiar and then I remembered that my Native American brother and friend, Bone, had pointed out that place about three years earlier.

If most of you have read my blog entry about “The Stage,” Bone felt drawn to the area that Oitoli was describing now. In that blog entry, Bone and I went on and witnessed anywhere between 30 – 40 Sasquatch people shimmering in and out before our eyes. We were both incredibly lucky and grateful that they would trust us enough to do that but that is another story. You can scroll back and read about that night.

Tracey described to me that there was a deep gully there. There is a place on the bank that I should sit and wait for him. I told Tracey that he is asking too much. Hotamay told me not to go there at night because the energy was too strong for me and would make me sick. She told me that Oitoli knew this and had agreed to meet with me during the day. Wow! Awesome. I called Bone and asked him to describe the place for me so that I would know where to go and not get hurt or lost. He explained the place just as Oitoli had described the place to Tracey. I knew now what to do.

I had not been out for a while because the hairy folk come to my home often. Being able to mind speak with them, made it to where I seldom ever went out alone anymore. I go every weekend on hikes with my wife and kids but in the daytime. This was different. It all made sense but meeting a South American man in the woods alone is a very big step for me. I was always amazed at how Bone would just go out at night anywhere and never think twice about it. I was always a little more careful. Don't get me wrong, I trust them. But deep in the woods alone at night with no gun, campfire, phone, etc..knowing what I know now, . . . I really have to get in the right frame of mind.

That weekend came and went. I just couldn't get it together to do this. Oitoli wasn't making it easy for me. I was really on my own. After that weekend I called a very special woman named Julie Turtle Hagen. She was able to fill in many of the blanks. She made me realize and understand that this was very necessary for both of our peoples. A situation had presented itself to me and it was up to me to choose who I want to be in relationship to it. I went last Sunday and it was one of the most awesome experiences that I have had so far.

When I asked Tracey to ask Oitoli what type of fruit he would like for me to bring, he told her, “big, green, and to be peeled.” Every green fruit I had thought of was too small for a Sasquatch to have called “big.” I went to the store last Sunday morning and asked Oitoli to look through my eyes and tell me what I should get. When my eyes came to papaya, I felt a joy. They were big and I bought both. I got in the truck and headed to meet Oitoli at about 9:30 am. I got out of my pickup at about 10 and headed off into the woods. I found the gully right where Bone said it was and I knew that it looked just like Oitoli described. I was nervous. The weatherman forcasted rain but it was very still, dark, and quiet. I sat nervously with these bigass papayas in my arms and looked all around. They were all probably laughing their asses off. Ha! It wouldn't have been the first time.

I calmed down just a little...just enough to walk about 20 feet deeper into the woods and placed the fruit up high in a cedar tree and went back and waited. After about twenty minutes, an unknown calm came over me. I became very relaxed. I thanked him. I kept talking to him but now more calmly. I kissed the dirt and thanked our mother for making this possible. I felt Oitoli feel me as I sent my loving wishes of friendship and respect to him. I thanked him. Then I smelled him. It was amazing! It was wild and warm. The scent was just to my left and filling my nose when the ever so light movement of air blew.

I turned around and looked behind me in the direction of the fruit and the smell went away. I slowly turned back around and faced the deep gully. I let my feet hang over just a little and the smell came back. I spoke out loud like I had done the whole time so far. Quietly I said, “Oitoli, I smell you, brother. You smell better that I thought that you would have.... you smell wild like the night. I probably smell pretty funny to you.” I began to think about the shampoo that I had used in the morning and wondered if it smelled good to him. Then in front of me off to my right, about 40 yard across the gully I heard a loud snap! It was a big branch. I looked with my eyes wide and said. “I hear you, brother. Thank you for letting me know where you are.” Another big branch broke, again on purpose. I realized that I was getting excited. Too excited. I ask him to send me some calming mojo again. He did. I thanked him. I relaxed.

The smell was constant and beside of me. On my left side. I was calm. After a few minutes, in the direction of the branches breaking, he snapped his fingers. It was two close together and one snap to follow up. He did it again from across the gully to the right. This time I did it back. It sounded just like his snaps. He then snapped about ten snaps in a row quite quickly. As I attempted to snap back, he snapped again two together and one follow-up on my side of the gully about 20 yards away. I smiled and was still very very calm. I kept my gaze in front of me over the gully. He came closer. I could hear him walk. I was smiling and very calm. He stopped moving and snapped his fingers again, two times together and one follow-up snap. He was within view behind me and I knew it and yet I kept gazing over the gully. His smell was all around me this whole time.

He was quiet. I was quiet. I was happy and calm. He reached out with his mind and felt me. I knew that this was the most important moment in all relationships that I have ever had with the Sasquatch. This was the moment where nothing could be hidden. He knew what kind of man I was at this moment and he knew my intent. I passed the test. I know that I would have never have gotten this far if I had anything other than love, respect, wonder, awe, friendship, and more love in my heart. I felt that it was alright to turn around and I did. What I saw was beautiful calm golden brown scenery. All of the leaves were the same color of brown except one patch of leaves in the shape of a Bigfoot from chest up. The leaves looked as if fall had only now began to change them. They were of a lighter hue than all of the rest and looked like winter had not touched them yet. I felt a friendship. I felt at peace. Then I heard Oitoli tell me that it was time for me to go. I did not want to go. I said, “really? You want me to go now?” But then it hit me. Everything was very very clear. Our first meeting was just exactly as it should have been. He was in control. I took love with me into the forest. He knew it. He had made the visit calm for me. He had showed me that fear can be turned on and off with a thought. He had spoke to me.

When I stood up and said good-bye, the rain started. That was funny. I turned back to look at him and to see if he had turned on the rain. I smiled and told him that I would be back next weekend with more papayas. The leaves were beautiful.


  1. Jhon, you described this so well that I almost feel like I was there. I am looking forward to reading about how this relationship develops.

  2. As always, I am blessed and honored to be a part of this wondrous journey you are on. Honored to speak with our brother and sister Sasquatch. One day, I hope to make it down there again and walk in the woods with them.

  3. As always, I am blessed and honored to be a part of this wondrous journey you are on. Honored to speak with our brother and sister Sasquatch. One day, I hope to make it down there again and walk in the woods with them.

  4. That's such a beautiful experience Cowboy... I hope that this meeting changes the dynamics and you become closer than ever with your hairy families. Looks like you have started to change the mindset of one S.A. Sasquatch, perhaps you have set your fate in motion and will continue to develop this monumental relationship in time. I too wish I could walk your lands with your family one day. Perhaps once again in the not too distant future. The Canuck.

  5. Yes, beautiful post, John. Made me a little teary. Thanks for sharing all that you share.

  6. John,
    I have enjoyed all of your posts and every part you share with us! This one was very beautiful and your description was amazing! As the reader I could almost feel as if I was there in the forest. Thank you so much for letting us know of your journey. Thank you so much for all the questions that you answer and big thanks to the hairy folk, Oitoil and all other being that you have communicated with and shared here. I hope one day that I might be so honored to communicate and mind speak myself (Even if I live on a city). A big thanks to Tracey as well.... I know she's such a beautiful person on the outside and on the inside :-) I'm looking forward to reading your next blog entry..... thanks again! :-)

  7. If it's no trouble maybe ask them to help out a woman name is jazmine and lives in NY

  8. If it's no trouble maybe ask them to help out a woman name is jazmine and lives in NY