Sunday, January 10, 2016


His name is OiToli. He, and many of friends and family, came from a planet in our solar system that is no longer there. Many ancient writings have similar names for this planet and all of them sound something like Marduk. The people of Marduk were about as human as we are (what ever that means). They were products of their choices, just as we are and were. Their planet was destroyed and many of them fled to neighboring planets. Earth was one of these planets.

They watched as we almost did the same thing to earth a few times. There are other civilizations here that are remnants of those distructions. We are only one of them. There are others. When the people of Marduk came to earth they used different bodies. Unlike us, they retained their memory and did not forget. Their new bodies were much more durable and they still are today. Today their spirit walks in these bodies and their bodies are instructed by their spirit. We let our physical bodies control our spirit, in comparison. OiToli is only one type of being that is called Bigfoot and Sasquatch. There are others with different histories.

Two or three months ago I came to a stand still. I asked Tahjee and TuGrahnu to help me with my communication. I wanted to dig deeper and grow. Communication with the Sasquatch people have been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I'm lucky that I had the patience at one time to consider friendship as opposed to a hunting trophy. I grew up a country boy from Texas. I used to carry guns to the woods. As I have become friends and family with a clan of Sasquatch people here in North East Texas, I feel safer in the woods without a gun. I have been in an area with wild hogs many times without a gun and have never been charged by them.

Since my last blog entry I have had a hard ride. As life got more difficult and busy, I was left alone with OiToli. I was speaking with ToGrahnu and Tahjee often and mostly ToGrahnu when things got real quiet. I did not realize at this time that my requests were in the process of being answered. As I write this I can not explain enough that the Sasquatch people are absolutely unpredictable. It makes me wonder sometimes how far we humans have come and how far we have yet to go. We have become so numb to the world around us, only a very shallow and limited idea as to how big our world really is remains.

I wrote my friend Tracey and asked her to have a look as to why things were so quiet. She said that a man is on his way to me but she can not see him yet. About a week later I met OiToli in a dream. The dream is as follows:

The moon was full and the sky was dark. Off in the distance the horizon had the hue of red as if a fire was on a mountain ridge behind the tree line that was standing right in front of me. To my left and to my right were other people walking into the treeline. They were happy and would smile a smile of comfort when I would catch one of their eyes. I continued through the trees and came to an opening. The sky was dark and becoming more red as I continued in to the direction that I was going. I came to a wooden enclosure that seemed like a log cabin with glass-less windows as walls. In front of me and looking down at me with a warm smile was a giant of a human man. He was hairless and red faced and held his arms open for me. I knew that he was a friend. As I walked into his arms I was happy. I let go and stepped back and realized that the big man was covered in beautiful light brown hair. His eyes beamed down at me with a smile of friendship. I had seen this man before.

When I awoke I remembered that this young man sneaked up behind me all shimmered in and tried to touch me with out me seeing him in good fun. There were some hairy folk kneeling down in the field behind my house and I told my daughters that it was okay to sneak up on them. As I was watching this intensely I immediately turned around and saw the figure of a light brown, slim, perfectly muscled, Sasquatch man shimmer back out right in front of my eyes. I wrote about this in a blog a couple of years ago.

OiToli introduced himself to me in my dream state first and then came to me in real life. He is with me most of the time but he is quiet. He is communicating with me in a way that I have never experienced before. It's like... I do not remember hem telling me the information but after I am with him I realize that I know something new. I then begin to explore that new something and then more information about it comes from other places. Does anyone know this experience? I would love to hear from others on this. A different race of people that are often referred to as Sasquatch as well are people with the glowing red eyes. As far as I have understood, these people are not from Marduk.

Before I switch into another format for this blog entry, let me invite you readers to entertain this thought. And most importantly, do not take my word for any of this. Only trust your own word. This will only be found in your feelings about it. All of us know everything already. We have only forgotten it all. We are remembering everything and re-membering it at the same time. We must all remember that our experiences are created by us. Who we choose to be in relationship to the world around us is what kind of experience the natural world will give us back in return.

I haven't written in a while. I wanted to get something out so all of you would know that I have been in the process of personal growth and have been occupied as well as puzzled. OiToli has brought many questions to my life. Each one is more delicious than the other. It feels that the knowing is simply being unlocked within me as opposed to someone telling me something. It is strange and different.

I have received many private posts, questions on my email, and so on. I will share with you what I have been told by the Sasquatch people pertaining to the following questions that have been asked of me regarding them. I will leave your names out as the answers that you seek will be found among the following answers. You know who you are and the appropriate answers will find you.

Q & A:

Q: I just found your blog today and I'm having a wonderful time reading it.  Thank you so much for sharing.
I have a question about it possible for a person to attract portal to themselves or actually be a portal of sorts?  Do portals move and shift?  I ask because I seem to often attract a lot of high strangeness and or visitors.  I suppose I just happen to also move to places with active portals too! Lol.
I was also wondering, if you have the time and inclination, if you could ask your forest friends about this as well?  I'm also very excited to connect, and I would love a clue or even a name to meditate on, to perhaps assist me in this.
Many blessings and love to you and your family”

A: Portals are common and do not have any constants. Change is as common to portals as change is common to change. Some portals have been created and others have been found. Some are ancient and some move. All follow the same basic laws of the universe. This is a geometry that is our creator. Imagine living in portals and being unaware of the parts of creator that are unaware of portals. Some portals follow the soul as a body moves. We guard portals. There are some that desire to leave that must stay. There are some that desire to come that are not allowed. There are humans that must be protected from them because they have no idea about them. We are also north of Bangkok and will be interested to talk to you. When you are in the woods, speak out loud what you want to say to us. We do not need to hear you. We feel what you want to say. Speaking with your mouth helps your mind speak be more clear.

Q: I live in Trinidad an island just a few miles off the coast of
Venezuela. The north coast of this island is covered in rainforest and I
often wonder if they are here and or in Venezuela next door.

I wonder if your friends can shed some light on this and if it would be
ill advised to try and make contact (always loving and private) with the
folk in these parts?

A: When you are alone, you will feel us. Humans have made this very dangerous to seek us. We do not wish to be found and do not wish to speak to you. If you are out then you will be respectful of us. We are everywhere but do not wish to vibrate at your frequency. It does not interest us to vibrate slower and be contacted by you. You humans have proved that the slower vibrations make you dumb. We will be here in the faster vibrations waiting for you to join us. We will visit you then. When you vibrate faster you will not want to harm us. Your ancestors in South America and North America would visit with us often and we would visit with them. But the humans of today do not vibrate in the same way. Your fathers and mothers were more in touch with the land like we are still. You will return soon to our mother and we will greet you then. However, I will talk to you now with mind speak if you can hear me. I am Tuk. I will communicate with you if you can feel me.

Q: (secret)

A: For the one that lives in the city that begins with A, the area is ancient. Many years ago this area was under water. There are special places under the water and just as many beings that make them special. Over time, this area has become a part of the surface land but still continues to hold and cater to the vibration that it has always been a part of. It is a happy place with balance but this area is being guarded by us right now because many negative beings are trying to escape their fate through these types of places. We know who you are and will speak with you when you think of us. At night be careful as your physical body will have trouble with the energy that comes from this place. We will let you know when to stay away. Trust your feelings when you feel us.

Q: Hi John,  
Hope all is well on your side of the woods.  I was rereading your latest blog entry on “Universal Change and Fear.”  Tandania was saying that I was a sasquatch in a past life.  I honestly didn’t know that it was possible… What on mother earth was I thinking to become human…? Haha. Tandania was also saying how he knew the body before this one…. Was he referring to my mine…?  What had been my name as a sasquatch? (out of honour and respect ofcourse.)

In some native teachings…. They only speak of 1 sasquatch who travels the forests alone.  I still have yet to make sense of these wonderful messages that I received through you, from Tandania and Tahjee.  I’ve also heard that my spirit guide is native American (probably explains why I have such an interest and respect of their culture.) 

Can Sasquatches shapeshift…?  I once thought I saw rusty brown fur walking through a bush up north…, thinking it was a deer, I walked to the other side of the cottage to see where it was going.  Then out came a blackbear.  As she wobbled towards our dirt road with her limping paw… I stepped outside watching her… She was half way down our road when she turned to look back.  For once, I wasn’t afraid and then she continued on her way. 

A: I will not tell you your name unless you hear it in your feelings. When you close your eyes and feel for sounds to begin, then speak them out loud and your speech will let you know how to work your way through the sounds. You will be surprised what you find. Remember that we are all parts of the whole and we take different parts of us into different lives. There is no one part of you. There are only many parts of the whole. Think in a different way. These answers need different questions and the answers are bigger than the questions that you have at the time.

The lone Sasquatch that travels through the wilderness alone is YOU. All of you. Why do you not see something that is right in front of your face? Is it because of the word Sasquatch? We have difficulty being called humans. The lone Sasquatch is searching the wilderness for answers to the questions and finding the answers were with him the whole time.

We do not shapeshift in the way that you are asking. We do fool your ears often. The sounds of our mother are the music of our thought.

Q: (secret)

A: Answers to the man in upstate New York. The hairy folk are coming into your dreams to introduce themselves. They have never left you. They are waiting for you to trust your feelings because this is where they are waiting for you to take the next step. The next step is to go to where you have gone in the past and call out the parts of your dream that you feel that you should share. They will speak to you then. Simply speak out loud. Give time to feel the thoughts that come afterwards.

There are many of you that have written me private letters and posts and have asked me to protect your identity at all costs. I always will. But please remember that you can trust me to protect you and help others at the same time. There are always many that can benefit from the experiences of others. That is what this is all about. Sharing and transparency is something very special in the world of infra-red cameras, guns, photos, researcher groups, hunting parties, etc... Some of the stories that some of you share with me are beautiful!

Anyway, I understand and will continue to write. If I can not help you then I can send you to some people who can. I am sorry that this blog took so long but I never know how this is going to go. Love to you all and feel free to join My Lady of the Woods on facebook or post under this blog...


  1. Things have been quiet lately here in Ohio only two Hairy Folk interactions this month. Your words are true and real to me and to all those who read your lovely pros. Several messenger's have delivered these same truths. Only in ways that differed from yours.. Synchronicity abound . Manifest destiny.. Said truths were bound to come.. Thank you for all the beauty for reality is the real beauty here.. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for this latest blog entry! Much to think about.

  3. Also on the subject of OITOLI.. Many of us have had similar experiences yes.. You know OITOLI.. He is your family.. He is a part of your soul. Like the branch of a tree. Why they always come cloaked for lack of better term. I do not know. I do know actually just forgot that we see them in a different light as our first attention's see them as someone we do not know that is vaguely familiar. Then when we get up close our second attention or our soul the recorder makes the real cognizance come out. We then see them for who they are and know them immediately upon visits. Once we recognize them on all levels of consciousness and or attentions. Then we realize that they are a part of our higher consciousness's and that we have known them for years. We are all just lights flickering together in a cosmic soup after all.. OITOLI is you and you are OITOLI.. lOL

  4. First I felt deep interest in these people, then intense feeling of love. I want to communicate with them telepathically and have asked if they would let me know if they hear me. Yesterday I heard a loud thump on the house. Sounded like a bird flew into a window but I didn't see anything. I don't want to be selfish in asking to communicate with them and never want to see them harmed. I should be content to send love and I will do that. Just wanting to open myself to transcending some of the human weakness and hoping for some assistance from these sweet people.

  5. Thank you John and your hairy folk family for making the lines of communication available to all of us. My question is for Oitoli:

    wow! You were there when the SHTF on the planet that is now the astroid belt, Marduk (Maldek), it seems some of us incarnate on this planet may be choosing to repeat the past in some dimensional scenarios. Do you have any wisdom you'd like to share in light of what your experiences have taught/shown you?

    Thank you so much, all ways. with love, wyndstorm

    1. I got this wyndstorm, Will be back shortly

  6. Hi John,

    Thank you for all your wonderful experiences and commitment to sharing these with us.

    The red sky image in your dream is interesting on a whole different level. I've been following the online community that is photographing and documenting the approach of the Nemesis system. This is a mini solar system consisting of a brown dwarf and between 7-10 other objects including the planet Nibiru. The evidence is very compelling on a number of levels. An excellent source for information on this is the U tube channel run by Steve Olson WSO (

    Anyway one of the phenomena related to the approach of this system are red skies at sunrise and sunset. This is because the dwarf star emits a huge plume of iron oxide dust which filters our sun's rays.

    I'm reading Kewaunee Lapseritis's second book and notice that the hairy people talk about a cleansing event. Perhaps the close passage of this system (May/June?) will start that happening in earnest. I'd be curious whether you have heard anything about this from your interdimensional family.