Thursday, April 9, 2015


Last night I saw TuKornu from behind. I was thinking about him. He had been very reclusive the past week or so. With a thought, he turned around and looked at me over his right shoulder and smiled and then walked out of sight. The love in his smile was one of a family member finally waking from a long coma at that a-ha moment of recognition. He left and told me that he will be a thought away. He will be working with a very young man named David or Dave who lives on the edge of a very big woods where the trees are very tall like ancient pines or something. If you are reading this Dave or David, whoever you are, you are about to have the time of your life. You are in the best of hands. TuKornu has been right inside the treeline the last few times that you were there when you were feeling something was out of kilter. The only thing out of kilter is where you are coming from not where you are going. Your are about to be tested. Remember to ask questions like “should I leave?” “would you like to talk with me?” “will you keep me safe from hogs while I sit and put my back to this tree and talk with you?” Let him know that you come to him with respect and thank him for being patient with you. At first, what you will feel, Dave or David, is a feeling of electricity and the answers will be mostly the feeling of yes or no. TuKornu will help you make sense out of it. He is a very wonderful man and he was young when your great grandfather was young. I envy you. Have fun, Davester.

My experiences exploded into my life. One of the few brilliant things that I have done was to write this journal. I later felt that I should share it with everyone but it was just a journal at first. Now it's a blog. No telling where that name came from. Keep in mind that for the past couple of years as my blog grew from telling you about the physical experiences, then the mind speak, then alien type stuff, then meeting an alien named Mitawinasi, to start answering questions for you (the readers) from them until right now............. There have been many things that I have not shared with you. It is time.

The most profound conversations I have had over the past few years have been with the hairy folk who have become my family. They have shared with me story after story and experience after experience. There is just simply not enough time in the day to write them all down. The things that Mitawinasi has shared with me have been so wonderful and awe-ing. I followed him once over his right shoulder onto a boat and got to see his planet. This was when my body, that is doing this typing, was asleep in bed. I remember the conversations that we had as I was blown away with the golden hue in the air that touched everything.

Tahjee told me and my 10 year old daughter not to get out of the car one night and go away. She was busy. I learned out later that there were “Dog People” in the area and that it was dangerous for us. I remember asking, “Dog What!?” …. Enough of that for now. You get the Idea.

I began writing this blog about three weeks ago. Every time that I began to close my eyes and let my fingers type the answers to your questions, from the hairy folk, … it would feel like only me typing and I would get insecure. I would then try again. There is no try. So I began to have conversations and let come what would. Nothing made it to the keys. Then I got sick. It was a weird sickness that touched me every where. I never get the flu, probably because I never take the flu shot Ha!. I eat healthy foods, go jogging, go on long walks in the woods with my dogs and family (probably where I got the skin cancer. It's gone now. All frozen off), and let love show me where to go and what to do. Something wasn't right. Then I got a private message form my friend Alan. He said, “Dude, why don't you ask Tahjee to heal you?” I hadn't thought of that, I mean after all... she is a medicine woman in her clan. She let me know right away that she can not heal me unless I want to be healed. She said that she does not heal anyone. She shows people how to heal themselves. She worked with me and showed me inconsistencies that I had with body and spirit. “Everything is one and connected,” she said. Over the next few days I realized that this blog was going to be different.

It is clear to me that I am to share with you what I know about everything that has been shared with me, up to this point, from the Sasquatch people. It is just so different than you could imagine... well maybe not. You can do what you want, obviously. But I would recommend staying neutral and giving your self the chance to let resonate what will. You know by now that I could kind of care less because I have no agenda. I have never made a penny from this blog and if any of you were to see me doing it then I beg you to call me a liar and never take me serious again. There is a curse on money. We all know it, but our physical bodies have been made slave to it. I always keep money far away from that which I love.

Imagine and atom. Feel that the electrons circle the protons and neutrons from miles away. Stand on that atom and watch the electrons encircle you. Look beyond and see that there are many more atoms a little further away. Wow! You notice that they are all a little different; different colors, different sizes. You take a deep breath and look at your hands as your body begins to grow super fast. While your body is growing, you look back at the atom that you were standing on and see that it, along with the atoms next to it, are joining together to give shape to something else. Wow... the beauty of it all! Everything working together to make a whole. “A whole of what?” you ask. A bigger atom it would seem. Stop! There is no end in sight. You let the air out of your lungs and are amazed that there was so much air in them. You keep deflating and see that single atom coming back in sight.

You slow down but keep deflating. As you get smaller you realize that you are standing on one of those electrons as it circles that big proton. You continue to get smaller until all that you can see is that electron getting bigger and bigger under your feet. You notice the green and blue. They are beautiful! The greens and blues are blowing in the breeze. Welcome to Earth.

All that is … is. There is no end. All that is knows that all that is … is, but it is not enough to just know. All that is wants to experience all that is so All that is goes to one part of it's self and experiences that while looking at the other parts of All that is. All that is experiences separation. What an experience for All that is. All that is separates itself more and more and gives individual choice to it's smaller pieces. Wow! What an experience All that is is having. It is one thing to know but it is another to experience that knowing.

The smaller pieces of the ONE whole begin making more creative choices. Changes begin to happen from each part of the One interacting with the other. The One creates more choices and an experiment begins to take shape. The One is love and knows that it is love but want's to experience love. So the One devises a grand plan. In order to experience love the One must experience fear in order to appreciate what love is. The One asked for volunteers. Some little parts of the One volunteered to bring fear into the experience so that other parts of the one could experience love.

The One got more and more creative and began to share the experience with other atoms that were near. Each atom began having it's own experiences over ions and ions. They were all atoms joined, they are all the One, and we continue to experience.

As we all small parts of the One continue to make our individual choices giving All that is the experience of a lifetime, we have forgotten. Why we have forgotten has not been completely our individual choice. Smaller parts of the one began getting more creative with their individual choices. They began to choose for other parts as well. There became a conflict. They agreed to take turns in experiencing different sides of the experience. As we agreed to the experience, we agreed to forget in order to make the experience that more delicious. The other parts of the One kept us here and locked us into a repeat of the same experience lifetime after lifetime. The One has experienced all of this experience that the One chooses to so the One has made a grander choice to change the experiment. One side did not want to change. This side became addicted to the control over the power of individual choice. This side used fear to keep the experience going. But fear is an artificial construct created only to be able to appreciate the grandness of love. Love is the One and the One is only love. There is nothing else. At this time in this experiment the One has chosen a different experience for us. The Sasquatch tell me that this is what has all of the gazillion atoms in a buzz. Neighboring atoms have been having their experiments too and are here at this time to watch and help us through this change.

While the experience has played itself out here, our mother has been hurt and damaged beyond repair. This beautiful blue and green electron is going to vibrate at a faster energy leaving behind all evidence of the battle that took place on here skin. She has been shaved, tightly wrapped, poked holes in, poured chemicals on and she has made a different choice for a different experience now. Slowly both sides are realizing that if she disappears from this vibration and only exists at a faster vibrational frequency, … what happens to the ones that can't vibrate at that speed? The Sasquatch tell me that they can. They must simply choose to. That is it.

I am so just like many of you who chose to and then ask, “Okay, I chose. Now what? I don't feel any faster vibrational speed or what not?!” Here is the clincher. . . We human beings are in a cage that is sit upon this giant table for all the universe to see and watch. Yeah, get over the shock it's no big deal. Just remember that there is no part of the ONE that is any better or worthy than you are.

Around our one sided glass prison are many different Sasquatch people from all kinds of planets. There are many different human being type beings... all different shapes and sizes. Some have two hearts and some have blue skin. There are dragons from dragon planets and there are bird people. There are reptiles. I laugh when I read Bigfoot face book articles trying to prove whether or not Bigfoot is a human. If they had any idea that the Sasquatch people sometimes roll their eyes at the small distance a human mind can stretch before it begs for mercy, they would close their eyes and open their hearts. Most people have no opinion about our brothers and sisters in the cosmos. How would they ever think that all animals, trees, and bugs are just as a part of the ONE than they are? I heard one redneck say, “Can't grill it if I don't kill it!”

Sasquatch people are helping many more of us now to better understand who and where we are. It is very humbling to realize just how big we are in the grand scheme of things. Here are some facts that the Sasquatch have shared with me.

There are many different sizes and shapes of Sasquatch on this planet and others. Not only do they hide from us but they are also hidden from us by the side that has controlled this vibration for so long. We have been brainwashed, tricked, manipulated, lied to, robbed, and cursed by a hidden group. All of our modern leaders know that a small and secret group have had control of this experiment for eons but are powerless to change it. Those that do are eliminated. All things on this planet that have to do with love, harmony, peace, etc... have been eliminated by the group that has control in the little glass cage. This is why the Aborigines, Native Americans on the South Continent as well as the North Continent, Tribes in Africa, Celts of Ireland, and others have all been wiped of the face of the planet and, whats left of them, are controlled by the dominate and dark race that is in power today.

What is going on today around us is many things. Our mother is leaving this vibrational reality and taking many of us with her. There will be a hollogram left behind that looks like earth for people who still want to experience money, politics, and separation. Some call this detox, appropriately enough. Others, like me and my family( and millions of others), are going to vibrate into a reality where the hairy folk are. It will have everything there except all of the bullshit like money, polution, politics, lies, corruption, games where one side looses, and so on. Instead it will be more of a galactic civilization where love, technology, creating, living in service to others instead of trying to take all you can get for yourself, etc... will be the agenda for the day. Galaxy exploration is part of every race of beings except us because of the cage.

This is all happening right now! Look around. Find out what is really going on. FOX, MSNBC,CNN, and propaganda outlets like that, are all owned by the group that wants to keep us here. The same group that wiped out the Native Americans are the same group that is hiding under hoods calling themselves ISIS and are trying to pit one side against another. They are the same ones that planted people in the Wall street protests and made them violent so that the police could shut the people up. I was shown what lies just beneath the waves off of the coast of the Ukraine. The middle east is full of ancient evidence that tells us who we really are. Why do you think that there is war there so often. Oil, yes, but not the only reason. Why has the ruling elite group in power today, caused so much devastation in Africa and everywhere else? Evidence is everywhere! The South American rainforest is being destroyed because it is the only resource that those people have to sale on the worlds stage. The CURSE of money...

Alright. Enough of that because it is important that everyone understands the most important things that the Sasquatch people have helped me to understand. It's not our fault! We have a choice! They are here to gently assist us if we so ask and help us anyway if we do not ask because they are family. One of them is telling me right now that they are not human but it is us that are Sasquatch. He's laughing but this kind of thinking would give us a little much needed humility as a species on this planet. The ONE has called all parts together at this time for a new choice. We are leaving this game because the experiment is over. They told me that we will not be reincarnating here anymore.

Yes, Sasquatch people are on the Andromeda Council; so is the brother of my friend Mitawinasi. There are elementals, small flying beings about the size of a dragonfly that look like us, dragons, dog people, lion people, bird people, those little gray bastards with the big eyes, taller ones with eyes and gray skin, …... there are reptiles with wings and bear like beings that are very big, and light beings that have no bodies, and the list goes on. How grand is the creations of the ONE. They are all around us now just watching. Some are willing to jump into a conversation at anytime. Others only observe. The amazing part of it all is that we are all one... in both ways. We are all one and we are all ONE. See it? There is none of us that are more important than other parts of the whole.

There is nothing to fear. Fear is a choice. There is nothing to be offended by. Being offended is a choice. There is nothing keeping anyone of us from communicating with other parts of ourselves. All of the parts of ourselves are ONE. Bam! Some of you are getting this! Ha, I feel it! A-HA!!!!!

I am going to answer questions in a follow up blog. I have asked Tracey Owen to help me with the questions too. I am working on them with my friends and she with her friends. You won't have to wait long.

As I write this I am surrounded by beings that are vibrating at a speed just a hair above mine. I can see their outlines. I would like to introduce them to you and meet some of them myself as I do not know some of them. They have helped me write this blog.

Tahjee, ToGrahnu, Mitawinasi, are here that I feel right away... Who are you?
What that means is all of you are a whole of something? Is that correct?
Okay. I'm doing my best... May I see you? ...One is very old with a long robe and big hat. One is like a gray/light blue... kind of bigboned in some kind of one piece suit with a belt. The Visitor is here that I met when my daughter was in the hospital. I wrote about her in a past blog. You can scroll back if you want to.

A very clear and beautiful voice said that it was enough for now. I should stop and we will pick up later. There are others here but I feel that I am not going to be introducing anyone else.

Hayoka is the name that the Sasquatch people have given me for doing this blog. 


  1. I danced Hayoka as a child (maybe 5 years old) as a traditional dancer from standing rock. Never knowing what it meant until my mother told me after the song was finished I was surprised I remember but also thankful. Good blog John :).

  2. John, I have been following your site for a while now and I felt drawn to read through this latest article by you.

    One would say that I am someone who has a natural ability at finding the truth and I see so many different truths, and each one very important, within this information you have shared. Thanks for sharing it and not having any fear in doing so.

    I'm about to put together a post for this (re-post linking back here) over on my site,

  3. Hi. Are these occurrences in New Zealand? You don't need to give exact locations; in fact, please don't! We need to ensure the safety of the beings you mention.

  4. John,
    This is the first article that I have read and I felt the ah ha moment all over again from other information I know. I read the article from Laron's site. I'm so glad I have found your site now. I agree with what Laron said about "Thanks for sharing it and not having any fear in doing so"! I can't wait to read your past posts and future posts. I also agree with Da-da about not sharing the locations to ensure the safety of the beings you mention. I live in Northern California and while on walks in different parts of the forests here (redwood, sierras, costal) I have always felt there was much more there then what could be "seen". I spent a summer up in the mountains and it was so amazing. Once again thank you kindly!!

    1. Feel free to repost or copy and paste, I don't care. It's all free. I am working on a post from a guy in Australia (speaking of NEW Z). It is also important that he keep his family of the woods safe...I protect names and identies too...

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  6. Hello John, Hairy Ones and Off World beings. I have a big important question. How can we raise the vibration of all the humanity on this planet, all at once, in order to support our Mother Earth?

    Cowboy has done a beautiful job spreading the light to the few here on his blog. :) From what I understand, many of us have chosen our own paths to raise our own vibrations so we are not left behind. But there are many, many of our people that are just as good and pure people, but its not their fault that they are still trapped in this game like we used to be. Now that we know, the game is over for us, and we will continue to grow spiritually as our planet does. The few of us can reach many people, but ultimately, not enough will be reached before our Mother's judgement day happens. Perhaps this is why many of us stay behind, yes? To incarnate over and over to help the ones that are left behind. I feel a sense of repetition a choice I've made in the past. Can someone see if I am correct?
    Thank you All. Adrian

  7. Hello! My name is TJ and I am just blown away by this wonderful happening of Sasquatch-Human contacts. I have been reading this blog for a few months now and first heard of Sasquatch people contacting humans from Joan Ocean. I have a question, how would I establish a relationship with them as I live in urban New Jersey. I would love to work with any of them on a personal and spiritual level, maybe in the dream realm? I extend this invite to Mitawinasi as well. Thank you so much for your work John, Im spreading it as we speak :) Thanks again brother and my love and gratitude to you and all of the Sasquatch people and people of Dakote :) Cheers to conscious reunion!

  8. When I first came upon this blog from another site I immediately blew it off as another channeler and I don't trust channelers. But the morning after I blew off the article I had a semi-lucid dream and was in a forest above in the trees. I saw what looked like a sasquatch. I knew instantly it was a female. She had her back towards me, long dread-lock like long hair and she said matter of factly she's doing chores. I didn't realize she was engaging with me so I thought beyond the looks there's something lovely about them..and there was..hard to describe. Just a peace about her as I watched her moving around that was relaxing. Then suddenly I got shoved back into my body so fast that my eyes and mouth opened upon re-entering. I say it was semi-lucid, semi-OBE because my nonphysical was standing in my room near my physical body at the same time. So it was strange to be conscious in two places at once..but that's what it was. And I don't know the force that pushed me back..I can't assume it was her but it didn't feel friendly and she did. At first I thought I had insulted..but wasn't sure so I deleted comment. It was strange...first time that has happened to me. I did not intend to go there in the first place so I think it's really cool that still happened regardless of it abruptly ending. Hasn't happened since. Anyway, overall I don't think you're lying or being deceived. I think you are communicating with these beings, they're real, and thank you for putting this information out there. :)

    1. Marilyn R, thanks for that great post. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I appreciate your replies. I am working on the next blog. It takes a really does. A lot of personal growth and experiences take place at the same time. Marilyn, thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad that you find some use out of this little blog. The only difference between me and many others is that I decided to write about it.

  10. Hello John, I would like to ask the hairy people about the Nibiru / Planet-X , a mini solar system, that is approaching our solar system and how it's going to affect our planet. Some sources say this about to happen in the first half of the year 2016!

  11. John, did something happen to your May posting? It seems to be gone... Anyway, I have a question. Some friends are noticing that a lot of hairy folk have been coming down with an illness in recent weeks. These friends think the illness might be avian flu. Have you heard about this? Is there a way to get more help for the ailing hairy people?