Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Sometimes this is just as weird for me as it may sound to you. This one was the most bizarre for me at times.

When I heard Thomas Hughes's interview with Project Camelot a couple or three years ago I had already moved away from Kerry Cassidy's interviewing technique because the interviewing kind of got on my nerves. By chance, I listened to the interview with the man that talks to Sasquatches. I was blown away with what he had to say... regardless of the interviewer. In my heart I could feel what he was saying. I also knew that Bigfoot's were people too. Somehow I knew that they loved their children and loved to fart and joke around. Somewhere inside of me I knew that they knew more about us than we knew about them. I remembered things from my childhood that made sense when I heard him answer her questions.

I sent him a facebook message and told him how I felt. I was surprised when he wrote me back and said, “Well, I appreciate that. Here are a few pictures from a few friends of mine that you may find interesting. By the way, I knew that you would be contacting me at some point. Here is my phone number because it is very difficult for me to type so much.” We became good friends over the next two or three years. We talked in the evening about 4-6 days a week. He is made reference to by Tolec in Tolec's new interview. Tolec is from the Andromeda Council like Tawinasay (Mitawinasi's brother). You know Mitawinasi from my conversations with him on this blog. I've never met or spoken with Tolec but would love to one day. It's funny how it all comes together sometimes.

Writing this blog right now in this moment, I do not know why I feel compelled to repeat some of this but I know that it is important that I do so. Actually, what started out as simply sharing my story in hopes that I could help our friends and family in the forest to be better understood by humans..... I found that they didn't need any help at all. It was us that have become so far away from who we are. It is us PEOPLE that are faced with deciding who we are in relationship to conspiracy theories, wondering how our families will fare with having to deal with such discontentment in questioning such un-answer-ables , contemplating whether or not we are crazy, wanting it all to go away, and (most importantly) simply wanting to know the truth.

Well, I can help you with truth. The word “TRUTH” seems to elude us until the day that we die. Since there is no such thing as death, let me go back to the word truth. Truth will never be found in a collective of souls until it is met in each individual soul. In the past few years, I have learned this the hard way. I put Thomas Hughes in the roll of mentor. He told me often that that was bullshit and that he did not want to be a “mentor” for anyone. He empowered me. In our first phone call he told me, “She is telling me to tell you to FEEL.” As you know from previous blog entries, I asked, “Who? Who is telling me to feel?” At that point he told me that a Sasquatch female is telling him to tell me that. He said that she is in my area and is telling me to feel her. I asked Thomas what her name is and he said that she told him not to tell me. She said to Thomas that I was to find her name on my own. It took me about four months to get it right. I was driving home from work one day and I was talking to her. When I got it, I got her complete name. She told me to call her Tahjee for short.

I called her “My Lady of the Woods” for a long time before I got her name. Because of Tahjee, I have had enough experiences to write a blog that feels good to me. Thomas MIND SPOKE for me for the first year but never failed to include me into the process. He helped me find feeling. Feeling is everything! 

(I began having a conversation with Tahjee at this point and was getting really intense. I reread it a couple of time and realized that she was sharing this with me so I started to delete it to a different file somewhere so that we could continue in private. Then I had the feeling that I would share it with you anyway. I mean, it can't get any more weird. I do not understand it all yet but I will. )
Tahjee, Your helping me right now aren't you?

We have come to this together. What makes you, makes me. I feel what you choose not to at times. You choose to think that we have this place with us that will never be again. Speaking in such extremes leads you to a fire that can not be put out. 

What do you mean? 

What makes us into the divine is a number of divine things. We feel that we are a part of something divine but do not prepare for another sheet of despair. 

Okay... I will go back and read what I have typed from you but lead me on in this. Despair catches me
off guard. Tahjee.

You are wanting me to sum up something. This will not be done. There are too many places to lead you to when you are incapable of leading yourself. Why not touch the places that you know are where you stand and allow another to join you? Raw is what you share. You share it because it comes to you in the same way. Is there another way that would touch you?
I have never left you hanging. Just throw it out there. As you have noticed, you have still not encountered any end. Open, open that is all. Say what comes like you do and let the feather fall where it does. In a closed area, the foot falls on a foot that needs a friend. Let the feeling take the ones that look at feeling as a friend. Do not waste away a free thought at feeling how the thought feels when you think away to the end. Share love with an elder who smiles when you slip. I will be with you now. 

Wait, Tahjee. Would you please tell me what your roll is in the clan. All that I know is that you are some kind of medicine woman or something.?

Awaken to a new day of finding. Alarmed is that in me that folds. Grab a place in the winter that holds the winter in place. Wrap a boundary in clove. Grease is a heaven in many tools that I am. See a sleepy place and feel me there. Wound a level of balance to the ones that come knocking and touch me. 

I feel you. But I do not understand it all. 

Yes you do. How ever you feel about what I said is how you feel about it. Don't fall into the words and swim with them. They are only floating on the surface. Let yourself go under. Words can not swim any deeper than the surface. 

Well, I understand what that means. Will you help me now with writing the rest of this? Some people have some questions and I feel that you are here to help with the answers. 

I am.

(At this point I felt Mitasinasi. I understood that he would be speaking with me concerning these questions)

Hello John, Hairy ones and other worldly beings! Its Adrian. I have a question about choice and higher vibrations. Is it as simple as just telling yourself that you have made a choice to function at a higher vibration? I DO want to operate at the higher frequency. I have chosen too so I may see everything around me that I haven't seen before. Is it as simple as that? I know I should try Feeling, and I have always tried to "feel" more and more. Sometimes I feel the "thickness" of invisible souls in the forest, sometimes I do not. Lately, I have not. I am not sure how a simple thought can physically change my vibration... Does it have to do with the "waves" of thought I produce with my mind, and how they ripple through this world and the universe? I understand some complex ideas of how thoughts, positive and negative can affect situations and outcomes. Is it as simple as that? I would very much like to see the WHOLE world . thank you all of you! Adrian

Tip toe and find the tip of the ledge. Creep into it and find that you are too late. Stand on the precipice and look down, Adrain... Whom is the face that looks back. A statement that you will find in the second reading. Fall! You are falling into the abyss and what do you clutch? You feel the hold that keeps you in the safe and blind. Grab! Grab the tunnel that you are moving in. ….. Become ….. become the movement, Adrian. Move the feeling into thought. THERE IS NOTHING more for thought to do.

Adrain, Somehow that was for you. Find what it means for you.

Adrian knows what it means. Yes, it is just that simple. Adrian, you are about to see the answers to all of your questions. A great tipping point is upon all of us. It is not your fault that you have only been given glimpses into that which you are. This should bring you some comfort. All of you have been illusioned by a magnificent process of awakening. There is no need for you to force it. Ease off a little and feel your progress. Look behind you. What do you see? I see a grand path with many feelings. You have been feeling your way back home all of this time. You need no instruction about feeling. You are doing nothing wrong. There is nothing trying to make you fall anymore. You have been at your side all along. Trust yourself now.

More great metaphors. I love the one about the boat: "Be cautious about picking sides. A person who stands on one side of a boat will tip the boat over and drown." This reminds me of other things I've read about similar debates: that the choice is not "either/or", but "both/and". I'm tired of human fear and violence, but I can be a boat-tipper, too. So those were good words to read, among many other good words.

In keeping with the spirit of this blog (and the human part of this planet), which is to ask questions we already know the answers to, I'll ask a question I probably already know the answer to: Is the "blue pearl" I saw a few days ago, when I had my eyes closed -- it was a bright blue-purple dot, with a bright yellow line around its edge -- is that "blue pearl" evidence that a Tall One is near (there are a couple Tall Ones I love dearly), or is it my own soul I'm looking at? Or is it both?

Okay, it must be a "both/and" thing. I think I've answered my question (but I would still love to hear you re-answer it, if you're so inclined).

Wait, I got another one... I have a theory that we draw to us Tall Ones who have personalities that are similar to our own; Tall Ones who reflect back to us who we are. I have some human friends who have quick wits and like to live on the edge, and they have tall friends who are real "weisenheimers", real smart-alecs; but me, I'm more goofy and enthusiastic, and my tall friends seem to be more like that: goofy and enthusiastic. Is there anything to this theory of mine?

Tahjee, help me with this post. I don't understand what she means or wants to know.

She and I know what she means. It is a silver way to find the golden way home. Lead the open chance that a way will form and you have gold. Erase the path behind you and the silver will lead. On top of the pile of thoughts, squares away a thought. And that thought leads to the abyss of reform.

Tahjee, What the hell does that shit mean? It's like I am typing spam or something.

You never said spam when you understood. Leave me to my conversation. You asked and I answer. You must not always understand, Cowboy. You have asked me to answer questions that you give me here. If you are not asking the question, Cowboy, then just type.


This one is a face learning how to smell. There is no answer to questions that have already been answered. The tall ones are only tall when short is watched. Tall and purple … in a way that touches. How does it touch you? Does it touch or entertain? Are you entertained without being touched? Does purple mean something to you? I am not here to explain what is known. I will say to you that a purple means how it feels where it touches you. Tall ones are only short when there is tall around.

Mitawinasi or any of you hairy folk want to elaborate to what Tahjee said?

I feel what Tahjee is telling you. You say to keep it simple but all is simple to those of us who simply feel all that is being asked. Tahjee is helping you with feeling her instead of listening to each word. Words limit you. She doesn't use words for you to read. She gives you words for your eyes and feeling for your heart at the same time. You talk about feeling all of the time. There are many ways to feel.

Okay, Thanks Tukra. Is there anything else to be said here? I feel that there is or I wouldn't have asked.

I have to laugh a little here. To the question of your reader, what she is asking is for a little validation. There is nothing to validation. It is always an eye opener to ask a friend if they can relate but in the end you already know the best answer that suits you. MORNING LIGHT is seeing what her friends are showing her. Who are we to speculate? She knows. But I will bring one of her friends into this conversation since we are so close.

Two hairy folk have just arrived, Mitaninasi. There is a male and a female. The male says that his name is Ahn-chee and the female is Chugh-Nah. Is that who you are speaking of, Mitawinasi?

No, but they are welcome too. I am speaking of Bolga.

I feel that Bolga does not want to speak with me right now, Mitawinasi. What would you like me to do?

Just keep typing. I have brought Bolga here for your reader. He is letting her know that she is welcome. He is keeping her grounded right now and want's her to know this. The purple that she sees is what she needs to focus on when she is sleeping. She is to know that her friends and family are with her. They are giving her signs and attention that needs to be looked at. There are many family and friends with all of you right now at this moment. You are about to meet again at any moment. Bolga is telling her that he has been her family for a very long time. She knows how big he is. She knows how big that she is too. Listen to him.

Thank you to all, and as always, much appreciation and gratitude. I'm glad to laugh with y'all. And I want to be crystal clear. I do not consent nor agree with in any way living on a planet with the "Leaders" acting like EXTREMELY Naughty Children, popping in our shared sandbox. I mean, really? I am a human, and I Do Not Agree. I've been awake for a while, and yet I cannot save, prevent, change, my fellow human from/and her distorted thoughts. I KNOW all the "Leaders" plans, I know most of the atrocities done to the planet, I'm freakin over it. And frankly, I'm completely over political BS. IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME, except hot air blowing around.

The only way I know outta this maze is through using my thoughts originating in my feeling. Is it working?

You are where? What is your answer? Who are you? What do you choose? Where are your leaders going?


The alleged "Leaders" need to go to time out. Period. They and the actively choosing to sleep populous (lotta religious fanatics in this category) , can go live in another vibration continuing on their drama, blah blah. That's fine, more power to em. I allow those beings the free will choice to choose, and all i request is the same in return.

So, No more pooping in my sandbox, and ruining it all for the rest of us. Im choosing to live in an alternate vibrational reality. Can I come live with you guys? Seriously. I'm in guatemala right now at a beautiful lake, though highly populated with maya indigenous. It's pretty great, but, ehhem, very, human. What does this location look like from your perspective?

Would love to teleport, but not quite sure the physical body is, um, fully tuned up yet. No seriously, I want to come hang out with you. Been eating mostly plant food, just take me to the cacao, coconuts, and any other weird fruits, and I'll manage.

Thanks y'all. Soon? We hang out? Yes? Would anyone like to play "Godzilla" with me? I'll play the part of "damsel in distress?" And then I give big (small) hugs!!! And laugh my ass off at how fun it is being picked up by people three times my size ( I'm 5'2").

I do love my human family, many are coming to play too right? Love you guys, and I'll see you soon ;)

Clearly, you have made your choices. This is very important. It is also very important that all of you understand that you were never alone. There were some of us that were rooting for you and there were others that were feeding off of your discontentment. It is hard for you to understand this now but you knew exactly what you were doing when to chose to incarnate here in your bodies in this lifetime. Most of you have been coming back for many lifetimes. What is difficult to see is that you have been in a circle most of the time. There are those entities that have kept you here because you have allowed them to by not choosing against them to. The choices that you have made were made by many of you. When enough of you began making the same choices then veil began to lift. All of us played a roll in this. At any second you will see this and it will make perfect sense to you. We have told you many times that this is not real. Do you understand what we mean by this? Who all of us really are is all of the universes combined. That's big. We are all one. Politics, money, and separation were only toys that we played with in some big sandbox somewhere. Most of you are tired of playing in the sandbox and are ready to begin creating another environment to play in. That is what we are doing now. It is easy for you to stand up and step out of the sandbox and on to the grass. But you are not realizing just how big this sandbox is. All of us have already stood up and stepped out of the sandbox and our toes are about to touch the grass any second now. The Sasquatch people have been playing beside you the whole time. Many of you have not seen them on the other side of the sandbox playing because there were beings that were hiding them from you. Your choice is clear. I will be waiting for you on the grass.

Thank you again, to all. Hopefully someone would be able to address this next question as it relates to my previous post. It has just come smacking into my awareness the effects of Monsanto impacting this lake where I'm living for the next few months. They give the people free pesticides, and promote their GMO seeds, and import plastics, and are subsequently polluting and poisoning their environment, but IT IS NOT in the Consciousness of the indigenous people to recognize that they are poisoning earth!!!! Farmers have actually said it makes growing food easier!!! But they don't see how they are killing the lake.

I've only been down here a month, and I have had visions of being the "Savior", (which I know I cannot do - will discuss this in next paragraph) and posting posters on how Monsanto is the Devil, and that they are killing their children's future with horrific images of death and destruction. I could also make posters where there would be alternative organic methods, focusing on growing with biodiversity and bringing organic bio diverse seeds down on my next trip here.

But I can't "Save" these people. They are looking to the white man as an authority figure, the one with the money. I even thought about buying a business suit, and going around in disguise to the farmers and telling them they need to stop using pesticides if they don't want their children to live in a barren wasteland. But then would I be impinging on their free will choice to choose to self-destruct?

It is even worth my energy to try to solve this issue that gets me right at the core of my being? I want Monsanto to just disappear, go away and leave my beautiful world alone, but am I responsible for not stopping them in the beginning?

Monsanto even sues WHOLE COUNTRIES ( like Guatemala) If they don't accept and use their products!

This Corporate Beast is outta control!!! WTF do I do?? Is it worth fighting them? All corporations are foreclosed, even Monsanto, so the Suing isn't even valid and if I was in a position of power I could stand up to them no problem, with all the appropriate documents I need ( for proof and example click this ", because I know it's all illusion. But it seems some souls are still wanting to play the old game.

I am not alone in being one of the many humans who want to do things differently, who want to live in a healthy environment, who want to live with healthy relationships.

Are you all, my dear family Hairy Folk, and ET brethren, starting to feel our predicament?

I mean, I know Monsanto is just just another expression serving it's purpose on a grander cosmic scale, but how the F do we get outta this MESS!!!???

I don't feel I can keep living with people who are asleep, and who choose to refuse to wake up. Thoughts??

Thank you.

I can relate to this. I feel your passion because I share it. A few years ago I did not know what I could do. I knew that if I could get into a place where I could change something that I would do it. I knew that I would get nowhere by going to the local, state, or national government with a picket sign in order to protest. So I decided to go back to the university and become a Environmental Biologist. I knew that it was better if I did not stir up any waves with my professors while becoming a scientist so I kept it a secret (until this blog. Ha!). The hairy folk have told me that I would be working close to them in the forests. I found this out only a few weeks ago. I am excited. I do not know when or where or how yet but I have always asked for the doors to be opened for me and I would walk through. This blog is a perfect example of that. Don't get yourself killed right away but ask for an open door to be opened for you and then walk through it. It sounds to me like you have done that where you are at. Look for door number two.

We know your here. We are all around you. Listen to the native peoples. They know what is coming. The ones with the money and poison are going to have it all for themselves very soon. Get ready to create the world that you can feel in your heart. The native peoples can help you find balance right now. Find your balance and your creation will reveal itself to you. Don't follow in the wake of the power people and tie yourself to their prison bars. That kind of power is an illusion.

Hi John, I hope you and your family and friends are well. Somethings been bugging me about the Sasquatch. I posed a question to some other expert and they are refusing to answer? Now John, this is controversial, and I didn't want the public to see it as I did not wish to bring negativity or disrespect to your site or to the Sasquatch, so please if you can and want to could you answer the question I posted below to a lady called Kelly: "Thanks Kelly Can I ask another question please? I was going to ask my friend John Allen but I was too embarrassed as it will sound disrespectful to him as I have known him some time so hopefully because we don't really know each other it won' hope that makes sense? What I don't understand is that a) If these beings are more advanced spiritually and have a deep respect for nature then why do they hunt and eat meat? b) Why do they need to eat at all if they live vibrationally higher, and meat would surely impede their higher vibration? c) If they are so big, like some over 60 feet tall etc, then they would decimate the local wildlife completely very quickly if they consumed it in order to survive throwing the whole ecosystem out of balance? I ask these questions with utmost respect. Blessings Mark" Told you it was tricky! Blessings M.

I am TuKornu. I am almost two hundred years old on your scale of time. I can tell you many stories that I have seen in my lifetime. The world has changed over that time in your vibration and so have I. What hasn't changed is my connection to all of life. Like your native people, I speak to the mother and hear her. I am a man of many vibrations because many vibrations are who I choose to be. I can walk at night and look through the eyes of my brother the owl. I can heal the tree that asks for my help. I walk with you while you sleep and while you are awake, I walk in a different reality. I can see the colors at night that you can not. I can speak to you with your words and I can speak with any of you who choose to feel what I have to say. I can speak with the deer and bear. I can help them when they are ready to leave. I can help the deer to walk through the gates that bring them new choices. I am grateful when they thank me and give me their body in return. With respect do I share their body with my brothers and sisters the coyote. The mother is pleased. The balance brings us all together in a unison of family. We share, we ask, we listen, we vibrate together and we go different ways. Together we join with each other in the ways that give back to our mother. We are not locked to a vibration of separation but walk in many. We take and we give. We thank and we share. We respect and we honor the parts of our mother that our slower vibrational bodies eat. I have watched this change in my lifetime here. The humans that were here first lived as we do. The humans that are here now do not.

Not to go into too much detail. I've always had an interest in life else where in the universe and the unknown. I bought my 1st and only book about ET encounters in 75 when I was around 10 yrs old. I must have read it a dozen times lol.It was around 2003 that I began to learn of some of the lies and deception of our leaders. 2006/7 learned about the negative ET''s behind our leaders. That's also when I first learned about the Andromeda council through the work of Alex Collier. The work of Project Camelot, David Icke and the likes has given me a lot of knowledge and though provide me with a lot of answers, left me with perhaps more questions. Around 2009/10 I began thinking more about the soul and whether it was actually guiding my choices. 2011 Andromeda council resurfaced via the work of Tolec. Though many years earlier Alex Collier did speak of the coming shift in vibration, it was Tolec and what he shared from the Andromeda council that fueled my interest even more. 2013 I came across Thomas Hughes and the hairy folk and then the interview with you and Thomas where you spoke of your first encounter with Mitawinasi's and his brother Tawinasay from Dakote. That was a big moment for me as Tolec had already spoke of the people of Dakote being the progenitors of the Dakota, Lakota native American people. Everything leading up to that point was incredible but it wasn't until the hairy folk and Mitawinasi began talking about the shift, the soul, learning to feel that my focus had changed somewhat. Sort of like everything leading up to now has been about information teaching me how to fly but now it is time for me to take flight.

This is proof to yourself that you know who you are. Do you realize now that you have been leaving yourself hints and signs?

I have a great idea on trusting your feeling. Listen to the new Sasquatch Ontario video and listen to these two men speak to one another. If you close your eyes with some headphones you will be able to feel what is going on there. There is a love between two brothers that you can pick up on. . . if you choose to be open to it.


  1. Wow. Thank you John, Tahjee, Mitawinasi, and Bolga. I took a lot of comfort from this. Thank you.

    1. And thanks to Tukra, too! It takes a village........

  2. Thanks Tahjee, Mitawinasi and John. Yes, I think I do understand my cryptic advice. I sense that I need to work on trust. Trust in myself. Finding that "ledge" and letting myself go over. Clearly, we're speaking metaphorically, because I do hang out some at some local cliffs, with a substantial drop. I would presume death would be a faster way to meet everyone, but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave this body just yet. :) Thank you, Adrian

    Tahjee- I will show you this beautiful place I go to. It is very beautiful, with a great view of all that is green and the gray rocks that stand up from the trees. ok- you can see too John! :)))

  3. John, I've read of many encounters with the big ones in which people observe them swaying from side to side. Can you ask what if anything is the significance of the swaying motion.

  4. Thank you to All, John, Mitawinasi, Tahjee, for answering my questions. I do greatly appreciate it! One question I have out of curiosity, is if there are Sasquatch who live in the Amazon, it's pretty hot down there.... how do they stay cool? And are there hairy folk family in Hawaii? Or other tropical locations?

    My main question is .... it seems like it would be more appropiate considering the type of body suit that you all wear to prefer cooler, colder cliimates, so I'm just wondering about the logistics of livng in warmer places, such as the South American Sasquatch. I do know that they were required to move, so any info on that too would be greatly appreciated.

    THANK YOU and much love to all!!

  5. Hi again!! Thank you so much!!

    Couple more questions.... And this may sound silly, but I want your thoughts on this one. What is the shape of planet earth? And can you see it as a whole? Is it really round, or does it look different?

    Also, I am aware that that Hairy Folk use portals around the planet to essentially teleport around... Are there other portals to visit other planets or can you use ?

    And is there anything else we need to know about our environment that would help us know the truth of our reality?

    Thank you thank you thank you! And John, thanks for taking the time. ;)