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I never know how this is going to go. After my last blog entry, I stepped back from the blog. I had many things going on. I missed my friends after about three weeks and began keeping my eyes open for a sign that I should get back into it. Nothing came. I asked two friends to have a look in my direction and tell me what they can see. One friend, Tracey, said that around me, all Sasquatches were busy except one. She said that one of my hairy folk family said that if I didn't come back to them soon then he would jerk me back. Ha! She described him and I knew that it was my brother, Tograhnu. On that same day I received the other reply from my other friend, Kyle. Kyle is a new friend and speaks with the hairy folk like I do. Kyle said that he asked his Sasquatch friends and family and they spoke with Tograhnu. They told him to tell me that I have been to preoccupied with un-important things in my life and that I needed to find balance again. I was grateful for the two replies.

I turned to Tograhnu and asked him to show me a door and I will walk through it. Later that day I received the first message in many weeks from someone that wanted to ask me questions for the Hairy Folk. Then came another and another. I began working one on one with a couple of people that have asked me to keep them private. Now I am writing this blog again with new vigor and excitement. Thanks for your patience. As always, let this resonate or not. Both are fine. I charge no money for this because, as everyone knows, money does not lead one to the hairy folk.

I live in the ozarks of Missouri by a place called fort Leonard wood and I am an avid Squirrel and raccoon hunter and thought the last few years I have had many strange experiences that make me really think if I really saw something or if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I've even had an experience where a friend from a distance saw me shining a tree looking for a raccoon and he said way above my head that he saw too red glowing lights but didn't say anything because he didn't want to alarm me and the entire time I was looking I had a feeling there was a predator on the ridge above me and could occasionally here foots steps. Only a couple of times I have felt uneasy in the woods and most of the experiences I have a still feel pretty safe but the most recent experience has me convinced there is a patch of woods very near my house that one night last year I heard a howl and I couldn't tell what it was and it sounded slightly like a man but it was just to odd. Then yesterday I walked up on a fairly decent sized tree twisted around and layed down perpendicular on the path and I took it as a sign to not pass that barrier and to see that size tree twised with no claw marks from a bear really has me convinced there are hairy people out here and I was wondering if there is anyway whether by communication with the hairy folks or however if you or they know if and who is out in my area I want to be respectful and keep the peace and possibly interact without being intrusive.

There are a few different things going on in your neck of the woods. Be careful not to just throw everything into one box. Your questions, here, form an energy and intent. This energy walks before you where ever you go and especially into the woods, in this situation. The hairy folk are not the only beings that share other corners of these realities that we exist in but they are very good at picking up on this energy. This “energy” is not some new-age talk but very primitive and basic stuff. A husband knows when his wife walks in the room, ...”Hmm, something's wrong” and the wife has not said a word. Or when the wife feels that something at work is changing her husband, and therefore changes them when he comes home. This energy protects us when we are faced with making a bogus business deal with a corrupt businessman. Call it feeling, instinct, gut, whatever... one does not need their eyes for this energy and quite frankly... your eyes will most likely deceive you in this.

The hairy folk feel this energy from you before you even set foot out of your door; on your way to the woods. They are the masters at feeling this. Beginning with your paragraph and working our way through, the red eyes in the tree above the raccoon were not anything out of the ordinary for humans. The Sasquatch are not telling me anything about this other than a yawn, ignoring the question, and I hear crickets in the background type of stuff. However, they have let you see certain aspects of what they want to show you. You are not “seeing things” but your eyes have seen all that the hairy folk want them to see. Trust your feelings.

Speaking of your feelings, you said that you felt that a predator was on the ridge above you. It was the hairy folk. But they are NOT predators. They can project feelings onto you. They keep us away from dangerous or unwelcomed places. There are other predators in your area that feed off of your fear and you must not display fear if you come into contact with these beings. They will make you feel like predators are in the area too and this would be true. The hairy folk are showing you where you are welcomed to go and where they do not want you. Some of these places are highly active at night and the last things that they want around their kids are half asleep humans with guns and cameras.

You can develop friendships with the hairy folk in your area. They are willing. Keep going back often. There are more detailed recommendations in previous blog entry’s but here are a few basic guidelines to follow. Examine your intent first because everything that happens after that will be based on your intent. They know your intent and it is better if you are aware of it before continuing to step two. When you go to the woods get down on a knee and touch the ground and show respect. Their reverence towards this planet is above everything. Ask them to show you where to go and let you know where you are not welcome. Respect those places. They will let you know. Feel it! About twisted trees and claw marks. Try and think of the hairy folk in this way. They are masters at harmonizing with the natural breaths that this planet takes. Their spirit is a vibration away calling all of the shots. This is the part of them that talks to me and my family everyday. This is the part of Tograhnu that is with me at this time. This is where mind speak is the most clear. Their bodies come into focus in this vibration when their spirit chooses to. Most people get confused about all of this. This is only because most do not fully comprehend things like thought creating matter out of love, all matter has a vibration, telepathy, this planet is a living being, all animals (and everything including water and rocks) has a conscience. The Sasquatch spirit controls their bodies. Humans use their bodies to control their spirit.

As you pursue a friendship with people who have not changed their surroundings to fit them (like we humans have), but have adjusted themselves to harmonize with their surrounds then there is a multitude of new perspectives and ideas that one must be willing to entertain. Feel them and they will show you. Explain why you have brought a gun with you and feel what they tell you. Ask them about photos and feel their answer. Just a little example: I have not taken a gun into the woods in three or four years. They have let me know more than once that I am being protected. Who needs a gun when you are friends and family with the wonderful giants of the forest. Just remember to have fun, they sure as hell plan on it. So to answer your questions, yes. There are many hairy folk in your area that would be open for conversation. It takes a while but worth it.

John... its Jen here ( previously "hippiefairyetc.....") Remember you asked a question for me of the "little green man with arrow" and i was honored to get a reply ?? well...have you any thoughts on this ....occasionally in the past ( over about the last 3 years) , I used to get a picture show behind my eyelids when i closed my eyes in bed before falling asleep (As tho my closed eyelids were the screen) it used to happen just very odd times and was only a long winding country road which i seemed to be driving or walking along...the perspective being what you would see in front of you....but nothing on the road...... Now lately , every night on closing my eyes the "film " starts......but now it is in greater detail and sometimes is still on that road but with cars, people etc but also in other scenes... they are oblivious to me i am simply observing them going about their business ??? what do you make of that ?? (nothing to do with the little green man who i haven’t experienced again ) ? any ideas what it could be ? .. Jen smile emoticon

When you close your eyes, your eyes can no longer distract you away from what you are looking at. There are realities coming into focus for many right now. As the scenes become more detailed, remember that the reality that is coming into focus for you right now has no distance or time like the reality has that your eyes can see. A thought will place the scene in front of you. And a strong memory from your past will leave it there waiting for you to return to it when you close your eyes. At those moments, your thoughts about it will bring the details into focus. What all of this means is in the process of presenting itself to you.

I feel that Mitawinasi is not trying to be mysterious right now for shock value or something. To me, I can relate to this a little for what is going on in my life. Everything is coming into greater focus right now. The process of this change is what to look for; not some hidden and reclusive climax at the end.

That is correct. The changes are giving you the answers that you seek.

Hi, John. I asked this question on an earlier post, when I couldn't find this one, but now that this one is 'back', I thought I'd ask my question again (in case you didn't see it in the other place). Some friends are noticing that many hairy folk have been coming down with an illness that affects their lungs (and some have been dying from it). Have you heard about this? Is there a way to get more help for the ailing hairy people? Do you know what's causing the problem?

I am completely unaware of such stories.

She is talking about a rare case where some of our brothers and sisters have gotten too close to the negative creations that were made by the negative forces at work in the reality that she is leaving. There is nothing to worry about and nothing to fix. We take chances when we come to your human vibration but when we leave and shimmer out of your vibration that negative stays there and does not come with us. Those times have gone when we used to vibrate together but they are now returning. We still slow down but many humans are speeding up. Things are beginning to look strange to many of you because the vibrations are coming together. Soon many of you will be able to see us all of the time but it will be those humans that would not harm us. About our brothers and sisters that you have asked about, they are sometimes carrying things for their human family that they know that their human family would not be able to carry at this time. It is a gift.

Hello John and Mitawinasi. This is Alan. I understand here on this planet we humans place much importance on the physical body. That would be because many are unaware that we are indeed eternal and physical death is simply part of the illusion. But I would like to ask how is the end of a physical life on your planet Dakote managed, is there a ceremony and are you able to maintain attachment or communication eternally with the one that has passed?

Sometimes creations need to start over. When a creation is undone in order to be made new again, we start at the beginning. We slow down the speed in which the vibrations occur and rebuild. But we have not done this for a very long time by your idea of time. This was done here, where you are now. We have all been rebuilding for a very long time. We have not only been rebuilding the reality on this sphere but the vibration of creator her/him/it's self. Everyone is watching. We all have family there with you. Some of you are our family that have chosen to be where you are. The Sasquatch have made choices as well. All of you would do well to listen to them. They understand your mother planet more than anyone else around you.

As far as Dakote, Alan, Dakote is in the process of being that part of creator that is Dakote. Dakote will grow and expand creator as the choices of creator continue to create creator. Dakote is not at the vibration of Earth. We have no veil between what you consider life and death. At our vibration we have the choice between light and dark as you do on your planet. We, like many beings beyond your reality, choose balance between them. As far as ceremonies, Alan, we have had ceremonies when you left here and will have them again the moment that you feel who you really are. There is no life and death, only creator creating. But this change between where you are and where we are is the closest thing to life and death that your conditioning has prepared for you.

I would also like to know that is it likely that I am not the aspect of myself that is currently having this 3rd density experience. Meaning that could there be multiple aspects of myself here on Gaia in various forms...other humans that might even be members of my family, animals etc? I find this a very interesting possibility as I am having many dreams where I feel I am experiencing realities via the eyes of another. As always thank you. Alan.

Congratulations, Alan. You have just had the experience of being other aspects of you. This question comes to you from that part of you that is here with us. You have listened and recognized. It would do you well to re-read your question before I share with you what I am about to share.

This is not the first time that you have heard this. This is not a new concept to your vibration. But I will revisit it again because it is the beginning and the end at the same time. Creator is. Creator knew that Creator is Creator but Creator wanted to experience Creator. In order for Creator to have the experience of Creator and not just the knowing that Creator is, Creator chose different aspects of Creator to experience other aspects of Creator. For example: In order for Creator to experience the hand of Creator, Creator became the foot of Creator to look up at the hand.

All of us are one. All of us are those parts of Creator that make up Creator. When you “die,” you rejoin Creator as part of all that is. You feel the oneness of Creator again like we do anytime we choose. There is no end to creating Creator. We all have enough fun and excitement to last us forever and then we can start all over. The moment that all humans on Earth realize that they are actually all one, …... will be exciting indeed. Separation has been so instilled in you that this simple concept becomes too far out for you to understand. To me, far out is thinking that there is a God that creates everything and says yes to some, no to others, and maybe to the rest.

Enjoy seeing through the eyes of other parts of you. Very soon you will have a much greater library of thoughts and experiences to choose from. They will be from other parts of Creator that become welcome for you to feel as your experiences in this lifetime become gifts for others.

This is a message for Stacy A. There is a Sasquatch named Mah-key-nugh or Makina that is wanting to share with you. She is very gentle. Take it very slow with her and be very simple with your questions. Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) was very patient with me at the beginning but somehow gave me a crash course. She involved others in my experiences. She introduced me to Tograhnu who is my closest brother. Makina has come because you have asked her to.

Thank you so much!!!!! I don't even know where to begin with questions, lol. I woke from a dream yesterday in which I was the only female of some sort of team, maybe 5 of us. I was always playing mediator between either the other team mates or the team and outside people encountered. One man got sooooo angry and as he walked away he was saying you are not part of our team, why are you with us? I followed him and said you are right! I finally realize that you have been right all this time and I have never felt a part of this team and that it was time for me to go, even though I don't have another team to join, even if it meant I would be alone, that this team was not mine. I woke saying in my head this is not my tribe, I need to find my tribe. Funny thing is, before I went to sleep I consciously asked for some info, some signals as to my direction. Mah-key-nugh sounds familiar.

The following was a conversation that I had with a nice woman that may be interesting. I am going to use her initials out of respect.

After I posted our conversation I was asked to remove this conversation by her. I am sorry but respect what ever reason she had.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask the hairy folk, post the questions at the bottom of this blog entry. 
Tograhnu is my closest Sasquatch friend and brother. He is a Sentinel in his clan. He has a very big responsibility. Past posts tell more detail about him.
Mitawinasi is also a very dear friend. He is over seven foot tall and looks like a Native American. He is from the planet Dakote in the Andromeda star system. 
I'm just a normal dude from Texas who loves his wife, his kids, his dogs, and walks in the woods. Until next time...

(sorry for any mispelling. I'm to lazy for spellcheck)


  1. Good to see you back, homeboy. I have some questions but they need a little focus first...

  2. Thanks John most beautiful. Great post. Good to see you writing with renewed excitement again. Please ask if we are going to the new reality soon. How does one get there in the first wave.. My interaction has slowed to a crawl.. I miss the forest people. Hope they did not forget about me.. Sincerely Pamela A. Jason

  3. Thank you, John, for this great post, and thank you, Tograhnu, for the information about the sickness. I'm glad it doesn't follow you when you leave this vibration, and I'm glad to know there's nothing to worry about or to fix. And I experience everything about my hairy friends as a gift, so it doesn't surprise me to hear that there are things they (you) carry for us when we're unable to carry them ourselves... And Pamela, I'm sure your people have not forgotten you! One of the many things I've learned from reading this blog is that the hairy people sometimes get busy, but are only a thought away at all times, even when they're at their busiest.

  4. You were correct John.. They have returned to make sure I know that they are still just a thought away.. They do this by entering my room just before I fall asleep.. Once I was on a Skype call with Thomas Hughes.. They came into the room and the smell was like earthy rotten eggs.. I was all like ''what is that smell''?? Thomas thought that was hilarious.. Then just as quickly as they came they dissapeared into another realm.. Lately I have put away my grave concerns over the Earth Mother's plight. Refocused and got myself back into the forest again.. It is pure magic.. I call out to the forest when I arrive. Then say ''till next time'' when I leave.. I always get a barrage of weird animal calls. Which cracks me up.. Thanks for your reply. I was the one that asked C. to write you.. Later I wrote her back to ask if she wrote you.. She said she did.. I tried to tell her that she was in good hands with you and her questions.. For whatever reason she insisted on her questions not being published.. So I am sorry too.. Because I wish I had convinced her that you are all about love. Love is everything.. Anything that has form dies eventually.. Love has no shape nor form. Therefore it is real.. You only wanted to share because you have much love in your heart.. No harm no foul.. They are extremely busy.. Raising children. Seeing old folks off to the grave.. Gaurding portals and lei lines from intrusion.. Cheers to the ''all one'' ..

  5. I always admired your posts on Sasquatch Ontario's channel, Golden girl. So happy you're having such great adventures with your hairy friends! Peace to all.

  6. Hello my name is Paul and I live in South Wales UK...Please would you ask your forest friends if there would be any hairy folk who live near me who I could contact and make friends,I have been practicing telepathy and feel I'm ready..Thankyou John and btw I think it's great your doing this blog..lots of love to you and your family :)

  7. John, a woman on an internet forum claims to speak with the Big Ones much as you do. In a much larger discussion she mentioned that she had once asked some females if there was anything which they feared physically--besides the human capacity for stupidity and recklessness--and the answer was yes. They told her they fear large "dragon"-like creatures. When she noted that she had never seen one nor heard of anyone else seeing "dragons" they were very surprised.

    Can you ask the Big Ones the meaning of this? Were they playing with or teasing her? Is she just not making a connection with the Big Ones despite her belief she is? If not, how does their perception of the world consistently include such creatures and ours doesn't? Were they speaking of another plane of existence? But if that's the case why wouldn't they tell her they exist in places and with beings that we humans--here and now--do not?

    Also, if you are able, can you feel around my area, just north of Yellowstone, to see if there are any Forest Friends about. I suspect there are and I'm curious to see if they are open to communication.

    Thanks to you and the Big Ones

  8. Hello all, I'm quite new to all this. I've always been told that I have a special gift with animals (a part of the reason why I'm in the animal care field.) Just a couple of years ago, I was once told (through a psychic reading) that my animal totem/animal spirit guide, is Sasquatch. Not knowing if it was because of my tall height, big feet, or hair trimmed ugg boots at the time, I wasn't sure what to make of it. It wasn't because I didn't believe in Sasquatch (i am spiritual), but more so of the fear of the unknown. The first I had heard of them, was through that family movie with the friendly sasquatch and his newly found human family. Just looking at him terrified me and I pushed it out of my mind for as long as I can remember growing up. Hearing about this psychic reading got me more curious as I began to look more into it on and off over the years. Now more than ever... (past few days) I can't seem to get them off of my mind and am constantly reading up about them . Which has brought me this fascinating website. How does one become less fearful...? Even looking into the eyes of a gorilla, gives me goosebumps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    1. Hi, Samantha. I'm sure you'll get some wonderful answers to your question when John writes his next blog entry. In the meantime, you might want to listen to this interview with Jan Weiss: The entire interview is wonderful (I think, anyway), but if you want to skip to about 18 minutes in, that's where she starts talking about how to deal with fear. For me, personally, it's been an iterative process (and it's still ongoing). I just keep going out there and coming back in one piece, hoping eventually I'll realize I'll probably just keep doing that: coming back in one piece. I also think that the hairy people we meet pretty much know our state of mind, and they know when we're ready for the next step. They won't force anything on you that you can't handle. And if you haven't already done so, you might want to go back to the beginning of this blog and read through all the entries. I think your question is addressed directly and indirectly several times, and very beautifully. Oh! And a wise person once told me, try to think of your fear as excitement. That way, you don't have to fight so hard against it, and you can even leverage it to help you get to a better state of mind. And I forgot this one: Talk. Sing. Talking and singing allow you to announce your presence and help your listeners understand who you are. This is really your only "job", your only duty, and there's a relief in doing your duty. It's easier to accept whatever happens next, and to process it, when you know you've already done your job to the best of your ability. (And it's not really a job; it's fun.) I hope you have a great time getting to know the hairy people around you! It sounds like you will.

    2. Thankyou so much for your response morning light... I will definitely check it all out. I'm still catching up on this amazing blog. With so much loss in this lifetime (currently searching for a new path, not knowing where to start, or how to focus) I've become numb to my spirituality, to the negative world we live in. I can be very sensitive to negativity as it drains me, no matter how hard I try to be optimistic and try to cheer others up.

      Thankyou all for re awaking my spirituality and offering me hope.

  9. Hi. I am interested in making contact with any Hairy Folk in my area that might be interested, preferably telepathically at first. I am in Kentucky. Do you know of any names that I could concentrate on?

  10. Posting again so that I can check the 'Notify me' box.

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  12. Amazing! All so amazing, hello I'm TJ and I live in New Jersey fairly close to Nyc. I did live in upstate NY for a few years and am very close to the forests up there. I've been aware of the shifts for some time now and meditate regularly but feel like the big city and noise interferes with my connection sometimes. Are there any of the hairy folk that are willing to reach out and speak with me? They used to visit me in my dreams and I would love if they returned. Thanks to you and the hairy folk for all that you do!


  13. I just spent the last two days rereading this blog from start to finish. I have seen mention of a map that shows where the Hairy Folks are. I can't figure out how to see the map. There doesn't seem to be any link. Help anybody?

    There is a park a few miles from me that I love to visit and I have seen a couple of things that make me think that Hairy folks either live there, or visit that area. If so, I'd like to get acquainted with them. :-)