Saturday, April 5, 2014

Grandma and the Visitor

One month ago I began remodeling a metal building for family out in the woods. The woods go on for a while. The area was new to me and I was new to the area even though the area was very familiar. Every morning when I would arrive I would always do those things that others would find crazy. I would walk out away from the metal building towards the woods and look. I could feel them. When the goose bumps would come I would smile and take in a deep breath. Before my audience I would take a knee and touch the ground.

Out of respect for mother Gaia and my Hairy Folk family and friends, I would thank them. I would take in more deep breaths. I would stretch, smile, and thank the beauty of my surroundings for finding me. Then I would lighten up a bit, stand up, tell them some funny things that I was going through at the time and make my way toward the job at hand. What a ton of information I have learned and re-remembered over the past year. Sasquatches have become a daily part of my life.

I would often bring my kids and dogs with me to work. They would enjoy the woods and the adventure that would come along with it. My youngest daughter and I saw three Sasquatches changing trees at the same time out of the corner of our eyes. When we looked they were still there. Ha! Words can not describe to you how it makes me feel to know that my Sasquatch family always have an eye on my kids at all times. I can send my kids to the woods and know that they will find their way home.

I began to Mind Speak one day out at this building that I am remodeling and found out many new things. The clan in the area know who I am. The clan is overseen by a female elder. She gladly told me her name but told me that it was only for me to know. She said, “I am called Grandma. I know who you are. I sent my grand kids to you the other day to see that you were really you.” ( I have been told this many times before and am finally realizing what it really means ) “You and your daughter saw them. After they told me that you were you, I have promised your friend Tahjee that you will always be protected when you are in my home. It won't be long now, Cowboy. Every thing is hanging on by a thread.”

The past posts of this blog have described the coming shift that the Hairy Folk are eagerly anticipating. It seems that we will suddenly see things for what they really are. The truth is being given freedom from the heavy bondage of darkness. Humanity is to be finally given the truth. To all of us, this moment has different meanings. The truth about who these wonderful people are is about to become common knowledge. This month of April holds much promise and many surprises.

My daughter has asthma and was recently in the hospital for a few days. During the second day I was preparing to relieve my wife from the hospital and take the next 24 hour shift with our daughter at the hospital. I called a dear friend of mine, Tracey Owen, and asked her to have a look to see what the doctors may have overlooked. She told me that she was sick too but she would get back to me. Later that night as I sat at my daughters side half asleep, my daughter suddenly raised up and and said, “Daddy! I can breathe! I feel normal! My lungs have relaxed and the only thing that hurts me is this stupid needle in my arm.” It took me a moment to realize what had happened.

Tracey called me in the hospital room about twenty minutes later and said, “How is your daughter? Nimbpah ( Tracey's Sasquatch healing partner and friend ) and I have been massaging her lungs. We smell the hint of pine as the problem. It seems that the pines on your property are giving off their oils more intensely than normal.” I knew what she was talking about and knew what had changed on my property during the last ice storm in the winter. She said, “There is something else. There is a tall elegant Sasquatch female standing at the head of her bed. She adores your daughter. She has come to observe the change in her. She is new to this and has thanked me for helping your daughter. Something is very different about this Sasquatch.”

I didn't see her or feel her but I looked to the direction that Tracey told me that she was standing and welcomed her. I told her that if she was being allowed to be this close to my daughter by my Sasquatch family then she must be a friend. My daughter recovered quickly and the Doctor was surprised at her recovery the next morning. I told the doctor, “Last night Bigfoot dropped by and healed her, Doc.” He laughed and I laughed. He had no Idea how close the the truth it really was. I didn't tell him either otherwise he would have given me a bed.

I called my good buddy, Thomas Hughes, and asked him about the Sasquatch that had visited my daughters hospital room. Thomas told me that the tall and elegant female comes from the planet Dakote where she lives in harmony with the humans there. She knows my daughter because my daughter is also from there. She said that my daughter has agreed to come here at this time of change on this planet for an important reason. She thanked me for raising my children awake. I asked her for her name and she told me to call her The Visitor for now.

Since I have learned Mink Speak with Sasquatches, I have spoken with people from the planet Dakote and the latest is channeling messages. I have never thought very much of channeled messages and now I have become a channeler. I was approached by Archangel Raphael through mind speak since my last My Lady of the Woods entry. I'm still new at knowing what exactly an Archangel is but the feeling that I have when speaking telepathicly with him is beautiful. You can read these messages by clicking on my name at the top and going from there.

I would like to say thank you for all of your support. I have had well over ten thousand views on my little blog and I have received nothing but support. When I started all of this my only goal was simply to share my experiences in hopes that it resonates with people. I have not made a penny. If I were to have added pop-ups, I would have made some money but lost any ounce of credibility that I might have. I am thinking about writing a book on this material. It would be with much more detail. This may help people find how easy mind speak is and that everyone can do it. I plan on offering this book also free online. If anyone wants a copy for some reason then I would sell it.

The next entry on this blog will be a message from a very well respected elder in my family named TuKornu. He is ancient, about 14ft tall, and covered with hair. He and I will be writing a post together and I feel that it is important that I get it out as soon as possible.

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Special thanks to:
Thomas Hughes
Tracey Owen 
and my Sasquatch family


  1. Thank you for this blog! I'm so happy you're writing it. One question: What do the Sasquatch mean when they say they want to see if you are really you? Some of us are puzzled by the things they do, and your answer might clear some things up for us. Thank you!

    1. I have been surprised at how many movies are dead on. In the movie Avatar (the blue people, not the little boy with the stick) when Sully was told and later said, " I see you " is what I am talking about. There have been times when I would be in conversation with Tahjee and a Sasquatch would show up and look at me and then leave. When I walked out with my Native American buddy into the field in the moonlight we were observed by over 40 Sasquatches who had come that evening to see if we were us. It has something to do with the energy of who we are. Hairy Folk do not believe or say maybe. They either know or they do not. Does this help?

    2. Yes! It helps a lot. Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Love it John, thanks so very much!

  3. I love this blog, thanks so much for sharing John, and I am glad your daughter has recovered :-)

  4. Lovely John, Your writing and experiences are deepening and evolving . I would like to share some material with you back channel. Can you read e mail addresses via your blog? Thank you. Julian

  5. What a nice surprise to see a new message…and an awesome one at that!