Sunday, September 8, 2013

On the Stage! Part 4

My Lady of the Woods: On the Stage! Part 4

School has started and my family and I have jumped back into life's illusion. But this past summer has changed our lives for ever. We have been adopted into a family who watches us from the edge of a treeline. They visit us at night. And they watch and guard us during the day. I have learned much about them. But I have learned much more about myself. The world is changing! One can feel it in the air. One can see it. The walls are crumbling down for the powers that were. The world has become much more transparent. Whole countries are on the streets of their cities screaming to the top of their lungs, “We've had enough!”

Yes. I have an agenda with this blog. From the beginning, I knew where I wanted to go with this. I write this blog for free. I ask for nothing. I have everything that I need already. I put my real name and photo up so you can put the story together easier. I have nothing to do with any Bigfoot Researcher Groups. I do not care for any of those out of date organizations. I'm not interested in hair samples or feces. I've seen enough plaster cast footprints to last me a lifetime. I do not take a camera to the woods. I take my wife, my thirteen year old daughter, and my nine year old daughter to the woods at night instead. I have the okay from Tahjee already to take a camera if I want. But photos all look the same to me...blurry, unclear, too far away, etc... What I have found needs to be shared with everyone!

I'm a normal guy. And I encourage all of you, that so choose, to try these things too. All of you who only see with your eyes have doubts anyway. I am showing you how you can FEEL and KNOW what I am telling you. For you sceptics who choose insults instead, you are only keeping yourself back from the world at large. Insults do not hurt me. I have chosen it that way. Love is all you need. Love for yourself and all that is around you. We are only a tiny part of this world. We share it with beings that we can see and things that we cannot see.

I decided to take this experience to the next level. I called my good friend Bone, who is also a Shawnee Indian, and asked him to go with me off into the wilderness at night. Bone and I met a few months earlier and immediately discussed our friends in the forest. We knew each other but did not know how. Doors had opened for both of us. It's not to whom God speaks, but who listens. I called Bone because of his love and respect for all life, known or unknown. Bone was happy, to not only come along but, to answer his own questions. Bone has one of the best night vision devices that money can buy. He left it at home because he said that it would be disrespectful. My kind of guy! I respect the hell out of him for that.

I had called my good friend and mentor (he's going to hate me for saying mentor), Thomas Hughes, and asked him how the area looked from his mind. He felt and communicated with a few and observed the whole energy about our journey. What he told me amazed me. He told me that around 3-5 clans would be there to KNOW the human who is waking up. I would be surrounded by anywhere from 80 to 100 Sasquatches. He was excited for me and told me that I was a celebrity in the Bigfoot world right now. Ha! It seems that taking my wife and kids to the woods months ago to meet big hairy giants in the dark showed the utmost trust.

When I got to Bone's house he had a huge bag of fruits and pretzels ready to be handed out. I told him how many would be meeting us and he looked back down at his bag and wondered if he had gotten enough. Ha! The Moon was full. It was perfect. Where we were going was a place that I knew from the day that was in the middle of nowhere. No humans for about 4-5 miles. It was a pasture, with a little hill in the middle of it, surrounded by woods. Perfect. I had mind-spoken with an elder all the way to the woods, as Bone drove, and asked him to send me calming energies. He did. We arrived and began to walk in the moonlight. Immediately I got goosebumps from the energy. Bone said, “What's in that direction? I feel that that is where we should go.” “That's exactly where we are going,” I said. As we began to walk out into the opening, I saw one. There to our right crouched down looking up at us with yellow eyes, was a Sasquatch.

We walked closer and I started speaking, “Hello, I come with love and peace. I do not have a gun or a camera. Thank you for allowing us in your home.” Bone began taking grapes, oranges, and pretzels out of his bag saying, “We brought some things to share with you. Here. Enjoy.” The figure watched us and moved only slightly. Two other Sasquatches shimmered in behind the first one with about ten feet separating them all from each other. We were amazed! Never had I seen such magical beauty! We continued walking out on to our stage in front of a world that most have never seen. We could not count the number of figures all around us. We continued to leave piles of goodies all around the hill that became our stage. We had a full house!

In the glow of the full moon we saw many figures off in the distance shimmering in and out of view before our very eyes. Pebbles were tossed at our feet and would land at both sides of our feet at the same time. We heard rustling, thumping, and a coyote off in the distance. We almost couldn't contain our selves when a Sasquatch cried out mocking the coyote. It was something to behold. Many had come out to meet us so that they could know us... really KNOW us... from the inside out. Then about ten feet away I heard her. My Lady of the Woods. There was a sound of air rushing through big lungs to the point of a whistle. I said, “Tahjee? Is that you?” I heard her spirit in my head, laughing and saying yes while her body continued with the sound. About twenty feet to the right we heard the sound again. And then we heard it again a little later farther away. Bone recognized right away that two others had mocked Tahjee's sound.

The next day I called Thomas Hughes in order to tell him of our adventure and he beat me to the draw. He said, “ I wanted to call you but Tahjee mind spoke with me telling me that you would not be answering your phone. She said that you and Bone were having too much fun!” I laughed. Thomas filled in a few questions. He told me that two others had mocked Tahjee and were having fun with us. We had a blast! I knew where I would be bringing my wife and kids tomorrow night and I did. I will save that story for next time...


  1. Haha, this really warmth's my heart, good stuff, John. :)

  2. I'm so glad that I have found your blog!!! I have decided to start reading it from the beginning. What an amazing experience that whole summer with your family was. I'm sure the meeting with so many way so exciting. I love the humor from the people in the forest. I wonder though why do they like when you leave an apple for you to take a bite out of it first? I spent a summer in the forest a few years ago with my then new baby and his older sister. We spent it on a forest service compound in a big 5th wheel. We were there to be close to my husband who was stationed up there since he is a helicopter mechanic for fighting fires. Even during the times that the compound was empty and it was just my small children and I we felt completely safe. I loved being there and found it so sad when we finally had to go home since my daughter had to start kindergarden. I have longed to live back up there ever since.