Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Lady of the Woods

There are a couple of untruths and I will point them out. Everything else that I am about to tell you is true. Had I began writing this twenty years ago, I would have had myself committed to a home for people who wear white jackets and eat cafeteria food. Now, at this time in my life, I have seen beyond the veil. I no longer need my eyes to show me something that I can touch with my fingers. I no longer need my peers to tell me whether or not I am okay in their book. I have realized that I know that which I know, while no longer believing anything ever again. I will give you the chance to decide whether or not you wish to know real answers or just answers that your fear approves of.

This snow flake that we call creation is more intricate than we could ever possibly imagine. It is known that thought manifests matter, right? And matter vibrates at different speeds. Now realize that some speeds are too fast for the naked eye and or too slow. Now, know that forever is not limited to time. Forever goes to the left and to the right, forward and backward, and my favorite, big to little and little to big. So, It's easy to see that it is possible that we humans could have (and most probably) over looked a thing or two. Looking with our eyes and only seeing one breath of Mysteries long and fruitful life, has satisfied most of us for a long time. But the life that Mystery is, is full of breaths that can not be seen with human eyes. These breaths must be felt.

I came across a man a few months ago that was the subject of an interview that explained things like I had never heard anyone explain before. Every word that he said not only resonated with me, but I knew to be true. His personality was right on target. He was funny, sarcastic and he told the truth. Thomas Hughes has given many interviews and all of them harmonize with one another. Even though each interview covers slightly different material, the content never wavers or disappoints. We have all heard of telepathy but few have heard of Mind Speak. Mr Hughes mind speaks with people who have been here as long as we have. They have avoided us, with good reason, for as long as any ancient texts remember. I know that these people are here, watching from the sidelines as we lie, kill, steal, rape, and war with one another. I know because I have seen one from a long way off, standing there, watching me.

I sent Thomas a friend request on facebook and he friended me back after sending him a message at the same time. I thanked him for telling the truth about the people who live in the woods. I thanked him for telling the world that they have names, love their kids, are very funny, and are our brothers and sisters. He sent me his phone number and we have become friends over the last half a year. One of the very first phone calls with Thomas was the life changer that came with goosebumps. Thomas and I had spoken often about his friend who helped him with mind speak years ago. She is a very special lady who lives in the woods around Southern Texas. As I asked Thomas about my first steps in contacting these fascinating people, he began to mind speak with a female. He then said to me, “ She told me to tell you not to think, Johnny, feel.” “What? Who said what?” He told me again what she told him to tell me. “You mean that your friend knows who I am, Thomas?” I asked. “Not her,” he said. “I am mind speaking with a woman, right now, who lives up in North Texas, by you!” “She knows who you are. She has been listening to you speak to the woods all of your life. She told me to tell you to stop thinking and feel.” I was blown away! There was silence for a while as I noticed my goosebumps. I had no idea how exciting my life was about to become...